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Best Photo Restoration Software for Restoring Old Photos in 2022

Everyone has an old family album with hundreds of photos that have suffered from the passage of time. The question is how to save these photos from decay, and how to make them look as if they were taken yesterday. Truth be told, restoring old photos is a much less complicated process than it may seem to someone who knows almost nothing about photo editing.

There are a lot of different photo editing software for Mac and PC computers you can use to restore old photos and in this article, we are going to guide you through some of the best programs for restoring old photos in 2022 that will help you become a photo restoration magician.

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Best Photo Restoration Online to Restore Old Photos for Beginners and Semi-pros in 2022

Wondershare PixCut

Price: $7.99

Available on: PC

You don't have to install anything, and then you can restore old photos online pretty easily using PixCut. Inexperienced photo editors who don't know much about photo restoration will find PixCut very useful and powerful, you are enabled to fix old photos and remove unwanted objects as you want.

Best Photo Restoration Software to Restore Old Photos for Beginners and Semi-pros in 2022

1. Fotophire Editing Toolkit

Download Win Version

Price: Free Trial

Available on: PC

Restoring old photos to their former glory or giving them a new life is an easy job with Fotophire. The software features a Photo Eraser mode that almost automatically removes anything you want from a photo. In addition to powerful erase tool that lets you fix the damage on a photo with an utmost precision , Fotophire's Photo Eraser mode also provides Clone and Crop tools that can be used to polish any imperfection an old photo might have. The Wondershare's photo editing software is an excellent option for all PC users who'd like to restore old images without investing too much time. 

Besides restoring the old photos, you can also change the image background in Fotophire’s Photo Cutter or enhance your old pictures with more vivid effects in the Photo Editor mode. Fotophire also provides you a helpful program, Fotophire Slideshow Maker, to make a photo or video slideshow with easy clicks, and the program can help you to finish the task in easy steps.

2. Inpaint

 InPaint restore old photos

Image source: Internet

Price: $19,99

Available on: Mac and PC

Inexperienced photo editors, who don't know much about photo restoration will find Inpaint very useful because this software provides options that allow them to fix old photos with ease. Furthermore, this photo editing program lets you remove any objects or persons from a picture with just a couple of clicks, which means that you can use it to make your favorite vacation photos free of any unwanted elements. Inpaint also lets you make your skin look more beautiful in a picture because it allows you to erase wrinkles or remove skin defects.

3. Image Mender

 Image Mender restore old photos

Image source: Internet

Price: $25

Available on: PC and Mac

You don't have to be a photo editing genius in order to give your old photos a new face with Image Mender. The app is remarkably efficient since most of the actual work is done automatically. All you need to do in order to remove large objects from the background of an image or restore old photos is to select the areas of the picture that need improvement. Furthermore, the software enables you to conceal skin imperfections such as acne or scars.

4. SoftOrbits Photo Retoucher

 Softorbits   restore old photos

Image source: Internet

Price: Pricing plans vary from $11,99 to $49,99

Available on: PC

The software's Smart Fill algorithm uses Artificial Intelligence to erase scratches, torn edges or white spots from old photos. SoftOrbits Photo Retoucher automatically recognizes typical defects in old images and it fixes them without leaving any sign of editing. This software was designed mainly as a photo restoration program, but that doesn't mean you can't use it to erase any unwanted object from a digital image that was taken yesterday. SoftOrbits Photo Retoucher can help you touch-up your selfies before you share them on your social media accounts.

5. AKVIS Retoucher

 AKVIS Retoucher   restore old photos

Image source: Internet

Price: $87

Available on: Mac and PC

You can either use AKVIS Retoucher as a standalone program or as a plugin for photo editing software, such as Corel Paint Shop Pro or Adobe Elements. However, the functionality of the software depends on the type of the license you have. In either case, the process of mending an old photo is simple and it doesn't take too much time. You only have to select the areas you want to repair and hit the Run button, and the program will automatically erase stains or even missing parts of the picture.

6. Retouch Pilot

 Retouch Pilot   restore old photos

Image source: Internet

Price: $39,95

Available on: PC

Retouch Pilot is a powerful photo restoration software, that enables you to change the proportions of the objects depicted in a picture or entirely remove people or anything else from complex image backgrounds. In addition, the program lets you restore old images even if they are severely damaged. Unfortunately, Retouch Pilot doesn't offer much more than remarkable photo restoration tools, which means that you have to use another photo editing software if you want to make more adjustments to your old and new photos.

Best Photo Restoration Software to Restore Old Photos for Professionals in 2022

1. Adobe Photoshop

 PhotoShop   restore old photos

Image source: Internet

Price: $19,99 per month

Available on: Mac and PC

Adobe Photoshop is probably the best photo editing software ever invented. The list of things you can do with this program is most probably endless, so restoring an old photo shouldn't be a too challenging task for any professional photo editor. The famous Clone Stamp tool enables the editor to copy the pixels from surrounding areas, and thus remove any damage a picture might have. Even though it may take you some time to figure out how to use Adobe Photoshop, once you learn your way around it, you'll likely have a lot of fun using the tools the software offers.

2. Corel Paintshop Pro

 PaintShop Pro  restore old photos

Image source: Internet

Price: $85

Available on: PC

This software is much more than just a simple photo restoration program because it enables its users to manipulate digital images in any way imaginable. Corel Paintshop Pro also provides support for an astounding number of image file formats, including the RAW files. The latest version of the software features a One-Click Photo fix option that can save you a lot of time during the image restoration process and while the HDR or Lens Correction tools allow you to fine-tune your photos with remarkable precision.


 GIMP  restore old photos

Image source: Internet

Price: Free

Available on: Mac and PC

This impressive open-source photo editing software features professional photo restoration tools that will enable you to repair old photos. The color adjustments can be used to enhance faded photos, while the Unsharp Mask or the Clone tools allow GIMP's users to create flawless images. The abundance of options the software provides enables photo editors to express their creativity better, however, if you are new to image editing you'll have to spend a considerable amount of time learning how to properly use GIMP.


Photography is the art of memory and like memories, photos fade, but with the photo restoration software, your memories can be saved from oblivion. Regardless of which of these photo restoration programs you decide to use, the results you'll be able to achieve will be impressive. Let us know in the comments which photo editing software you like to use the most.

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