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How to Create Stunning Line Chart Without Excel

If you are looking to show your audience significant changes over the years visually, a line graph is the way to go. Let your audience know the changes over time - as a series of data points connected by one single line.

Much like the bar graph, the line graph also functions on the x and y axis. The graph then establishes the relationship between two set of data values where one set is dependent on the other data set. Line graphs have equal intervals of time in between.

The basic role of line graphs is to track data changes over a period. Time-series relationships can seem delightful if you have a line chart. You can track multiple data sets at once, including noting down the rate of acceleration and volatility.

So, one set of data changes over time, giving viewers the understanding of what has changed over time. You can talk about the population growth of a place using a line graph. Or, you can talk about the different trends, chronologically.

It is also very easy to visualise them. The only problem is, how do you create stunning visuals? We will take a look at the different options below.

Part 1. Tips and tricks to Create Stunning Line Charts

Begin with Zero Baseline

Since line graph uses the axes method of data depiction, it is better to establish absolute clarity right at the beginning. A line chart doesn’t really have a zero baseline, but it would be advisable to include it. Even if the data entered is unpredictable or dicey, the scale can showcase those very variances.

How To Create Line Chart Without Excel - Begin with Zero Baseline

Use the Correct Height

Neatness is the most important virtue of presenting any sort of data. When dealing with line graphs, the intersection of lines has to be carried out neatly. One of the important aspects of that is maintaining the correct height while plotting the data points, so that the chart takes up almost two thirds space of the page, leaving room for interpretation.

How To Create Line Chart Without Excel - Use the Correct Height

Don’t Forget Labelling

To create a smooth reader experience, make sure all the lines on the graph are named on the very page, instead of making the reader go back and is worth in terms of the axes table. Even if a line is carrying a certain amount of value, it is better to label it right then and there.

How To Create Line Chart Without Excel - Use Label

Part 2. How to Make a Line Chart without Excel

Disadvantaages making line charts with Excel.

To Excel to get started, the lack of template and styling options means that you get a bland product- one that nobody would like to see. Excel is notorious for this, and one reason that you need another tool – especially if you want your line graphs to look a bit savvy.

Sometimes, when you need to discuss presentations or data with a wider set of audience, you need to blend in style and design uniquely. Excel doesn’t offer that.

Plus, after you create the line graph on Excel, there is the issue to embed the graph into other applications or share it with someone online. Excel doesn’t allow shareability and neither can it embed other applications or it’s features into itself.

The Best Method – Using the Visme Editor

If you are looking for a tool that can help you do all the graph creation work online, this is the one you need. It has got all the right moves, and makes it simple to create graphs – without you knowing a bit of Excel.

Unlike Excel that takes a whole lot of horus to learn, with an extensive learning curve, Visme is easier to grasp. It’s free to use too, unless you want to go in for one of the premium chart templates.

With hundreds of templates to choose from, and a good many photo options, you sure need to take a relook at this one. Plus, the different privacy controls mean that you can choose who can see your work, and who cannot.

Visme Graph Maker
  • Create animated charts & graphs in minutes.
  • Use a template or create from scratch.
  • Over 20 types of graphs and hundreds of templates.
  • Integration with live data.

How to Make a Line Chart Line Chart with Visme

Step 1

Check the Visme Graph Engine to choose the line graph maker option. It’s one the left.

The first step is to create an account on Visme, and then log in to the Visme editor. You can choose any project template of your liking. Here is how you can get started making your own line chart, easily.

How To Create Line Chart Without Excel - step 1

Step 2

Select the type of project you would like to create. After that then click the “DATA” tab on the left panel navigation bar. Select “charts” on the Data tab from the multiple charts and graphs available for use. Data tab gives a variety of graphs for users depending on the type of data you have.

How To Create Line Chart Without Excel - step 2

Step 3

Now, you need to fill in your data or import it. You can choose either the Google sheet or Excel. Once you have generated the data – or imported it – just use the line graph generator to customize the different aspects. Some of the things you can tinker around are the colors and the style.

How To Create Line Chart Without Excel - step 3

Step 4

Now that you have created your own line graph, why not share it with everyone else? Unlike the ones that you create on Excel, this one is super easy to share. You can share it on social media with just a few clicks. Or, download it to your PC in different formats. Visme supports popular options like image files, PDF or even animated HTML5, giving you complete flexibility.

How To Create Line Chart Without Excel - step 4


Making a line graph can seem confusing. Don’t stop yourself because of that. We wouldn’t suggest you using Excel simply because it’s difficult, you don’t make great graphs, and most importantly, who likes a bland presentation?

With Visme, you don’t need to worry about any of that. Create the line graphs you want, in minutes. Choose from the present templates lying around, or buy one of the premium ones. Either way, you are making a line graph that’s different, and one sure to catch the eyes.

Oct 15,2019 17:28 pm