Photo Cutter

Efficient background remover to cut objects out in just a few clicks!


* For Windows PC only.

Easily Remove or Replace the Backgrounds of Your Photos

Whether you want a transparent background for an image, or just want a different background than your photo has by default, Photo Cutter makes it easy to get the results you want.

Quickly Process
Background Removal

You can import photos, edit and view the result instantly.

Automatic Color Detection

Leading color detection technology means that Photo Cutter can deduce the edges of objects for itself. There's no need for you to edit pixel-by-pixel.

Replace Background

Change the background behind a person with our preset templates or your own images.
4 Steps to Remove or Change the Background
Easily replace background in few clicks!

Additional Photo Editing Features

All the tools you need to adjust and enhance your photos.
Customized Brush Sizes

Make your brush as small as 1px or as large as 250px

Background Templates

Choose from 20 preset backgrounds in a variety of styles

Drag & Drop Interface

An intuitive design that is easy to learn, regardless of your skill level

Straighten Line

Draw a line and your photo will be automatically straightened

Edge Blur

Smoothly overlay cutout objects over whatever backgrounds you choose

Built-In Tutorial

Learn how to use this simple program with this interactive step-by-step guide

Cut & Crop

Resize your photo or change its aspect ratio easily

Wide Format Support

Support Jpeg, TIFF (8-bit or 16-bit), PNG, BMP, GIF, Jxr or Jiff

Photo Cutter

Cut out objects or remove your background in just few clicks