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How to Create Pie Chart With Free Pie Graph Maker

People say "a picture is worth a thousand words” and we say “a pie chart is worth a thousand data."

A Pie chart is a Circular graph that will visualize the value or relative contribution of different categories to a whole. It can be used to analyze categorical data and break down the different growth areas of a company and business.

While a Pie chart could be easily replaced by other types of graph for displaying data, the best thing is that with a pie chart, the readers don’t have to spend time measuring or studying the underlying numbers themselves. Each slice of a pie chart will give them a quick idea about data comparison that enables even most uninformed readers to grasp the whole information.

Part 1. Type of Pie Charts

Single Pie Chart

When we say pie chart or circle graph, then the picture that shows up on our minds is usually of a Single pie chart. A single pie chart is made of less than 6 categories and each of them have one single slice that shows their contribution to the whole.

This type of pie chart is easy to understand and one can make it with absolute ease.

How to Create Pie Chart - Single Pie Chart

Multi Pie Chart

When a pie chart has more than 6 segments or slices, it starts looking like clutter. But there are certain cases where large data needs to be visualized. So instead of cluttering them into one pie chart, one can use multiple pie charts side by side. It makes it easier to break down data that helps readers to measure them at a glance. Using a good pie graph maker with percentage website you can easily create stunning looking charts.

How to Create Pie Chart - Multi Pie Chart

Multi Level Pie Chart

Instead of creating three different bar graphs, we resolve the issue by going for Stacked-bar chart. And similarly, when there’s a need for creating 3 or more pie charts of same categories, you can stack them over and create a multi-level pie chart.

It saves space, and all the data can be fit into one single pie chart, so readers don’t have to relate multiple pie charts. A single one will share all the data, making it easier to understand.

How to Create Pie Chart - Multi Level Pie Chart

Part 2. Making Pie Chart with Online Graph Maker

Pie Chart is the simplest of all graphs, so you can make one using your regular Excel. But the problem with Excel is that it doesn’t offer an easy solution for editing pie chart once it is created. You have to start over or go through a series of complex-features to create and edit a pie chart. Therefore, it’s better to use an online chart maker to create Pie chart.

Easy Interface: Online Pie Graph Makers have dedicated interface and features for making pie chart. So there will be no need to customize anything to construct a pie chart. You simply name your labels and add figures. The pie chart will automatically be created with consistent color and fonts. An easy pie graph maker website works very well and you never face any problem in making the charts.

How to Create Pie Chart - Easy Interface

Templates: Online Pie Graph Makers have hundreds of readymade templates for both single and multi level pie chart. So no doubts, they can help construct your pie charts in few minutes. You just need to select the right template according to your choice and then you can start editing. You can apply special designs, icons and many other things to your pie graph using an online pie graph maker.

How to Create Pie Chart - Templates

Data Integration: Online Pie Graph Makers offer easy integration with Excel and Google Sheet to pull off real time data. And it can populate your Pie chart and make it an on-demand one.

How to Create Pie Chart - Data Integration

There are a lot more advantages of using Online Pie Graph Makers. The ease they bring forth in making Pie Chart will certainly save your time and help you avoid possible errors that could have otherwise ruined your pie chart’s standard.

Part 3. How to create pie chart with Visme

There are number of tools available online that helps you to create better pie charts. After analyzing the all online pie graph maker websites we have found the best is Visme. This is a free pie graph maker website where you can create templates for free using the trial version of website. Using this circle graph maker website you can simply enter the data in percentage and get the beautiful looking circle chart. This circle graph maker with percentage website has the easiest to use interface with the 500+ readymade templates. You can easily use those templates to create your pie chart in minutes. You just need the internet connection and then you are create any type of graph using the Visme including the pie charts.

Visme Graph Maker
  • Create animated charts & graphs in minutes.
  • Use a template or create from scratch.
  • Over 20 types of graphs and hundreds of templates.
  • Integration with live data.

Step 1:

Go to the official website of Visme and create an account by filling in the sign up form by clicking the “Get Started” at the top right side. You have to give your name, set a password, and your email address to register for an account for free on this free pie graph maker website. Visme will send you a confirmation email and you will have instant access to its library.

How to Create Pie Chart with Free Pie Graph Maker - Step 1

Step 2:

Now login to your account and then you will be on the dashboard. Click on the “Create” button at the upper left side. Now you are logged in to the circle graph maker free website.

How to Create Pie Chart with Free Pie Graph Maker - Step 2

Step 3:

Click on the “infographic” tab and select a template as per your taste. Finally hit the “Edit” button to start making templates.

How to Create Pie Chart with Free Pie Graph Maker - Step 3

Step 4:

An in-built Editor program will be launched where you can select any type of pie chart you want to make. Click on the “Data” tab from the left hand side and select the first “chart” option from new window.

How to Create Pie Chart with Free Pie Graph Maker - Step 4

Step 5:

Now, navigate to the Pie Chart from the left side where different types of charts are available. Now start entering your data to create a graph. Once you have entered the data click “Insert” button at the lower right side.

How to Create Pie Chart with Free Pie Graph Maker - Step 5

Step 6:

Now the pie chart graph maker will add the new create graph to your template. The advance setting of Visme will allow you change the font, background color, effects, and so on. Once the Pie Chard is constructed, you can then save it and download to your pc. In addition, you can generate a live URL for your chart and share it across social media and embed to your blogs.

How to Create Pie Chart with Free Pie Graph Maker - Step 6


Well, this is the information about what is pie chart and types of pie charts. Pie chart or Circular Chart is a great way to turn raw data into visualized content. The each segment of pie chart makes it easier to understand the relation of categories and their contribution to the whole graph. If the pie chart is not prepared perfectly then you reader may face problem in getting the things in your pie graph. Thanks to circle graph maker, Visme, with its templates, you can always ensure a good standard for your pie chart.

Check out the official website of Visme to use this pie chart maker with percentage and you will be surprised at the exclusive features it has to give your data a visual life.

Oct 15,2019 17:37 pm