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8 Free Online Double Exposure Effect Photo Makers in 2022

The photographic medium offers numerous ways of artistic expression and it is up to each and every photographer to find his own distinctive style. Double exposure pictures linger at the very border of abstraction and surrealism, and for that reason, aspiring image makers, as well as seasoned professionals, can use this photographic technique to create innovative and inspiring images. 

The strong symbolism of the double exposure photo doesn't have to be necessarily created with a photo editing software since there are countless online tools that allow photographers and all other kinds of image makers to create brilliant double exposure images. Let's take a peek at the best online double exposure photo makers in the year that stays behind us. After making the photos, you can make full use of these photos to create a photo slideshow by using a photo slideshow maker program, which will make your photos more attractive.

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8 Free Online Double Exposure Effect Photo Makers in 2022

The double exposure effect can be created in two different ways, by using a preset photo filter that automatically creates the effect or by overlapping two images of your own choice. Online photo editors provide the tools to create double exposure images in both ways, although some entries on this list don't allow its users to work with two or more images at the same time.

1. online photo editor

Image source: Internet

Account Information: No registration.

Price: Users of this online editor don't have to pay a fee, but as a result, they don't have access to professional photo editing tools.

Aspiring photographers and photo editors in need of a tool that will enable them to edit their photos quickly will enjoy using this online photo editor. The double exposure effect can be easily created with although it may take you some time to locate the effect in the editor. Once you arrive at the's homepage, click on the Fun effects menu, and select the Stylized Effects option. You'll be able to find the double exposure effect, and once you click on it, you'll just need to select the images you want to edit, and this online photo editing tool will do the rest for you.

2. Photofunia

 Photofunia double exposure

Image source: Internet

Account Information: You don't have to create an account in order to use Photofunia.

Price: Free, but the online photo editor doesn't provide any editing tools other than photo effects.

The process of creating a double exposure photo with Photofunia doesn't require much photo editing skill or time. You can just select the foreground image from your computer or an online location and then use one of the texture effects provided by the online photo editor. After you select the photos you should click on the Go button and wait for the double exposure photo to be created. In addition to this amazingly expressive effect, Photofunia offers hundreds of filters and photo effects that can be applied to a photo with a single click. The only downside to this otherwise remarkable online photo editor is that its users cannot adjust the settings of the filters and effects they apply to their photos.

3. PicMonkey

 PicMonkey double exposure

Image source: Internet

Account Information: Registration is obligatory

Price: Free trial available, but pricing plans start at $5,99 per month

Creating the double exposure effect with this online photo editor is simple, although Picmonkey doesn't provide a preset double exposure effect. In order to make a double exposure photo, you must first import a picture you want to edit, and then head over to the Textures tab. The online editor lets you create your own Textures, and at the same time, it provides a lot of different texture effects you can use to create the double exposure effect. Each effect allows you to adjust the Saturation and Fade sliders or even select the blend mode if you want to fine-tune your photo. Picmonkey offers a wide array of photo editing tools and for that reason, it is one of the best online photo editors in 2022.

4. BeFunky

 BeFunky double exposure

Image source: Internet

Account Information: Signing in is not necessary, although it is recommended

Price: The free version of the online photo editor is available, but the Pro version that costs $2,91 per month offers much more options.

Unlike previous entries, BeFunky allows its users to add multiple layers to their photos, which provides a fast and easy way to create double exposure pictures from your own photos. Simply import a picture into this online photo editor and click on the Layer Manager tab to add another layer over the background photo. Afterwards, you should just adjust the opacity of the layer you added and proceed to edit your photo further by adjusting the contrast, brightness or other values in your photo. It is worth noting that some features provided by BeFunky will not be available in the free version of this online photo editor.

5. Canva

Canva double exposure

Image source: Internet

Account Information: Creating an account is mandatory

Price: While using Canva for free is possible, pricing plans for large teams start at $12,95 per month.

Canva isn't just an online photo editor, it is also a powerful graphic design tool that enables its users to create perfect Instagram posts, Facebook covers and much more. The online tool allows you to upload multiple images into a project and you can add as many layers to your pictures as you want. Creating double exposure photos with Canva is easy because you just have to choose which pictures you want to use and adjust the Transparency slider to create a stunning double exposure effect. Furthermore, Canva lets you add filters, text and all sorts of amazing visual elements to your images.

6. Fotor

Fotor double exposure

Image source: Internet

Account Information: Having an account on Fotor is not mandatory, but it is recommended if you want to use all features this online photo editor has to offer.

Price: Pricing plans start at $3,33 per month, billed annually, although you can also use the free version to some extent.

Creating a double exposure effect on a photo with Fotor requires you to have basic graphic design skills. In order to start creating a double exposure picture, you need to launch this online tool in the Design mode since you can't add layers to a photo in the Photo Editor mode. Import the images and then drag and drop them on Fotor's work surface. Position the foreground image so it creates a strong visual effect and adjusts the Transparency slider to generate the double exposure effect. Fotor also provides a rich effects library that can assist you in creating compelling social media posts.

7. FotoJet

Fotojet double exposure

Image source: Internet

Account Information: Signing in and creating an account is necessary if you want to use FotoJet on a constant basis.

Price: Free version of the online photo editor is available for a limited amount of time, and pricing plans start at $2,91 per month.

This graphic design and photo editing tool provide a simple and fast way to create double exposure photos. The FotoJet's Overlay features deliver a significant amount of effects you can apply to pictures to produce the double exposure picture. The Intensity slider allows you to decide how transparent the Overlay effect is going to be, while the Blend Mode and Rotate&Flip options enable you to fine-tune the effect. If you would like to produce a double exposure photo from your own images, you can easily do so in the editor's Design mode by adjusting the opacity value of the overlying picture.

8. Crello

Crello double exposure

Image source: Internet

Account Information: Signing in is mandatory because you can't save your designs if you don't.

Price: Using Crello is free, but some features must be paid.

The ultimate online graphic design tools that allow you to create, social media posts, posters, banners and all other types of visual content. Crello enables its users to produce double exposure photos because it lets them add as many layers to the background image as they want. Once you've added the overlaying picture, simply adjust the Transparency slider to create the double exposure effect. This powerful online photo editor offers a nearly endless list of options that will provide you with all the tools you'll ever need to create a stunning double exposure photo. Furthermore, Crello users can upload their own photos or use a rich photo library that contains stunning images.


Besides being remarkably expressive, double exposure photos are also a fun way to create unusual images that captivate the viewer's attention. Regardless of which online photo editor featured in this article, you decide to utilize for the purpose of creating a double exposure picture, the results you will be able to achieve will impress your friends and followers on social media.

Feel free to leave a comment and let us know which online photo editing tool you find the most useful for creating double exposure photos.

Jul 06,2022 10:43 am