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How to Make Line Plot in 5 Easy Steps

Looking to organize your data don’t know how to go about it? It can get confusing to display correlation between different sets of data, especially if you are trying to talk to your audience about how the data set has changed over time.

There are different ways to go about it. You can create a table to talk about it. Or, you can just talk about it in a paragraph. However, when you are making a presentation, neither of these is a good idea. People wouldn’t want to read a paragraph, nor would they want to look at a complex table and try to make note of what it says. Instead, they want to see something simpler.

Part 1. Advantages of a Line Plot

Plots play a critical role in data analysis and mathematics. Other than developing the reasoning and communication abilities of students, a line plot has many advantages. Some of them are given below.

Easy to Read and Analyze

A line plot makes analyzing and processing data a breeze. Using simple ‘X’s or dots you can represent data in an organized manner.

Allows Comparison of Data

Plot graphs provide you with a convenient technique to compare different datasets. When used to visualize less than 25 numbers, it surpasses all other graphical representation methods.

Shows Trends and Relations

The number line allows you to show different relations between data. For example, if you see two dots or crosses above a number on the number line, it signifies that two units were registered.

Part 2. How to Make Line Plot in 5 Easy Steps

A line plot shows how frequently a particular data occurs along a number line, with the help of crosses and dots. To understand the phenomenon better, this section teaches readers the technique to make an online line plot using a simple example. You can plot points online in just five simple steps.

Step 1: Gather and Organize Your Data

Before you start plotting the data, sort it in ascending order for easy utilization. For example:

Number of Pages Read: 5, 6, 5, 3, 7, 6, 8, 2, 3, 3 (Unorganized Data)

Number of Pages Read: 2, 3, 3, 3, 5, 5, 6, 6, 7, 8 (Organized Data)

Step 2: Choose a Right Tool that Works for You

There is an abundance of online graph plotter tools that let users create apt representations for free. One such online plotting tool is the Visme Graph Maker (recommended by us). It lets users plot line online with several ready-to-use templates and a custom-mode. You can also plot curve online using such graph plotting software.

Choosing the right tool is a necessity when we plot data online. Many online boxplot maker tools offer multiple features but provide no clear representation.

Step 3: Create a Horizontal Number Line

Once decided on the online graph plotter, create a horizontal line which we will use as the number line.

How to Make Line Plot in 5 Steps - Step 2

Step 4: Position the Data

Now, place the data in the form of dots or crosses (whichever you prefer) above the corresponding number, according to the data source. Using the same example above, the 'number of pages read' 5 appears 2 times in the list, then we will place 2 dots or crosses above the number 5 on the X axis.

How to Make Line Plot in 5 Steps - Step 4

Step 5: Interpret the Data

Visualize the data and find the relation required between the data entered. The key components people look for

  • Most commonly occurring event: The number that appears the most time
  • Outliers: Data that is farthest away from the remaining points.
  • Gaps: The gap between two or any variables.
  • Cluster: This means that a lot of data falls between these points.

Part 1. How to Create Line Graphs with Visme

Visme Graph Maker
  • Create animated charts & graphs in minutes.
  • Use a template or create from scratch.
  • Over 20 types of graphs and hundreds of templates.
  • Integration with live data.

Step 1: Login to Visme Graph Maker

Go to the Visme Graph Maker Website and log in to your account. If you don't already have an account, register for a new account. Enter your details into the description page for the website to serve you better.

How to Make Line Plot in 5 Steps - Step 1

Step 2: Click Create on the top left corner

After entering the details, the site directs you to your dashboard. On the top left side of the page click on the Create icon. This takes you to a new page with many templates for different type of projects projects that you can choose from.

How to Make Line Plot in 5 Steps - Step 2

Step 3: Choose Data

After selecting your project type, then you are taken to the editing page. On the left navigation panel, click on ‘DATA’. This will open a menu with the different customizable templates available. Select the ‘Charts’ Icon at the top (the first icon). To see the description of different icons simply hover your mouse over it.

How to Make Line Plot in 5 Steps - Step 3

Step 4: Click on the Line Plot Icon

In the pop-up window, find and select the ‘Line Plot’ Icon. A sample line plot will now be displayed on your screen. Add the data into the sheet according to the dataset provided to personalize your line plot.

How to Make Line Plot in 5 Steps - Step 4

Step 5: Edit the Graph

Follow the given instructions to modify the existing graph. Edit the data on the right-hand side to alter the graph as per the data you want. Add final touches to your finished line plot by clicking on the ‘Settings’ menu. Change the title, appearance, and font of the line plot all in a single place.

How to Make Line Plot in 5 Steps - Step 5


Visme Graph Maker is an ideal way to create online graphs without any hassle. Users can choose from hundreds of templates making the process quick and easy. To try out this online graph plotter visit Visme website now.

Oct 15,2019 17:24 pm