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Top Free Tools to Make Beautiful Pie Charts

At present, we live in a visual society where Infographics is an essential tool. It helps in conveying knowledge, and it isn’t a new tool. Infographics are a set of old ones used in fields like Social media, Education, and History from a long time.

“Information is represented in a diagram like graphs or charts so that the data can be understood easily globally and made simple”-is the basic concept hidden in the term “Infographics.”

One such Infographic tool is “pie chart.” I am sure most of you would have used them in interpreting data and analyzing them. Instead of representing data in a table, one can use a Pie chart to represent them visually. For nominal and ordinal categories, pie charts may be of great help. It is also popularly known as “Circle chart” because it is a circular diagram with different slices and each slice is a category indicating percentage or value. When all the slices are united, it forms a pie with an overall cost of 100%.

Top free tools to make beautiful pie charts - free chart

Pie charts are useful when utilized for six categories and might become sophisticated when the limit exceeds. The Pie chart has two more groups- a doughnut chart, the donut chart. Pie charts are handy where you need diffusion of knowledge — like the democratization of design, stimulating creativity and imagination, business growth comparison, student performance tracking, and so on.

Part 1. Top free tools to make beautiful pie charts

Here are some of the top free online organizational chart maker tools that will lead you to create beautiful pie charts without any hassle.


Top free tools to make beautiful pie charts - Visme

You have ever heard of super-easy pie maker software that would offer you with free live video charts? Visme is one such platform that works well for all sorts of contents like Infographics, presentation, charts & graphs, printables, documents, and social media graphics. It is an easy-to-use pie chart maker that makes beautiful pie charts in minutes. Visme allows you to customize pie charts with attractive colors, adorable fonts, and impressive text. Additionally, you can export them to your excel data as well as synchronize to live date too.

Visme helps you to create free interactive charts in just three simple steps.

  • 1. Start a new project by logging in into Visme. From the left-hand menu, click on “Data” button and hit on the pie chart template.
  • 2. From the available template, choose the desired format and fed the input data to it manually or through the spreadsheet synchronization.
  • 3. Start inserting it into your presentation, or into other design platforms in a single click.

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Visme Graph Maker
  • Create animated charts & graphs in minutes
  • Use a template or create from scratch
  • Over 20 types of graphs and hundreds of templates
  • integration with live data


Top free tools to make beautiful pie charts - DisplayR

DisplayR helps you in creating stunning pie charts without any hassle and stands as our next free online chart maker. You can create a fascinating and interactive Infographic design with DisplayR. Interestingly, DisplayR has an advanced statistical engine feature that helps you to effectively analyze data. Whatever it is a pie chart, a Sankey diagram or a scatterplot, DisplayR transforms it into a story with interactive visualization.

With DisplayR, in just three steps, you can create free web charts online by,

  • 1. Input your data to the pie chart template.
  • 2. Customize it by adding font, colors, and text.
  • 3. Share it to your team or the world.

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Top free tools to make beautiful pie charts - Canva

Canva stands as our third free pie chart maker that offers you more than 20 professional graph types to choose from. Canva is trust-worthy, and organizations like PWC, Pinterest, Duke University, and Huffpost are some to prove it.

Why is Canva one of the top free online chart makers on the list? The answer is too simple. Easy drag and drops, data visualization, professionally designed templates, publishing, sharing, and downloading of high-resolution graphs are some of its attractive features.

Unlike Visme, creating free live charts with Canva is quite easy with three steps:

  • 1. Create a design from the template session.
  • 2. Switch over to the “Elements” tab and choose “pie charts” from the charts session.
  • 3. Now, add your data to the chart with the aid of an excel sheet else manually.

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Top free tools to make beautiful pie charts - Venngage

Are you ready to visualize your complex data solely with the assistance of Venngage, free online chart maker? Pie charts are widely used for business metrics to analyze the growth of the business in the market. Venngage is one such pie chart maker that lets anyone create simple charts that can reveal compelling stories. Venngage’s toolbox comes loaded with professional templates, modern font, bold colors, fun icons, and easy-to-use scan layouts. You get dozens of creative designs that are customizable too.

To create a beautiful pie chart in a minute with Venngage,

  • 1. Sign up for free in Venngage with your Gmail or Facebook account.
  • 2. Select a pie chart template, and the pie chart maker now opens.
  • 3. Import your data to the chart and customize it by changing the axis values, editing colors, and so on.
  • 4. Finally, download your Pie chart else email it to your account.

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Top free tools to make beautiful pie charts - Piktochart

Piktochart is our last free charting software that is used by top leader organizations like Forbes, Moz,, TechCrunch, and Typeform. The whole talented designer’s team of Piktochart has lovely templates that are suitable for all your needs like presentation, and Infographics. It has attracted over 11 million people to date, and Piktochart supports better creative collaboration where the entire team of the business can work on the same page effectively.

Again, with just three simple steps, you can create beautiful pie charts with Piktochart.

  • 1. From the library of templates, choose the one of your desire.
  • 2. Now, add animated icons, videos, images, and interactive charts.
  • 3. After customizing your work, share it, or you can print it too.

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Part 2. How to make beautiful pie charts in minutes with Visme

As discussed earlier, Visme stands on the top of our list of free interactive charts maker, and you can create beautiful pie charts in minutes with the following steps.

Step 1.

Login into the site,, and start a new project. From the left-hand menu, click on the “Infographics” button and to access the pie chart maker, choose the icon that looks like a pie chart from the top-most left part.

Top free tools to make beautiful pie charts - step1

Step 2.

As per your desire, choose the style of the chart and import the data through excel spreadsheet synchronization or you can feed input manually too.

Top free tools to make beautiful pie charts - step2-1

You can perform the customization like changing colors, adding font by using options on the “Settings” tab.

Top free tools to make beautiful pie charts - step2-2

Step 3.

The free web chart is now complete, and you can add it to your presentation or Infographic works. You can download, share, or import it for further use also.

Top free tools to make beautiful pie charts - step3


Rather than representing your idea and interpreting it in a table, you can use a free chart and make them easily understood by everyone. Are you a student or a businessman? It doesn’t matters, as a pie chart is applicable for all sorts of areas. If you do not have prior knowledge, it isn’t a problem as Visme will help you out in creating free live video charts.

Nov 14,2019 16:55 pm