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How To Make A Chart in Easy Steps with Visme

Charts are one of the most used infographic representation of information or data. They are widely used in businesses for a lot of different purposes like planning, explaining a scenario etc. Teachers also use graphs to explain various aspects of a subject as they are easily understandable by everyone. Once in your life you will certainly face the question of how to make a chart and you should be prepared to answer it. The reason behind using charts everywhere is the fact that they can contain a significantly large amount of data in small space while retaining the meaning and being easy to understand. They can easily be prepared manually or by using various online and offline applications that are specifically designed for it.

Part 1. Top 10 Tips When Making Line Graphs

There are a lot of things that you should keep in mind to make a perfect chart according to your. You can follow the guide below to make a perfect chart that is easily understandable by everyone

Properly sort the data in hand

If you don’t know how to make a data chart, it is better to choose a tool that is easy to use like Visme. For starters, you need to sort out your data properly and organize it in the way you want it to be in your charts. If your chart will have a horizontal layout, it is better to keep the bigger data values on the top end and if it is vertical, it is better to keep it in left to right order according starting from smallest and progressing to the largest value.

Choose the right graph for your need

Now that you have properly sorted and organized the raw data figures, you need to choose a graph that fits your needs. You have a lot of options to choose from in Visme like bar graph, pie chart, line graph etc. You have to choose the type of graph that perfectly fits your requirements and can be used to represent all the data that you have with absolute clarity. Bar graphs and Pie charts are better for comparing 2 or more different data and line charts helps you to describe a progression over a certain period of time.

Avoid unnecessary styling from your chart

If you read any guide about the topic how to make a graph chart, you will find one common point, i.e. try to keep your charts and graphs as simple as you can. This is because using excess styling can make your charts lose their readability and become a lot tougher to understand. One thing to remember is that you should always avoid applying 3d effects to your chart as it hampers the overall design makes it cartoonish and tough to understand.

Use the legends according to strategy

Legends are very important when you are comparing large number of quantities but when it comes to small amount of data, legends are mostly useless and simply make your graphs crowded. It is better to use legends only if there is a lot of data in the X-axis if that’s not the case, it is better to avoid using legends.

Include different colors to represent different sets of data

If there are a lot of different data on your graph, it is better to represent them with different colors so that they can be distinguished. You can also make use of your brand’s color scheme to make it look more relatable, slick and clean.

Part 2. Step by step guide to create awesome charts using Visme

Step 1. Login to Visme

Open the Visme web page and login. You will be taken to your dashboard where you will have to click on create icon and select graphs maker option to go to the Visme graph engine. You will be shown the various types of graphs and charts that Visme can make, select the one that fits your need and continue.

How To Make A Chart in Easy Steps With Visme - Step 1
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Step 2. Enter the data

Now that you have selected the type of graph you want to make, it time to fill in the data that the graph will portray. You can import the data from an excel sheet or even a Google sheet. Visme also gives you the option to attach data from online sources in real time.

How To Make A Chart in Easy Steps With Visme - Step 2

Step 3. Save it and share

As you have already entered the data, Visme will render the graph for you. You can tweak various design aspects, colors, etc according to your need. If you are making an interactive graph, Visme will automatically add animations to it which can also be removed or edited according to your requirements.

How To Make A Chart in Easy Steps With Visme - Step 3

Making charts and graphs is a thing that everyone has to do atleast once in their life time. Graphs are extremely useful in explaining large sets of data and facilitating it’s comparison alongside. Always keep in mind that the tool you choose to make a graph should be simple, easy to use and should also allow customizations. If your mind is getting riddled by the question of how to make a chart online, Visme is a one stop solution for your entire graph making needs. This tool is extremely powerful and offers users to easily personalize their graphs, add animations, 3d/4d effects, voice overlays and a lot more. You should definitely give it a try.

Oct 15,2019 17:32 pm