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How to Make XY Graph With Ease

If you have been playing with raw data and statistics, chances are you did use the XY graph at least at one point of your projects. X and Y graph and better known with name Scatter and Line graph are very popular because they both make it easier to show and understand the correlation between two variables. You simply lay data points with the x and y axis. X point is used for horizontal and Y point is used for vertical.

Using the X and Y graphs you get a clear picture that how one variable effects the other and how they are connected with each other. You can create XY graph using the online XY Graph Maker websites and desktop programs. There are several X and Y Graph maker programs and websites available for making the best X and Y graphs very easily. We will share one of the best X and Y axis graph maker here in this article with you.

Part 1. Making XY Graphs with Excel

XY graphs, or scatter and line graphs are used in almost every single industry. From making scientific papers, to crafting a college essay, XY are most preferred graphs to visualize data about different variables. And the most common way these graphs are created is using Excel.

Excel is definitely a great tool for data analysis, but when it comes to making graphs, it does have some limitations that could eat up your time and force you to start over and over again to create a perfect XY graph.

For instance, once you constructed a graph, it will be very difficult and time consuming to amend the figures. The lack of visualization often causes such issues that you finish the project, but find out that there’s something needs to be edited. And when it does, it takes hours of hard work to fix it.

How to Make XY Graph - Excel

Part 2. Alternatives ways to make XY Graphs

There are Excel alternatives which will allow you to construct and edit your graph with little to no efforts?

Here are the top 3 Excel alternatives that help you make XY graphs to visualize your data with complete ease.

#1 Plotly


The first thing of Plotly that grabs everyone’s attention is the multiple deployment features. You can either use it as an on-premises software, or you can use it as a cloud-based tool for making graphs.

Whatever it is, PlotLy will give you access to its library where you will find premium elements to create a XY graph without having to design anything on your own.

The left menu bar of the main dashboard has options to drag and drop different items as per your needs. Hover over them, import widgets, and your graph will be ready.

How to Make XY Graph - Plotly

#2 GraphSkatch


There is no need of absolutely sign up or registration to use this handy online graph maker. You just visit GraphSkatch start creating graph and finally you can download your final XY graph once it is created.

There are easy and quick options to select the length of your lines, colors, tick distance, image size, and fonts. So you just adjust them as per your needs and enter your data. In few minutes your X and Y graph will be ready to download and you can share it anywhere over internet with your friends and family without any issue. The x and y axis graph maker website is completely free to use that is the reason you can use it without any limitations.

How to Make XY Graph - GraphSkatch

#3 Visme


Visme is the only XY graph maker available over internet that has extremely easy user interface. This x and y axis graph maker totally works online and you don’t need to install any software or app on the computer while using it. This website has several advanced features which are usually not offered in any other online x and y graph maker website. Visme supports creating over 20 different types of graphs, including Scatter and Line graphs.

So unlike Excel, you don’t have to do any manual work and just need to enter numbering data then it will create beautiful graph for you. Visme offers you hundreds of readymade templates which can be used to create near about any type of graph with just few clicks. Everything is available readymade to finish your manual work on the Visme. The XY Graph Maker website offers you millions of photos to use with your graphs. The website is also used by the top market leaders in the technology such as IBM, Pearson, Accenture, Radford etc.

How to Make XY Graph - GraphSkatch
Visme Graph Maker
  • Create animated charts & graphs in minutes.
  • Use a template or create from scratch.
  • Over 20 types of graphs and hundreds of templates.
  • Integration with live data.

Part 3. How to create XY graph on Visme with ease

How to use Visme to create XY graph Visme is easy to use and creating graphs with Visme is even easier. You can just follow the below simple steps and Visme will create your Graphs.

Step 1

The first step is to open a free account Visme so just visit to x and y graph maker website URL and click “Get Started” at the top right side to sign up for an account then enter all necessary details what is asked there.

How to make XY graph with Visme  - step 1

Step 2

Once you are registered user, Visme will give you access to it’s a wonderful XY graph maker. At the mian dashboard of website click on the “Create” button at the upper left side.

How to make XY graph with Visme  - step 2

Step 3

There are hundreds of templates and widgets, so start off selecting a template from the “Infographic” option. In the infographic tab select the template and then click on the “Edit” button on the templates.

How to make XY graph with Visme  - step 3

Step 4

Now, simply click on the “Data” icon from the left menu bar and select “Chart” option of XY graph maker to start making graph.

How to make XY graph with Visme  - step 4

Step 5

Now, you will see mostly all types of graphs in the left side, select the pie, line or any type of graph and then insert the data in the right side excel shape cells. Select the doted or line XY graph icon in this case. Enter the data on your right hand site table and click the “Insert” button.

How to make XY graph with Visme  - step 5

Step 6

Once done, your graph will be ready and you can apply the colors, animations and several other things to the graphs using the Visme options. This is how to create graphs using XY graph maker.

How to make XY graph with Visme  - step 6


So there’s no need to spend hours after hours to create a graph using Excel and its limited features and styles. There are lot better alternatives available out there. Grab them and create better graphs in very less times. If Excel alternative choice is Visme X and Y Graph Maker then it will be faster than any other graph maker. Visme has templates, icons, fonts, widgets and many more other thing to use with graphs so you just click on them using your computer mouse and your graph will automatically be constructed.

Oct 15,2019 17:40 pm