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Top 12 Best Chart Making Tool to Make Stunning Charts

Reading an article and watching an image or chart is totally different. Reading the report take lots of time and you may face problem if you skip any content while reading the reports. Whereas if you have an image or chart of report then it saves your lots of time and you can quickly go through the things. This is the major difference between reading a report and watching them as an image or chart. Usually people like to read reports through chart or image. Charts are mostly used in all industries for mostly all kinds of needs such as progress report, production report etc. You can create your own charts using the chart making tools available over internet. We will discuss about these tools in this article and how to use them.

Part 1. 12 free online chart making tools


Visme is one of the most popular chart making tools which is used by billions of people worldwide to create charts to explain the things clearly. Visme offers you to create different types of content including infographics, presentations, charts, graphs, documents, Printables and social media graphics. This is an online chart tool so you can create all your charts online without any need of software installation on your system. While browsing Visme you can view case studies as well, this helps you to understand the website better. On this website you can also find the business plan which can be used to create charts by teams. There are hundreds of templates offered on the website with millions of photos and icons. Visme offers free plan to test the website chart features and later you can buy any premium service according to your business or personal requirement. There are several plans available according to the different types of businesses with a very nominal fee.

Top 12 Best Chart Making Tool to make stunning charts - Visme


Vizzlo is another browser based online chart tool which helps you to create mostly all kinds of charts. There are near about 100 templates offered on the websites for the several different types of businesses. With the help of this website you can create timelines, process diagrams, Gantt Charts and so many other types of charts. These all charts are offered for free but there a company watermark logo will be there. To remove this logo you need to buy premium plan of the Vizzlo.

Top 12 Best Chart Making Tool to make stunning charts - vizzlo


InfoGram is another online chart tool that can help you to create several types of charts for your business or personal work. This free charting tools website offers you over 30 different types of charts related to different niche. Users have created over 800000 charts using this website. You can use this website to create infographics from scratch to best one. There is embedding and sharing facility also offered by this website which helps you to make sure that your charts end at the right place. This website also enables you to create dashboards, slides, reports, maps and social media graphics.

Top 12 Best Chart Making Tool to make stunning charts - InfoGram


Creately is also one of the most popular chart marking tools that helps users to create charts without any installation. This website is able to create visuals and diagrams in the real time collaboration. Creately also offers you a desktop version to install on your computer and create the diagrams offline without using internet. The desktop and online both version cost around 5$ per month for single user. If you need for more than one user then you can go for the team version which costs you around 25$ per month.

Top 12 Best Chart Making Tool to make stunning charts - Creately

Online Chart Tool

Online Chart Tool website is also a free charting tool to create your own charts. This is a totally free online charting tool website where you can create your charts without paying anything but there is lack of features. This onlinecharttool graph website allows you to make the different types of charts such as line charts, bubble charts, pie charts and radar plots etc.

Top 12 Best Chart Making Tool to make stunning charts - Online Chart Tool


Canva, as the name of website implies that this website is mainly developed to create beautiful charts for your work. There is wide range of premade templates available on website which can be used for free while creating charts. You just need to enter the data and the website will create the needed chart for you without any cost. The website also comes with the feature of switching between different types of charts such as line graphs, bar graphs etc with the same data and without losing the original data.

Top 12 Best Chart Making Tool to make stunning charts - Canva


AmCharts is very nice website as it offers you to create charts in live environment. This website enables you to create charts and preview them instantly so you can easily understand the effect of your every step on the chart while making them. This is a not an online graph plotting tool but you can try free version of the website and then go for the premium one. The paid plans of this website are slightly costly as compared to the other chart making tools.

Top 12 Best Chart Making Tool to make stunning charts - AmCharts


ChartGo website is an online chart tool which allows you to create beautiful charts with the extra features and colors. This website allows you to create graphs from the scratch and you can also use the prebuilt templates to make the things easier. You can create stock chart, pie chart, CSV charts, Excels charts and some other kind of charts using this website. With the ChartGo teachers can also design charts to help their students to understand the things better.

Top 12 Best Chart Making Tool to make stunning charts - ChartGo


LiveGap is a free charting tool that allows you to create free charts online without installing any software on your system. This website supports making line, bar, area, pie, polar area, doughnut, radar, step and step bar charts. This is also a free charting tool so you can create your own personalized charts without spending anything. While making charts and graphs using this online charting tool you can preview the chart or graphs with the customization options.

Top 12 Best Chart Making Tool to make stunning charts - LiveGap

Meta Chart

Meta chart website is also a very powerful and good website which helps you to create the charts for free without paying anything. Meta chart website allows users to quickly create charts online using the premade templates or your own chart from scratch. This is a free website but you need to register there to access all feature of the website. This website is able to create pie, chart, line, venn, histogram, Tally, Box and whisker charts for free of cost.

Top 12 Best Chart Making Tool to make stunning charts - Meta Chart

Chart Blocks

Chart Blocks is a chart building tool to create free charts. This online chart building tool allows users to create free charts online for free without doing any coding. You don’t need to be a technical person to use this website because everything is crystal clear and you can directly use the website. Thousands of people have used this website to create their charts and rely on it. The website offers free service for a limited time and later you have to buy premium version to continue making your charts.

Top 12 Best Chart Making Tool to make stunning charts - Chart Blocks


Draw is a very simple to create chart tools excel diagrams. Draw website have hundreds of shapes in it which can be used while making the graphs and charts. While using this website you can save the graphs directly to your Google drive of DropBox account as well. This website works just like software and gives you feed that you are using a desktop program. It fully support drag & drop for dragging and dropping the elements in the functional area from the website interface.

Top 12 Best Chart Making Tool to make stunning charts - Draw

Part 2. Introduce how to make Charts with Visme

This is really very easy to create charts using Visme website you just need to browser and sign up on the website and then you can create unlimited charts without worrying about the limitations. Let’s see how to create charts using the Visme Website.

Step 1

Firstly, please visit the below URL and then click the “Get Started” button (If you don’t have any account on the website) otherwise click the “Login” button and login to your account using your credentials.

Top 12 Best Chart Making Tool to make stunning charts - step 1

Step 2

Once you are logged in then you will be at the main interface of the website which will looks like the below screenshot. Now look at the top left side and hit “Create” button to start a new project.

Top 12 Best Chart Making Tool to make stunning charts - step 2

Step 3

After hitting the “Create” button you will be diverted to the next screen. Here you need to select what type of file you want to create. We have selected infographics here and we are choosing one template from the hundreds of templates.

Top 12 Best Chart Making Tool to make stunning charts - step 3

Step 4

Now you need to select the right option. Look at the left side tab of website. Here you can select several things such as basics, graphics, media, data and theme colors. If you want to select any type of file or data from external source then you can also import them using my file tab. Once you have edited and prepared your chart then look at the top right side. From there you can preview, share or download the charts on your computer. That’s it.

Top 12 Best Chart Making Tool to make stunning charts - step 4


These are some of the most popular and powerful chart making tools to create awesome charts on online without any technical knowledge or coding. If you don’t have time and budget to hire a professional Photoshop person then you can pick any of the charts making tool to prepare beautiful charts for your customers and readers. After going through all aspects and technical details about the websites we would like you to try the Visme website once because it offers mostly everything what you need to get the work done in perfect way.

Nov 14,2019 16:42 pm