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How to Make Great Looking Scatter Plot Graph Online

A scatter plot, also widely regarded as scatter graph or scatter chart, is 2D data visualization that runs a comparison between two variables using dots to represent their values; one variable plotted along the x-axis and the other along the y-axis. Scatter graph is independent of time.

Scatter plot graph is majorly used to show relationship or correlation between variables for example how height and weight are related. That’s the reason plot graphs are interchangeably regarded as correlation graphs. The relationship between variables is visualized by how close the dots are on the scatter graph. The closer the dots the more correlated are the variables.

Correlation on the scatter graph can be positive; variables moving in the same direction, negative; variables moving in the opposite direction, and no correlation where there is no distinct relation.

Part 1. Advantages of using Visme to Make Scatter Plot Graph

Visme is a robust online scatter graph maker utility which is free, reliable and readily available for use. This professional line plot graph maker tool can be used to represent data in other types of a graph such as a bar graph, pie chart, etc. Also, being integrated with more advanced data tool makes Visme of great help in educational, business and marketing field. Importantly, this efficacious scatter plot graph maker with the line of best fit allows teams and individuals to collaborate on a new project.

Describing Visme is not exhaustive. Nevertheless, check out the advantages of using Visme to work on your Project.

The following are some of the advantages Visme to make scatter plot graph.
  • Easy to use interface. This is a big deal in letting you understand what you are working on and accessing tools without minimal or no difficulty. The outcome of this feature is the creation of professional visualized data within no time.

  • Flexible. Flexibility is on its maximum like allowing you to switch between charts hence can work with multiple projects at a go, adjust colours and fonts; customize your project, and with more advanced settings.

  • import data. You can upload your data from Goggle Sheets and Excel or input manually giving you the liberty to decide how you want to feed your data depending on its source.

  • Keyword search. When you don’t want to start your project from scratch, keyword search function makes it easy to search for the right template i.e. you simply type a keyword for the type of layout you are looking for and returns relevant results with a blink of an eye.

  • Animated infographics. Visme allows you to export/publish infographics as HTML5 infographics letting you make long-format infographics that change as you scroll. This is interactive.

  • Foldering system. This is a great thing you can get from Visme which allows you to keep all your assets organized as your design library grows with its foldering system.

  • Create Banners. You can create advertisement banners that are paltry or animated from the special timeline feature.

  • Share graphs. Scatter plot you download from working with Visme is of high-resolution and you can share it as image, PDF file or generate a URL and share online.

Part 2. How to Use Visme to Make Scatter Plot Graph

Working with a Visme scatter graph maker tool to make a pie chart or any visualization is simple and exciting. With all the tools being well organized, you can create a Scatter Plot Graph in seconds.

Check out the manual below to make a Scatter Plot Graph using Visme.

Step 1:

Visme is supported with almost all web browsers. Visit Visme graph maker page using any of your desired web browsers navigate to Visme Graph Maker page. For you to start working on your data and create a scatter plot graph you are required to log in to your Visme account. If you don’t have Visme account start by creating. It will take a few minutes and it doesn’t cost you anything.

How to Use Visme to Make Scatter Plot Graph

Step 2:

Once you have logged in to the professional scatter plot graph maker tool, the last 5 projects you worked on will be displayed on the primary window. The column on the left of the screen contains tools which allow you to choose what you would like to do. To start working on a new project like to make a pie chart, click on the 'Create' button and a new window will open where you select the file type that you want to create or even custom size if that is what you desire.

How to Use Visme to Make Scatter Plot Graph - Log in to dashboard

Step 3

On the new window, by default, infographics will be selected and charts are under it. Select the blank template to open another window and then click on “Data” from the left column of the screen. Select the “chart” icon which is the first icon.

How to Use Visme to Make Scatter Plot Graph - select chart icon

Step 4

On the pop-up window, scroll down and select “scatter chart” icon. Now, upload data by clicking on “Import Data”. Click “Insert”.

How to Use Visme to Make Scatter Plot Graph - import data

Step 5:

Step 5: You can run more edits on the scatter graph by clicking “Settings”. The scatter graph maker advanced settings including adding graph title, style, animations, and more allow you to uniquely define the pie chart you’ve created.

How to Use Visme to Make Scatter Plot Graph - style scatter plot graph

Moreover, by following the onscreen instructions, you add in more sets of data by uploading from external data storage services or simply straightly in the Window.

When you are plotting scatter graph and realize that the dots are not linear as expected; they are not always linear, you are required to delve deep into statistical consideration. For example, even with the line of best fit and the relationship seem not to be clear, use a statistical workaround to ascertain the type of relationship.

When the scatter plot graph indicates that there is no relationship between variables consider whether the data might be stratified or consider whether the manipulated variable is widely varied. Otherwise, the pattern could have occurred by chance.

When the plot graph shows relationship exists between two variables, don’t be certain to assume one variable is affected by a third variable because both of them might due to that cause.

Those are kind of consideration you need to be apprised of because plot graph maker software like Visme will not highlight.

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