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Do you take note of the content you read online every day? Most of it is made in graphs, presentations and pictorials. Visualizing information using graphs allows you to present large sets of data in clear and understandable manner. For instance, if a social media agency wants to show the best hours to post on different social media tools.

The best way to present this information is using graphing tool. Therefore, if you want to create captivating and informative content for your audience, you have to use interactive graphing tool. There are different graphing tools that you can use ranging from graphing tools in excel, web graph tool, online 3d graphing tool and other graph drawing tools to help you present your data clearly.

Part 1. How to Select the Right Graphing tool

When it comes to selecting the right graphing tool, you need to consider the kind of data that you want to plot. Also, you need to determine whether you will use online graph making tools or offline graph making tools. Today, you have a wide pool of offline and online graphing tools and all give you the best way to visualize your data. However, to help you choose the right graphing tool we need to highlight advantages of both online graphing tools and offline graphing tools.

Advantages of online graph making tools

  • It helps you save on storage space for your device.
  • It’s fast and convenient to use for everyone.
  • It can be accessed from different devices when need be.
  • Contains top-notch specs to build captivating visual content.

Advantages of offline graphing tools

  • It can handle large data sets and gives you flexibility on how to handle the data.
  • It does not require internet connection.
  • It has less subscription limits comparing to online tools.

Unlike some years back when excel was the only known graphing tool, the online graphing tool has taken over. This is due to its ease and convenience to use for everyone. Additionally, online graphing includes more well-made templates, animated charts and graphs, integration with live data. It makes building of graphs easy and fast.

Part 2. Online graphing tools recommendation

There are a variety of online graphing tools which help you in presenting your data with quick understanding to readers. All you need is to select the best interactive graphing tool for your target audience with regard to the efficiency required. Here we will only list 5 online graph making tools in the market that are easy to use and present interactive content.

1. Visme

Visme is the best online graphing tool for use. It is absolutely free for use and can download prepared files when done. Visme allows you to pull live data from Google sheets as well as import data in excel format. With Visme online graph making tool, you can easily visualize your data different graph types, charts, use different fonts and colour to make your presentation.

Best Online graphing tool - visme

Advantages of Visme

  • Has a versatile user interface.
  • Enables you to add images and access to 10,000 icons and graphics.
  • Allows you to share your projects social media platforms as well as embed them on blogs and websites.
  • It has the ability to restrict views, edit and sharing of the graphs.

Disadvantage of Visme

  • It’s only available for use online.
Visme Graph Maker
  • Create animated charts & graphs in minutes
  • Use a template or create from scratch
  • Over 20 types of graphs and hundreds of templates
  • integration with live data

2. Google Sheets

Did you know that Google Sheet is and handy web graph tool? It has a wide range of graphing tools bar graphs, line graphs, combo graphs, histogram, scatter graphs, treemap and candlestick just to mention a few. It ranks among the best web-based graph tools. The information available is stored in the cloud hence accessible at any time with internet access.

Best Online graphing tool - google sheets

Advantages of Google Sheets

  • It’s free to use for anyone with a Google account.
  • Can be used to convert excel files to Google Sheets and vice versa.
  • It has already designed templates.

Disadvantages of Google Sheets

  • Very limited features compared to Visme.


3. Microsoft Excel Online

Excel Online is part of Microsoft Office online applications. It resembles the offline version of Excel and supports real-time collaboration of data. You can create charts and graphs in 2-D and 3-D formats. With Excel Online you are able to learn patterns and insights of data and predict trends.

Best Online graphing tool - excel online

Advantages of Excel Online

  • It is cloud-based hence accessible anywhere with internet connection.
  • Can be used to convert excel files to Google Sheets and vice versa.
  • It has already designed templates.

Disadvantages of Google Sheets

  • Required purchase before using.


4. Plotly Chart Studio

Another free online graphing tool is Plotly Chart Studio that allows you to import data from Excel, CSV and SQL data and plot interactive graphs. Its user interface is intuitive and it allows you to choose different themes, sizes and types of charts and graphs.

Best Online graphing tool - Plotly Chart Studio

Advantages of Plotly Chart Studio

  • You can embed images to your project.
  • Has annotations that allow pointing sections of graphs.
  • Allows you to export data as image or as HTML, save and share graphs online.

Disadvantages of Plotly Chart Studio

  • You need to upgrade to fully exploit its graphing tools


5. Online Chart Tool

The last graph creation tool that we must mention is Online chart tool. It is a simple online graphing tool that allows you to visualize your data through bar charts, radar plots, bubble charts, line charts and pie charts. As simple as it is, you just need to sign up and click on “Design your chart” to begin creating graphs.

Best Online graphing tool - Online Chart Tool

Advantages of Online Chart Tool

  • Supports rectangular and cylinder shapes.
  • Customization of chart style.
  • You can preview your graphs before saving them.
  • Allows you to save and share graphs online

Disadvantages of Online Chart Tool

  • Only very basic graphing functions. Not for complecated data analysis.


Part 3. How to Make Graph with Visme Online graphing tool

Now that you have learnt of web graphing tool, let us see you create graphs using one of the tools preferably Visme graphing tool. Visme has excellent functionalities to create presentations, infographics, reports, printable, web graphics and social graphics.

Being an online 3d graphing tool, it contains already created templates and customizable to your desire. Below is a guide on how to create graphs with Visme online graphing tool.

Step 1

Visit Visme website by clicking on here. Next, you have to create an account by clicking the “Get Started” button and log in. On logging in you will get an interface like this.

Best Online graphing tool - How to Make Graph with Visme step 1 Step 2

To start the creation, click the “Create” button at the top left or on the dashboard. The dashboard that pops up gives the choices to create presentations, infographics, documents, web graphics, social graphics and customization of templates to desired size.

Best Online graphing tool - How to Make Graph with Visme step 2 Step 3

Once you have selected say the presentation and choose a template, now click on “DATA” button on the left panel. Click on the “Charts” option that appears the first from the menu.

Best Online graphing tool - How to Make Graph with Visme step 3 Step 4

Next, select the type of graph from the immediate left panel again. From there, click on “Import Data” and then upload your data. Once the data is uploaded, you can generate the graph.

Best Online graphing tool - How to Make Graph with Visme step 4 Step 5

You can then edit and make adjustments on your graph. To get more advanced settings, such as graph title, animations or style click on “Settings” button.

Best Online graphing tool - How to Make Graph with Visme step 5 Once you are done, preview the graph and save it. Bingo, you have now created your first graph with Visme graphing tool.


Graph making tools vary in efficiency and relationship with the target audience. Hence for best presentations that are memorable and captivating to readers, you need to choose the best graphing tool. With an online graphing tool, you are assured of best results and efficiency. Accessibility of your work is made easier since all you need to access your data is an internet connection. Also, you need to ensure that you prepare and sort out your data well in Excel or CSV file so that it can be easy to generate graphs.

Oct 15,2019 17:41 pm