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Best 5 Photo Apps For Creating Double Exposure Effects

Adding an artistic touch to photos you take with your Android or iOS device can be a great way to attract the attention of the online photo community. Double exposure photos contain two blended images in a single frame that usually form a beautiful and symbolic composition. Creating this effect required the use of professional photo editing software in the past, but in the last couple of years, many apps for iOS and Android phones have emerged, that allow its users to blend images together.

In this article, we are going to take you through five best apps for Smartphones that will provide you with all the tools you need to create seamless double exposure photos.

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Best 5 Photo Apps for Creating Double Exposure Effects

1. Image Blender

image blender exposure

Price: $3,99

Availability: iOS

iPhone photographers in need of an easy to use and yet powerful app that provides a quick way to create double exposure pictures will enjoy using Image Blender. Applying Multi Exposure effects, adding or replacing elements in a photo or even using overlays can be done with a single tap. Furthermore, adding textures or adjusting the intensity of the filter is also made possible by the app, but performing even the basic photo editing actions is not possible. Image Blender creates high-resolution images, and for that reason, its users don't have to worry about the quality of the double exposure picture created with this app. The process of creating a double exposure effect is completely automatic, which means that you can't influence the final result too much.

2. Enlight

Enlight double exposure

Price: $2,99

Availability: iOS

Enlight provides so much more than just a quick and easy way to produce the double exposure effect, which is the reason why it is widely accepted as one of the best all in one photo editors for iPhones. The app's Blending feature enables you to effortlessly mix a couple of photos together, while the Lighten Blending option allows you to set the level of transparency in the foreground photo. Once you've created the double exposure effect, you can also add photo effects or make other adjustments to a photo that will make it more visually pleasing. Enlight offers plenty of different sharing options and its users can share their double exposure photos on literally any social media network.

3. BlendMe

Blendme double exposure

Price: Free

Availability: Android

If you are looking for a powerful tool that will allow you to create the double exposure effect, and that offers a lot of photo editing features at the same time, then the BlendMe app is one of the best choices you can make. This Android photo editor allows its users to blend together as many as four different images. Furthermore, the Blender and Background tools also provide alternative ways of creating the double exposure effect, which allows the users of this app to experiment and combine different methods of producing double exposure images. Features such as Enhancer HD or the app's Editor provide the means to edit your photos to perfection.

4. Double Exposure - Blend 2 Pics

Double Exposure - Blend 2 Pics

Price: Free

Availability: Android

Blend 2 Pics app is specifically designed to help Android phone users to create an amazing double exposure effect. The app provides numerous ways to blend images, and effects such as the Mirage or Bright Planet produce a very special kind of atmosphere in a photo that makes the images stand out. In addition to superb double exposure effects, this app also offers over a hundred photo collages, 30 filters, and 50 fonts. However, it lacks some of the basic photo editing tools which is the reason why the amount of photo editing tasks that can be completed with the Blend 2 Pics is somewhat limited.

5. Blend Editor - Double Exposure

Blend Editor - Double Exposure

Price: Free

Availability: iOS

There is nothing complicated about this surprisingly easy to use app for iPhones. The process of creating the double exposure photo consists of only three simple steps. You can import your own photos or use some of the pictures featured in the app's large collection of images, and once you've chosen the background and foreground images, select the blend mode you like the most. After the process is complete save your creation on your iPhone or share it directly from the app on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Aside from these remarkable tools that produce amazing double exposure effects, this app doesn't offer any other photo editing options.

You can also use some online photo editors to add double exposure effects easily, check the 8 Free Online Double Exposure Effect Photo Makers in 2017 here to get more information.

Mar 26,2020 15:55 pm