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10 Best Free Graph Maker 2022

Chart and graphs continued to be a powerful way to visualize data that could have been rather hard to analyze and comprehend. Although the two terms are used undistinguishable, they are technically different. A chart is an umbrella containing tables, diagrams, and graphs. Therefore, graphs are charts which they are used to show a comparison of two or more variables over a certain time.

Graphs and charts are used in an organizational presentation in boardrooms creating the real picture of how the market is doing; the trend of services in the market, financial flow giving a glimpse of profits or losses. Furthermore, graphs play a vital role when carrying out training which involves large data and when creating awareness/teaching in seminars.

Noting that graphs are in use in almost every business organization, schools, among other institutions they need to be neat and precise to achieve their primary use. Getting those kinds of graphs is not hard to create anymore with the use of free graph maker.

Part 1. 10 best free graph maker

Below are the 10 best free graph makers:

1. Visme

Visme is a powerful and professional data presentation and visualization tool which helps the user make their content compelling and presentable by giving it visually appealing presentations and infographics. The program is fully-packed with basic and advanced tools integrated with modern technologies making it ultrafast in processing data. It has hundreds of templates with usable presentation tools and formats for your project if you are not planning to start from scratch.

Moreover, this free graph maker tool offers useful analytics features that provide accurate and updated data on influencers. Tracking features allow managers to track the number of unique influencers, content most viewed and the time they each spend on the site. There is more about Visme including animation features, interface for collaborative work, customer activity report reports, and it is safe to use without spying on your privacy.

10 best free graph maker - Visme
Visme Graph Maker
  • Create animated charts & graphs in minutes
  • Use a template or create from scratch
  • Over 20 types of graphs and hundreds of templates
  • integration with live data

2. Tableau

This is yet another well-known data visualization tool; free graph creator around the globe providing users with a platform to transform data into effective visualization including charts, graphs, and even maps.

This program is a robust, secure, and flexible data analysis utility. Supports drag-and-drop feature and collaborative working, letting you drag the data into Tableau and graph with your team. The data analyzed and visualized reports in this platform can be generated via desktop, browser, mobile, or embedded into any application.

10 best free graph maker - Tableau


3. Power BI

This is one of the famous data presentation and visualization which was developed by Microsoft and thus integrated well with Microsoft Office. It allows users to effortlessly upload any data such as files, folders, and databases and view them anywhere using Power BI software, online web editor, and mobile apps.

This program is free to use for individual users and offer affordable prices for each user in the team per month. For those working as a team, anyone in the team can analyze the data and make decisions at any time.

10 best free graph maker - Power BI


4. Datawrapper

Datawrapper is an easy-to-use online utility to use and come up with fully responsive charts and graphs which can be used by journalists and other content creators. Journalists can use this graph maker online free program and make rich charts to attract the viewers’ and readers’ attention and better illustrate their content. Importantly, Datawrapper software is created by a team of journalists, and thus they bring to you many fun articles informing and guiding you on how to create better charts and stories behind the charts in their blogs.

10 best free graph maker - Datawrapper


5. Grow

Appearing in this list is a business intelligence tool for business users. The Grow suite allows everyone affiliated with the company to be able to track meaningful data and can create their specific dashboard to make wise and informed decisions. It supports 150+ integrations including Excel, Dropbox, file uploads, Google Analytics, and among more others. Grow boasts that it can implement 8X faster than its peers with a seamless process, and 300+ pre-built reports. Support real-time data update which is good for business.

10 best free graph maker - Grow


6. FineReport

If you are looking for reporting and dashboard software with stunning visualization effect then FineReport tool is one of a kind. FineReport provides excellent self-developed HTML5 charts that you can smoothly make use of them and display on your business website/webpage, with impressive 3D and dynamic effects. The visualizations you make using this free graph maker can conform to any screen size ranging from TV and large screens to mobile devices. Support drag-and-drop operations.

10 best free graph maker - Grow


7. QlikView

QlikView is another business intelligence tool aiming at business users in organizations, which users can effortlessly analyze their data and use analytics and enterprise reporting capabilities of the program and help in decision making. Individuals as well can enjoy the powerful features of the tool with its personal edition. The search features let you simply type the keyword of what you want to search within the dataset, and the search will bring unexpected information and data associations.

10 best free graph maker - QlikView


8. Venngage

Venngage is an easy to use and great graph online free tool which best suites small business because of its ease of use, affordability and incredible templates. Venngage notably doubles up as infographic software which you can add more illustrations and images after the chart is built. Their customer support is available 24/7 with an online chat which is available Monday to Friday all hours to provide technical support and answer queries about Venngage.

10 best free graph maker - Venngage


9. RAWGraphs

This free graph generator is an open-source web tool and a data visualization framework, which targets at providing a missing link between spreadsheet applications like Microsoft Excel and Apple Numbers and vector graphics editors like Adobe Illustrator and Sketch. It’s easy to use where you simply upload data into the programs interface then customize the charts and export in the form of SVG or PNG images.

10 best free graph maker - RAWGraphs


10. ChartBlocks

For the non-tech professionals, ChartBlocks is easy-to-use web-based free graphic maker software. Has an import wizard which leads you step-by-step to import data and design charts? Export charts as editable vector graphics or embed the charts into websites with a free personal account. ChartBlocks offers professional and elite accounts.

10 best free graph maker - ChartBlocks


Part 2. How to Make Graph with Visme Graphing Software

The following is detailed a guide on how to create graphs using Visme:

Step 1: Navigate to Visme webpage and log in.

10 best free graph maker - step 1

Step 2: Click on the “Create” button and choose “Infographics” on the opened window. Graphs are under this option. Select “Blank Template” to create the graph from scratch.

10 best free graph maker - step 2

Step 3: Click on the “DATA” icon then select “Charts” icon.

10 best free graph maker - step 3

Step 4: The pop-up window will appear with several graph icons. Select the type of graph you intend to make and import data. You can import the data from your Excel spreadsheet and Google Spreadsheet.

10 best free graph maker - step 4

Step 4: Click on “Settings” and apply advance settings like adding graph title, style, animations, and more to customize the graph.

10 best free graph maker - step 5


All the data suites can be feasibly used with your data and always put into consideration the kind of data you have and what you aim to achieve for you to pick an appropriate tool. The graph tools vary with their power to analyze, present, and visualize data. If you have large data, and looking for professional data presentation use data suits like Visme.
Jul 06,2022 10:33 am