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10 Free Chart Making Software You Need To Know

Charts are the best way to understand the things clearly. Charts are very useful for the different types of industries according to their project requirement. If you have lots of RAW data and unable to process it properly then then best solution for you it to create a chart of data and then understand the things. Using the right chart making software it can be very easier to create chart and you can save your lots of time by using the prebuilt templates of software. People also uses excel to understand the things but charts are the best way to instead of using excel. There is several charting software available to create charts for the business and personal. We have looked on these chart making software and sorted out some of the best programs for you which we are going to discuss here in this this article with you.

Part 1. 10 free chart making solutions

1. Visme


Visme is the best charting software which comes with the powerful chart making tools which are usually not offered in any other online chart making tool. Visme offers users a very easy to use, neat & clean interface which is used by everyone even if you are not a technical person. The website offers you hundreds of templates which are used by millions of people worldwide to make chart and get answer of their problems. It offers you to make mostly any kind of graph such as pie, flow, bar, line and histogram. Even you can switch between the different kinds of graphs without losing the entered data. Social media icons of the website enable you to share the graphs directly online with your family, friends and clients. If you want to share the charts privately then there is option to share via Email or you can also download the charts directly on your computer for offline use.

Free Chart Making Software - Visme

3. Organimi


Orgamini is also a very well-known charting website which makes charts online without any installation just like the Visme. With the help of this charting website you can create charts, graphs and mark the data online. Orgamini is an easy to use website which can be used by everyone to make charts online. There is a trial version of the app is available to test the website features but to get access of all features you need to buy premium version which costs a bit high as compared to the Visme.

Free Chart Making Software - Organimi

3. ChartBlocks


ChartBlocks website is a very nice option for making online charts without the software installation. This website comes with the prebuilt templates which directly work for making charts and graphs without any coding skills. With Chartblocks you can import the database, spreadsheets and several other types of data from the computer. You can also share the prepared charts and graphs online with the family and friends using the sharing option.

Free Chart Making Software - ChartBlocks

4. Vizzlo


Vizzlo is another online chart making software for creating charts. This is also an online website so you can use it on the Mac and windows computer without any issue of system compatibility. Vizzlo is used by thousands of people worldwide in over 120 countries to making charts. This website is easy to use so you just need to import your data from the computer and then start making chart with the website. It totally works online and allows you to share charts online or download offline.

Free Chart Making Software - Vizzlo

5. Plotly


Plotly website is very popular worldwide and offers you many features that allow you to make amazing charts. The website offers you wide range of features for free of cost. If you are using the website for personal purpose then there is no need to pay anything but if you need for the business then you need to buy enterprise plan. It offers you several types of templates for the different industries such as manufacturing, Pharmacy & bio, AI & machine learning etc.

Free Chart Making Software - Plotly

6. Lucidchart


Lucidchart is become very popular among users for making charts because of the easy to use interface and very smooth experience of users. You can use this website for free for making charts for a limited time using the trial version. The website also comes with the online diagram and flowchart maker which can be used in the trial version without any cost. The website provides solution related to the engineering, IT, education, sales, product, operations and Visio replacements.

Free Chart Making Software - Lucidchart

7. Caliper


Caliper map marking software is a desktop program that works offline after installing the software on your system. This program is able to import data from the computer and you can use your personal data in the charts directly. It supports importing MKL file, SQL database and Shape file and excel spreadsheet files. It offers you a feature that allows you to create multiple maps in maps.

Free Chart Making Software - Caliper

8. Chartjs


Chart.js website is a new website over internet that enables you to create charts online but this website comes with several advanced features which are usually not offered on other sites. It recently launched some cool features and one of the most popular features allows you to plot complex datasets on date time. This website is free and open source so you can use it without paying anything.

Free Chart Making Software - Chartjs

9. LiveGap


LiveGap is free charting software that works online and enables you to make charts just by sign up using your browser. It allows you to create pic, polar, line, bar, area, doughnut, step, radar and stacked bar charts online. Using this website you can view live preview of charts while making them and several customization options such as fonts, gradients, legend, margins, text etc.

Free Chart Making Software - LiveGap

10. AMCharts


AMCharts website is online charting software that allows you to create charts online without installing any software. This charts making website uses programming libraries which is used to increase the visualization needs of data. The website offers you over 9 types of different charts making tools.

Free Chart Making Software - AMCharts

10 Free Chart Making Software Comparison

Visme Organimi ChartBlocks Vizzlo Plotly Lucidchart Caliper Chartjs LiveGap AMCharts
Easy to Use Interface

Number of Template 500+ 100+ 50 100+ 30 20 100 80 120 70
Export File Format PDF, Email, Download Email PDF, Email Sharing to social media, download PDF, Email PDF, Email, Download PDF, Email Social media, PDF, Email PDF, Excel, email, download PDF, Excel, download
Types of Charts supported Bar, Pie, Flow, Lines, Histograms, Area, Scatter, pyramid, doughnut, Radar Charts Pie, Line, Bar Pie, Bar, Line, Histogram Line, Bar, Histogram Area, Pie, Line, Bar Bar, Line, Area, Pie, Histogram Histogram, Pie, Line, Pie, Line, Area, Histogram, Bar, Pie, Area, Pie, Bar, Area, Histogram
Adjust Colors and Fonts
Animation Supported

Part 2. How To Make Charts With Visme

Visme Graph Maker
  • Create animated charts & graphs in minutes.
  • Use a template or create from scratch.
  • Over 20 types of graphs and hundreds of templates.
  • Integration with live data.

Step 1.Open the Visme website and login with your credentials and If you don’t have any account yet then please create a new account.

Best Graphing Software - step1

Step 2.Once you are logged in successfully click on the “Create” button at the top left side. It will create a new project.

Best Graphing Software - step2

Step 3.Now you have to select the type of file which you want to create. You can select from presentations, infographics, documents, printables, web graphics, social graphics and custom size. Custom size allows you to choose your own web page size and you can create any type of document as per your choice. We are selecting Infographics and template from the infographic list. To start making the chart click on the “Edit” button on the chart template.

Best Graphing Software - step3

Step 4. After opening the template, click on the “Data” tab from the left side and the click on the “Chart” icon which is there at the first place.

Best Graphing Software - step4

Step 5. When you click the “Chart” icon a “Graph Engine” popup will open on the screen. Select the type of graph which you want to create from the left side. There are over 10 types of graph available and you can choose anyone. Now start entering the data which you want to show in your chart and then click the “Insert” button.

Best Graphing Software - step5
Step 6. You can also add other data to the graphs or import data from the computer. Once the data entering is finished you can visit the advanced settings options and apply animation or other effects on the chart. Just like that you can use other option of this chart making website and get the best quality charts.

Best Graphing Software - step5


Instead of going for your specific tools you can also try these discussed charts making websites. Using these websites you can easily create mostly any kind of chart. For the easy to use and quality of charts we have found the Visme as the best one because the price and quality of this tool is really great. We hope we have covered all charts making tools what you need and if you still have any other tool what we have missed then we would like to hear from you.

Oct 15,2019 17:33 pm