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20 Most Helpful Face Makeup Editors in 2022

Are you looking for something that will help you get your glam on without doing any of the actual work? Then you needn’t look very far! There are tons of face makeup editors out in the market that are more than able to help pretty-you-up! This article will be introducing you to the most noteworthy of these face makeup editors — complete with the pros and cons of each one! This way, you’ll be able to find the face makeup editor that’s right for you.

Part 1. 10 Most Helpful Face Makeup Editors in 2022

The first type of face makeup editors that we’re going to introduce are PC editors. These can be downloaded directly to your laptop or desktop computer, and are perfect for getting things edited in a timely manner. PC programs are particularly helpful when working with batches of images that are horizontal in shape (i.e. any image not taken on your mobile phone.

1. Wondershare Fotophire Focus


The first computer software that we’re going to be looking at is Wondershare’s Fotophire. It’s a program that is 100% intuitive, in that, it offers an easy to master drag and drop interface. With Fotophire, you can be very precise and/or very quick. This is through Presets (which allow for quick edits) and precision-based tools (which allow for on the nose editing.)

Wondershare Fotophire Focus
  • It enables you to fix blurry photos with a single click.
  • Help you to re-focus photos with the Creative Blur feature at your will.
  • This program allows you to apply more than 200 effects to your photos easily.
  • It offers you a 1-click sharpen tool to help you make your photos better.
  • Drag & Drop Interface that makes the program easy-to-use
  • A variety of different editing capabilities — Presets, Filters, Brushes, Frames, etc.
  • Precision editing tools that will allow you to get the exact look that you want.
  • Offers a FREE demo — However, long term use would require a one-time payment.
  • Images are watermarked during the FREE trial
Face Makeup Editors - Fotophire Focus

2. Movavi Photo Editor


Second is Movavi. This is a fairly large corporation — even if it’s still relatively unknown, that offers a variety of editing tools. It just so happens that they offer a Photo Editing tool as well. Their products are pretty highly acclaimed, and the Photo Editor offers a couple of presets that are made for face makeup editing.

  • Offers preset face makeup editing overlays
  • Is not just a face makeup editor — has other editing tools available as well
  • Precision editing is made possible with drag and drop
  • One-time payment is required to be able to use the software
  • FREE demo will not allow you to save images
  • The program is a lot more complex than it needed to be
Face Makeup Editors - Movavi Photo Editor



The editing capabilities of the Photo Makeup Editor leaves a lot to be desired. However, it is a free program (if you don't count the annoying ads.) One thing’s for sure, this program was made to be used specifically for face makeup editing, which is not something that most graphics editors are able to claim.

  • An actual face makeup editor
  • Is 100% free-to-use
  • A small program that won’t take up much space on your computer
  • Features ads and other annoying popups
  • The effects are not natural-looking
  • Very limited in actual editing capabilities
Face Makeup Editors - Photo Makeup Editor



The next editor, the Photo Makeup Editor 2.05, is another version of the one we had mentioned previously. Now, even though this is supposedly the newest version, there are people who like the older version more. If only because the editing capabilities for this one are not as good. Again, this is a FREE program that is made specifically for face makeup editing.

  • Photo Makeup Editor 2.05 is FREE
  • It’s a program made specifically for face makeup editing
  • A variety of Presets are available for use
  • Is ladened with disturbing ads — to balance the fact that it’s free to download
  • Face makeup editing effects look rather fake
  • Offers very little variety when it comes to editing capabilities
Face Makeup Editors - Photo Makeup Editor 2.05



You might be wondering as to why Adobe Photoshop is so low on our list, and the answer is simple — it’s not really made to work as a face makeup editor. It can be used as one. However, that would require a lot of time spent on learning the tricks-of-the-trade and some background in illustration. If you’re a professional illustrator AND have access to a graphics tablet, then Photoshop is your answer, if not— then you’re better off using more intuitive programs like Fotophire.

  • Precision-based editing allows for detailed face makeup effects
  • Offers a variety of tools that will allow you to get the exact look that you want
  • Is a professional product used by many people all over the world.
  • Is NOT a face makeup editor
  • Will require Photoshop and Illustration training
  • Expensive Monthly/Yearly premium membership
Face Makeup Editors - Photoshop



The Portrait Pro is a program that is made specifically for face makeup editing. It has a more professional look than most. However, it does require a one-time payment — as the Free Trial is very limited.

  • Is a face makeup editor — made for that purpose
  • Professional look
  • Offers a limited FREE trial
  • In order to be able to use the software properly — payment is required
  • Is limited when it comes to actual editing capabilities
  • A couple of the presets are not very natural looking
Face Makeup Editors - Portrait Pro



The Baixaki Photo Makeup Editor is a free program made specifically for face makeup editing. The product is available in English as well as Spanish. However, the only way to download it is through the Spanish website.

  • Made specifically for face makeup editing
  • FREE software
  • Available in Spanish
  • Can only be downloaded from a Spanish website
  • FREE means that it will be filled with all sorts of ads and popups
  • The effects look fake/unnatural
Face Makeup Editors - Photo Makeup Eidtor Baixaki



The Softsea Photo Makeup editor is also made to be used specifically for face makeup editing. It’s similar to number 3 and 4 on our list. However, the biggest difference is that you have to pay for the product. You are able to try it out a maximum of 30 times, but after that, you must pay $29.00 in order to use it.

  • Softsea is made specifically for face makeup editing
  • Offers a FREE trial (first 30 uses)
  • Small program size
  • Requires payment after 30 uses
  • Effects look fake
  • The official website is simplistic and kind of sketchy
Face Makeup Editors - Photo Makeup Editor Softsea



Now, although this technically an App, people who have Windows 10 will be able to access this software through the Microsoft Store. The program is free, and offers a variety of makeup presets that will allow you to glam up with one-click.

  • It’s a makeup app that’s made specifically for face makeup editing
  • Offers a variety of preset makeup looks that you can use
  • FREE software
  • The Microsoft version is a little awkward to use
  • Some of the presets might look unnatural — depending on your skin tone
  • Difficult to use
Face Makeup Editors - Makeover



Our last face makeup editing software for PC is the Youcam Makeup Editor. Again, this is available for PC through the microsoft store. It’s free, and is easy-to-use.

  • FREE Software
  • Makeup App used specifically for face makeup editing
  • Preset makeup looks for quick editing
  • The Microsoft version of the app is not fully compatible
  • Preset makeup looks can appear fake-ish
  • Ads and pops
Face Makeup Editors - Youcam Mkaeup Editor

Final Thoughts:

If I were to choose only one, then I would chose Fotophire. It was first on our list for a reason — it allows for easy but attractive face makeup editing. With Fotophire, you can get detailed edits, or use one of the available presets when you’re in a hurry — without having to sacrifice quality. That makes it the best option out of the 10 we mentioned on this list.

Part 2. 10 Most Helpful Face Makeup Apps in 2022

Now, it’s time for us to introduce you to a different set of face makeup editing tools. If you’re the type to prefer selfies, then these mobile apps might be of interest to you! We’ve compiled a top 10 list that you can refer to so that you can choose the app that works best for you.



The first face makeup editing app that we’re going to introduce has to be the biggest one out there — the Facetune App. I’m sure you’ve heard of it before. It’s an app that was made specifically for editing your face, in a way that’s surprisingly natural (most of the time) and attractive. The Facetune app is available in both the FREE version and the paid version. The free version will have the usual ads and popups, whilst the paid version requires a $5.99 one-time payment.

Face Makeup Editors - FaceTune



Our next mobile app, is called Makeup Plus. Much like the Facetune app, it will allow you edit your face in a way that is attractive and natural. It’s a FREE app, however, you’re going to have to sit through quite a bit of ads and popups whilst you make your edits. here.

Face Makeup Editors - Makeup Plus



The Makeup App is a little different from the previous two. For one, it doesn’t allow for natural looks. It’s a good app if you want to look like a porcelain doll (complete with the pale skin and the bright lips,) but it’s not something that will work for everyone. The Makeup App is FREE, but as always — it comes with ads and popups.

Face Makeup Editors - Makeup



Again, we’re going to move away from the concept that we had introduced previously. Photo Wonder is a different kind of face makeup editor. It relies on fancy overlays and filters that are beauty oriented. It does offer a couple of actual makeup tools as well, but not as much as the others.

Face Makeup Editors - Photo Wonder



The Youcam App was our number 10 for the software list, but it makes its way pretty high up on this list for it’s app appeal. It’s definitely a lot easier to use on mobile, and is actually pretty popular. It offers a variety of face makeup editing tools and is proud of being the best of 2022. In-app purchases are available to use the app in its entirety (without ads or popups.)

Face Makeup Editors - YouCam Makeup



Instabeauty is actually a lot similar to our number 3 — it offers a variety of face makeup editing tools that are fun to use, but look kind of unnatural. Still, it’s pretty effective for an app, and it offers a lot of presets that will allow you to change your look without too much fuss.

Face Makeup Editors - Instabeauty



The Perfect365 is new, but it’s rising pretty quickly! It offers a more natural makeup look than most apps, and even has its own website! However, the fact that it’s new means that it hasn’t gained much traction in the market. Still, this is definitely an app to look out for!

Face Makeup Editors - Perfect365



Much like the Perfect365, the Mary Kay App is an up and comer to look out for. It offers a variety of face makeup editing tools that are the perfect bridge between attractive and slightly unnatural. I expect it to rise in the ranks given time.

Face Makeup Editors - Mary Kay



The Pretty Makeup is a good all-arounder. Not only does it offer face makeup editing tools, but it also features a camera feature — which you can use to capture photos that are automatically imported into the app (making for quicker editing.)

Face Makeup Editors - Pretty Makeup



The Beauty Makeup App is admittedly not one of the best ones out there. However, it does still offer a lot of the same makeup tools. Quality is not assured, but it’s got the basics down at least.

Face Makeup Editors - Beauty Makeup


There are many softwares and apps that you can use to edit your photographs, and each one has their own set of quirks. I personally prefer Wondershare’s Fotophire. It's a computer program that is as easy-to-use as any app out there, whilst still retaining top-quality.

Jul 06,2022 10:40 am