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How to Fix Red-Eye on Photos

We all take photos in terrible light conditions, and a low level of light forces to use the flash. Utilizing an external source of light helps us take a picture even when there is no light at all, but the flash also creates horrible red dots in people's eyes if it is directed straight into their faces, which it almost always is. These red dots destroy the illusion of realism in a photo, and removing them is the only option that will make the photo better.

Since the red-eye is a common occurrence on photos when flash is used, most computers and mobile devices offer built-in software that fixes this issue within seconds. In this article, we are going to show you how to easily remove red-eye from your photos on just about any device that can support photo editing software or apps.

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1. How to Fix Red-eye on an Android phone

Taking photos of cats, dogs and people with an Android phone is fun, but if some of the photos you take have a red-eye issue you need to download an app that will help you fix the problem. Our recommendation is to try using the Eye Color Studio app because it provides numerous ways to make eyes in photos more beautiful. The app features over 150 different eye colors and it lets you adjust the opacity for each filter you apply. Eye Color Studio can detect eyes and even make the necessary interventions automatically, so you don't have to waste time trying to fix red-eye on each photo you want to enhance. 

2. How to Fix Red-eye with Photos app on iPhone and iPad

iOS devices feature a built-in app that lets you remove red-eye from photos within seconds. Furthermore, iPhones are excellent at eliminating the unpleasant red dots from photos, but if you ever have to deal with this issue, here's how you can do it. 

Tap on the Photos' app icon and when the app opens, select the photo that needs red-eye correction. After you've selected a photo, tap on the Edit button located near the bottom of the screen, and select the Red-eye Correction tool from the menu. Simply tap on each eye that has a red dot on it to remove it and when finished tap on Done.

3. How to Fix Red-eye on Windows

Method 1: Fix Red-eye with Paint

This multi-purpose program does provide the possibility to remove red-eye from photos, although the process is slightly complicated. After you've launched the program, and imported the picture you want to edit, you'll need to zoom into the area of the picture that needs an intervention.

Afterward, you'll need to go to the Layers tab, and you need to select the 'New Raster Layer' option. Set the blend option to Overlay and hit OK. Head over to Tools section and click on the Eyedropper tool. Choose the color that matches the color of the person's eyes or a dark and neutral color to ensure that the changes you are making won't be visible.

Remove the red areas in the eyes with the Eyedropper tool and then use the brush tool to fix the rest of the eye using the color of the person's eyes. Once you are satisfied with the result return to the Layers tab and click on the Merge All option to finalize the process.

Method 2: Remove Red-eye with Windows Photo Gallery

Fixing the red-eye issue with Windows Photo Gallery is easy because the software offers a feature that automatically removes the red dots. Launch the program and select the picture you want to edit and then click on the Edit tab.

You'll be able to see the Red-Eye icon in the toolbar, click on it and read the instruction that will appear on the screen. Simply create the rectangles around the area of the photo you want to edit and let the software do its magic.

Method 3: Fix Red-eye with Photos app in Windows 8 and Windows 10

The process of removing the red eye with the Photos app is straightforward since all you need to do in order to conceal the red dots is to launch the software and access its Edit mode. You can do so by clicking on the Edit icon that looks like a pencil.

Click on the Basic fixes option and then look for the Red-eye icon in the lower right corner of the screen. After clicking on the Red-eye feature a blue circle will appear around your mouse cursor, so you just need to click on of the eyes to remove the red-eye from your photo.

4. How to Fix Red-eye with Photos app on Mac

Mac computers offer support for a great deal of powerful photo editing programs, but you don't have to use them if you just want to fix the red eye issues because the Photos app allows you to remove red dots from eyes with a single click.

In order to be able to fix red-eye in your photos, you must first make sure that the feature is enabled on your computer. Open a photo in the Photos app, and select the Edit option and then head over to the View menu and click on the Always Show Red-eye Control feature. Afterwards, you'll be able to see the Red-eye icon in the Edit sidebar.

If you want to remove the red-eye from a photo, simply select the Red-eye option and click on the affected area of the picture.

Sep 03,2018 16:36 pm