Erase unwanted objects while automatically repairing the surrounding

You can easily remove anything that spoils your photo, or clone any part, without pixel-by-pixel precise selection. Our algorithm analyzes the
surroundings and automatically fill in the area with matched textures.

Remove Watermark/Date Stamp

Semi-transparent and thin font are anything but difficult for our Leading Color Detection technology. They
can be erased without affecting the background

Erase Extra Objects or Person

Unnecessary tourists, street signs, or power lines can be removed effortlessly
while the background is reconstructed sulmataneously
editer photo After
editer photo Original

Restore Old photo

Remove scratches and wrackages to make precious old photos restore to former glory.

Super Simple to Remove Unwanted Objects

Simply erase anything that spoils the view!

Additional Editing Features

Your ideal digital eraser with complete features to "give it another shot"
4 Selection Methods

Choose from a brush, rectangle, polygon or lasso

Customized Brush Size

From 1px to 250px, makes a perfect balance between speed and precision

Align Mode

Designed for precision clone in lines

Drag & Drop Interface

An intuitive design that is easy to learn, regardless of your skill level

Formats Widely Supported

Support Jpeg, TIFF (8-bit or 16-bit), PNG, BMP, GIF, Jxr or Jiff

Lasso Tool

Precision selection that accounts for even the smallest details in a photo

Clone Stamp

Clone and stamp any part of a photo. Perfect for background reconstruction

Built-In Tutorial

Learn how to use this simple program with this interactive step-ty-step guide

Straighten Line

Draw a line and your photo will be automatically straightened

See what new can do.

Explore the latest features of Simple and Fast Design.

Automatically remove the background from the image for free.

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Remove watermark, scratches, defects etc with Content-Aware fill in seconds.

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Automatically enlarge your image to 4x without losing quality for free.

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The best maker for logo, card, poster, YouTube thumbnail, banner and more!

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your daily photo life

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