Photo Maximizer

Enlarge your photo by 1000% without losing quality


* For Windows PC only.

Zoom to 1000% With No Pixilation or Blur

With 7 preset resizing methods, Photo Maximizer can enlarge your photo to 1000% while maintaining its sharpness and resolution.

Perfect for Enlarging Photos for Printing

Enlarge your photos and make high quality prints.

Create High Resolution Close Ups

Zoom in on any part of a photo and maintain its high resolution.

Correct Low Light Photos

Get rid of noise and grain caused by low lighting in just one click.

Additional Photo Editing Features

All the tools you need to adjust and enhance your photos
8 Zoom Settings

Choose from 8 different ways to zoom including by percentage, width x height and more

One-Click Denoise

Repair blur and pixelation in one click

Color Correction

Easily adjust the white balance, saturation, and temperature of your photos

Batch Mode

Save time by enlarging up to 1000 images at once

Built-In Tutorial

Learn how to use this simple program with this interactive step-ty-step guide

Drag & Drop Interface

An intuitive design that is easy to learn, regardless of your skill level

Improved Edges

Achieve extreme clarity

Film Grain

Add vintage vilm grain to your photo for an artistic look

Save Presets

Save your most used settings as presets and apply them easily to future projects


Print large photos in high resolutions

Before & After Views

Choose from 4 'before and after' styles including side-by-side, split view, horizontal, and vertical

Cut & Crop

Resize your photo or change its aspect ratio easily

Photo Maximizer

Make your photos up to 1000% larger without losing quality

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