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20 Best Tools for Graph Visualization Online 2022

Data is gold, but only if you can use it the right way! Thankfully, there are several data visualization tools that help you present your data visually for forming deep insights. You can create charts, graphs, infographics and more to make your data actionable in a matter of minutes. Today, we are going to present 20 graph visualization tools online to make stunning graphs.

. Infogram

Part 1. 20 Best Graph Visualization Tool Online 2019

1. Visme


Visme is really popular for its ease of use and advanced features. You can make stunning graphs and add your own style, colors, animation and effects. Visme is trusted by over 3 million marketers. You can choose tons of different templates, and no matter what chart you are looking at, you will love to use it. You can create stunning charts in a few minutes, without any significant learning curve.

 Graph Visualization Online - Visme
  • Pro: Countless graph templates and styles
  • Con: Advanced features are available only in pro version
Visme Graph Maker
  • Create animated charts & graphs in minutes.
  • Use a template or create from scratch.
  • Over 20 types of graphs and hundreds of templates.
  • Integration with live data.

2. RawGraphs


RawGraph claims to be the "missing link" between spreadsheets and data visualization. You can make graphs by inserting data and export them as PNG or SVG files.

Graph Visualization Online - RawGraphs
  • Pro: Open-source graph visualization tool
  • Con: Graphs cannot be shared on social media

3. ChartBlocks


ChartBlocks is a simple online tool to make customized graphs. You can embed the graphs on your website or download them as vector graphics with your free account.

Graph Visualization Online - ChartBlocks
  • Pro: Simple and user-friendly
  • Con: Some users have complained of data import issues

4. WolframAlpha


Wolfram is the ultimate tool to create mathematical graphs. You can input your data to generate graphs with answers for use in the educational industry.

Graph Visualization Online - WolframAlpha
  • Pro: Power mathematical engine
  • Con: Only limited to mathematical graphs

5. ECharts


ECharts is a free, open-source data visualization tool for enterprises. You can create graphs of various styles and charts using a simple web-based interface and drag-and-drop feature.

Graph Visualization Online - ECharts
  • Pro: Very easy to use
  • Con: Limited functionality

6. D3 Data-Driven Documents


If you are ready to learn D3.js, then Data-Driven Documents can be a powerful graph-making tool. You can create countless types of charts and graphs using the JavaScript library.

Graph Visualization Online - D3 Data-Driven Documents
  • Pro: Uses smooth transitions and interactions
  • Con: Has a steep learning curve

7. Canva


Canva is an intuitive data visualization tool with more than 1 million graphs, icons, charts and images. You can use pre-made templates to create data visualizations and share them on social media.

Graph Visualization Online - Canva
  • Pro: One of the most user-friendly tools
  • Con: No live-data integrations

8. Venngage


Venngage lets you create interactive data visualizations and embed them on your website or blogs. The tool comes with a huge library of pre-built templates to make your job easy.

Graph Visualization Online - Venngage
  • Pro: Hundreds of free templates
  • Con: Premium templates are paid

9. PiktoChart


PiktoChart is an easy-to-use design and infographic maker that also includes graphs. You can also import data directly from Google sheets, Excel and SurveyMonkey.

Graph Visualization Online - PiktoChart
  • Pro: Templates created by in-house designers
  • Con: free version with very limited features

10. Chartist.Js


Chartist.Js is an open-source, community-developed charting tool. You can create highly customizable responsive charts using flexible methods. It’s easy to get started, though some of the charts do seem basic.

Graph Visualization Online - Chartist.Js
  • Pro: Creates tailored graphs and charts
  • Con: Limited Internet Explorer support

11. Tableau


Tableau is not only a graph visualization tool but also an analytics platform. You can give any shape to your data and facilitate informed business decisions using appealing visualizations.

Graph Visualization Online - Tableau
  • Pro: Combines the power of data analytics
  • Con: Embedment issues

12. Power BI


Developed by Microsoft, Power BI lets you create visual graphs using online web editor or mobile apps. It's free for individual users but paid for businesses.

Graph Visualization Online - Power BI
  • Pro: Integrated with Microsoft Office
  • Con: Limited data handling capacity in individual version

13. Qlik View


Qlik View is meant for enterprises to create beautiful data visualizations, including graphs. You can also access and manage all data from a central interface optimally.

Graph Visualization Online - Qlik View
  • Pro: Powerful analytics engine
  • Con: A bit slow on processing speed

14. Grow


Meant for businesses, Grow is a great tool to create graphs with 300 inbuilt templates. The tool can integrate with 150 apps to help you access and manage data from a single dashboard.

Graph Visualization Online - Grow
  • Pro: Powerful business graph visualization tool
  • Con: Poor data integration function

15. Infogram


Infogram lets you create graphs, infographics and responsive content for various platforms. You can enjoy a free basic plan or go for paid professional and business plans.

Graph Visualization Online - Infogram
  • Pro: Countless free templates
  • Con: Expensive


URL: is one of the most popular data visualization tools for businesses. You can create graphs, charts, reports and more using a web interface.

Graph Visualization Online -
  • Pro: Great for developing marketing campaigns
  • Con: Not suitable for individual users

17. Plotly Chart Studio


Chart Studio is available in enterprise and open-source versions. You can create web-ready graphs and charts without any coding knowledge and insert them into your project.

Graph Visualization Online - Plotly Chart Studio
  • Pro: Custom templates and themes
  • Con: Customer service is not very responsive

18. FusionCharts


Business owners can use FusionCharts to make bar, line, or column graphs to woo investors. Cross-browser support and a consistent API makes integrations easy as pie.

Graph Visualization Online - FusionCharts
  • Pro: Over 100 interactive charts
  • Con: Has some resizing and font issues

19. ZingChart


ZingChart is a JavaScript-based tool to create animated and interactive graphs and charts. You can render 100,000 data points in just one second- making it one of the fastest graph visualization tools.

Graph Visualization Online - ZingChart
  • Pro: You can use the free version with watermark
  • Con: Complecated to use

20. HighCharts


HighCharts is trusted by 80 out of 100 largest companies. You can create an array of graphs and visualizations to bring your data into life. It also comes with a reliable API for smooth functioning.

Graph Visualization Online - HighCharts
  • Pro: Fast and flexible graph visualization solution
  • Con: Limited customization options

Part 2. Graph Visualization Using Visme

Visme is one of the best tools to bring your data into life. You can easily make graphs, include your data and present it in an appealing manner to your audience. Here's how to use Visme to make a stunning graph:

Step 1: Access the Graph Engine

Log in to Visme editor with your username and password. You can also use your Google or Facebook credentials to log in.

Now click on "Create" on the left-hand side and choose a project template based on your needs. Then click on the graph maker icon on the left-side menu. You will now be presented with the Visme Graph Engine.

Now you have to select your preferred line graph maker from the options on the left bar.

Graph Visualization Online - step 1

Step 2: Customize Your Graph

You can fill in the data for your graph manually or import them from Excel or Google sheets. Use the graph generator to create a graph according to your preferences, with custom colors, styles and more.

Graph Visualization Online - step 2

Step 3: Finalize and Share Your Graph

You can now insert your finished line graph into your project. The graph editor will automatically add animation and effects if you are creating an interactive design.

You can easily share your graph on social media or download the file as image, PDF, or animated HTML5 file.

Graph Visualization Online - step 3


Making an appealing graph is easy as pie when you use a graph visualization tool like Visme. You can make the most of your data and create beautiful presentations, graphics, web images, charts and more using the graph engine. Check out the Visme website and give it a try to see how convenient it is to make a graph using the free tool.

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