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Top 10 Photo Enhancers in 2022

Even though most people think that the process of taking a photo requires you to just point and shoot, the exact opposite is true. Most photographs, regardless of the camera on which they were captured, should be edited in order to reveal their true colors. Programs for enhancing photos provide the tools necessary to enhance a photo, but acquiring photo editing skills requires practice over an extended period of time.

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What makes a good photo enhancer?

There are so many different photo editing programs that enable photographers to enhance photos in 2022, which makes choosing the right one even more difficult. The first criteria for choosing the photo enhancer should be the purpose for which you are going to use your photo since if you are not going to print your photos, a feature such as the CMYK mode becomes much less important.

The number of supported file formats, the tools for adjusting colors, tones, contrast, sharpness or clarity are all very important, but a good photo enhancer should be easy to use above anything else, so its users don't have to waste a lot of time trying to figure out how to perform basic photo editing tasks.

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Top 10 Best Photo Enhancer in 2022

Digital images can be edited with different tools, that are available online, on your Smartphone or on your Mac and PC, and in this article, we are going to take you through some of the best options you can use on each of these devices.

Section 1: Online Photo Enhancer

1. BeFunky

At first glance, it is hard to spot a difference between BeFunky and a sold photo editing software for a desktop computer since this online photo editor provides nearly all the tools you'll ever need to enhance your photos. You can also use the Auto Enhance feature to quickly make the colors in your photo more vivid. However, using the Enhance DLX option that enables you to enhance a photo with a single click as well as a number of other features requires you to create an account and upgrade to a paid version of this online photo enhancer.

2. Enhance Photo

Time is a valuable resource in our society, and most people don't have enough time to adjust every value on their photos manually. Enhance Photo is a remarkable tool that automatizes the photo enhancement process and allows its users to upload a photo from their hard drives, Facebook accounts or import the photo that is stored online. After the photo is enhanced, you can click on the checkboxes to add or remove the effects such as Deblur, Adjust Saturation or Color Temperature. The Result and Source buttons are also available if you want to see the difference between the original and edited image before saving the enhanced photo.

3. Fotor

This online photo editing tool is among the best online photo editors available on the Internet because it contains nearly every photo editing option you'd expect to find in a professional photo editing program. The Fotor's 1-Tap Enhance feature enables you to enhance a photo with a single click and apply all the enhancements that are commonly used to intensify the colors on a digital picture. You can use Fotor free of charge, but if you'd like to have access to all the photo editing features offered by this online editor, you'll have to purchase a plan for a pro version.

4. Ipiccy

There are just a few online photo enhancers that are more powerful than Ipiccy, but none of them are free and so easy to use. The well organized and elegantly designed interface allows you to find all features within a few seconds. Enhancing a photo with Ipiccy is easy since it offers a lot of effects that enable you to manipulate your photo as you see fit. Furthermore, tools such as Color Boost or Equalize Image can be used to enhance photos effortlessly. This online enhancer doesn't provide a single photo enhancement feature and for that reason, its users must experiment with different options to get the best results.

Section 2: Best Photo Enhancer Apps for Android and iOS Devices

1. Enhance: Free Photo Editor

iPhone photographers who want to make sure that each photo they post on social media is a success will enjoy using this app. The Enhance app allows you to crop your photos in a variety of ways, while its photo editing features enable you to apply filters, add text or create borders on your pictures. If you don't know which image you'd like to share, you can use this app to browse through a huge collection of stock photos. To make things even better Enhance app allows you to schedule posts, and decide when is the best time to publish an image. 

2. Photo Enhance HDR Editor

The amount of options provided by this app for Android phones is fascinating, and it guarantees that its users can enhance their photos professionally. Photo Enhance HDR Editor creates highly detailed images, and like most HDR photo editors it is capable of performing miracles in the darker areas of images. The app can be downloaded for free, but you must upgrade to the Pro version of the app in order to save your photos in high resolution. Sharing photos on social networks or saving them on an SD card is a quick and simple process, that will make this app an indispensable part of your Android phone photography equipment.

3. Photo Edit Pro

You don't have to be a skilled photographer to produce beautiful photos because apps for Android phones such as Photo Edit Pro enable you to give your photos a professional look even if you are just discovering the world of photography. This app offers a lot of a one-tap photo enhance features that let you enhance your photos instantly, while it also provides a plethora of tools needed to boost colors in your photos. If you don't want to play around with the saturation, contrast or temperature values you can simply apply a photo filter that will make the colors in a photo more vivid. 

Section 3: Best Photo Enhancers for PC and Mac

1. Fotophire

The Wondershare's photo editing software will let you have fun while you are exploring different ways of enhancing your photos. The filter library features over two hundred photo effects that enable you to boost the quality of your pictures within seconds. The Fotophire's Adjustments menu allows its users to enhance photos on a professional level and in addition, the Tone Curve and Color Balance tools let you have complete control over the color correction process. Photography enthusiasts and skilled professionals can use Fotophire equally effectively to enhance their photos which makes this photo enhancer for PC and Mac, a perfect choice for anyone who wants to express their creativity through photography.

2. Photolemur

Photolemur makes photo editing look easy since it offers 12 smart technologies that automatically analyze and enhance photos. The software's Noise reduction or Color Compensation features improve the quality of your images, while the automatic bulk picture enhancing option enables you to enhance multiple photos simultaneously. Even though Photolemur provides some photo editing features, the term photo enhancer describes it better, since it doesn't provide any options that allow you to adjust color values manually. Unlike Fotphire, Photolemur is designed to perform only basic photo enhancement actions automatically, and it can be used to process vast amounts images very quickly.

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