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How To Make A Bar Graph Easily

Bar chart is considered as one of the most effective ways for data representation as it contains rectangular bars along with lengths and height. You can plot this type of chart either on the X or Y axis and it is used to make a comparison among different types of categories. This type of easy graph also used for pictographic representation of several types of variables at a time in the form of cluster.

Part 1. Advantages of a Bar Graph

Easy to Prepare

In comparison to other graphs, it is very easy to make a bar graph as unlike pie-chart you don’t have to do much of calculation. This ,easy graph maker can even be understood even by beginners as heading and units are mentioned clearly.

Can Undertake Comparison

The way of diagrammatic representation of data provides you upper hand in making your colleagues get more involved during a presentation. Process of easy bar graph maker gives you an opportunity to do a thorough comparison between variables in convenient fashion.

Great Deal of Usage

Bar graph is widely used in different working sectors like retail, public, research, education and in manufacturing. This method helps to provide proper education to students and provide aid to companies in keeping track of their business.


Unlike any other graphs this method is considered as most efficient since it allows you to represent every other frequency of a variable clearly.

Part 2. How to make bar graph easily

Bar graphs are one of the most popular pictorial representations of data that is used widely in all the fields. You can follow the step mentioned below to make elaborate and visually appealing bar graphs for your business:

1. Data Collection

The first step to create a good bar graph is to gather data from trusted sources. The data should be precise and according to your requirement. Also you shouldn’t change the data as it will affect the credibility of your graph. This is an easy graph and will not require a lot of efforts.

2. Choose a Tool

Now you have to select software for making the graph. Make sure that the tool you use allows you to edit, customize and animate your charts for better experience and above all, the tool should be easy to use and fast. Visme is an easy bar graph maker and a great all-rounder tool that you can use to make great bar graphs and other infographics. Now that you have chosen your desired tool, follow the steps below

Visme Graph Maker
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Step 1. Login To Visme

The first step is to visit Visme’s official website and Register your account on it. Once done you will have to confirm your e-mail id using the link that they will send you in the mail.

How to Make Bar Graph Easily- step 1

Step 2. Click To Create

Once you log in, you will be taken to a dashboard. Look for a create option on the right side of the screen and click on it. You will notice a new window in front of you, find data option present their and click on it. Now you will the various graphs and charts that you can create by using the tool. Select Bar graphs to proceed.

How to Make Bar Graph Easily- step 2

Step 3.Enter The Data

Now, you have to enter all the data you want your graph to portray. You can edit the height, width and other aspects of the graph easily by using the setting tab present there. You can import you graph’s data from an excel sheet, online sources like Google spreadsheet and you can also enter it manually.

How to Make Bar Graph Easily- step 3

Step 4. Create and share

As you have already entered all the data that you want in the graph, you will have it rendered automatically onto your screen in real-time while entering the data. Now you can easily save it in your local storage and it also allows you to directly share it with your friends and family via social media and email.

How to Make Bar Graph Easily- step 4
Oct 16,2019 10:16 am