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15 Line Graph Makers to Help You Make Awesome Line Graph

There are over 40 different types of graphs we commonly use to visualize our important raw data. And one of the simplest graphs that everyone loves is a Line Graph. But make no mistake; a line graph can visualize more data in a more effective manner for your reader. Line graph has two axis, X and Y, and you can easily display the value of certain things or relationship between two variables using these Axis. Simply add the independent factors, like time to X axis, and dependant values to Y axis . And then connect the plotted data points using a line and you will have a visualized picture of how the values or relationships between two or more variables change over time.

Part 1. Common Mistakes When Using Line Graph

1. Faulty Axis

Mess up with your axis and your readers will scrunch their eyebrows in confusion. And believe it or not, a lot of people do this mistake by either cropping Y axis from their chart or by using vertical labels for the X axis. So avoid this common mistake that even big fishes like FOX News makes sometimes.

15 line graph makers - faulty axis

2. Misleading colors and lines

When showing the behaviors of multiple variables, we do need to use different colors. But using inconsistent colors could perplex your readers, and thereby skew data. So use consistent colors for your lines.

And while dots and dashes look fancy to draw a line, they could actually make it harder for your readers to stay along. So use solid lines and keep things consistent.

15 line graph makers - faulty colors and lines

2. Not Arranging Data

Another mistake that commonly seen is not arranging data before transfering into graphs. Sure every data is important to add, but adding every data into your graph will make it full clutter. Better process the data before and use a template to arrange them in systematic manner. There are a lot of handy Graph makers available online that offer readymade template for Line Graph. So you can use them to arrange your data and graph.

And while dots and dashes look fancy to draw a line, they could actually make it harder for your readers to stay along. So use solid lines and keep things consistent.

Part 2. Top 15 Line Graph Makers

1. Visme


One of the best tools for making graph online is Visme. Just log into its dashboard, select a template from the library, and put in your figures. This is a complete automated line graph maker website and you just need to enter the desired information then the website will automatically make graph according to the entered data.

Visme website is the very powerful and can be used for any type of industry on the earth. There are over 500 templates offered by the site which can be used for any purpose. The Line Graph will automatically be created with accurate axis, labels, fonts, and data. It has templates and designing elements for every single line graph, so whether it is double line graph, timeline graph, or economics graph, Visme will help you create it in minutes.

15 line graph makers - Visme
Visme Graph Maker
  • Create animated charts & graphs in minutes.
  • Use a template or create from scratch.
  • Over 20 types of graphs and hundreds of templates.
  • Integration with live data.

2. Rapid Tables


This is an easy solution for making Line Graph online. Launch the in-built editor and customize axis, labels, titles, and figures to customize and create your line graph. However, it has a limitation and it is that you can create a line graph of up to 6 lines.

Rapid Tables website is easy to use and totally work online so you don’t need to install any program on the computer to use this website. There are some other online tools available on the site such as notepad, mirror, find my location etc.

15 line graph makers - Rapid Tables

3. NCES KidsZone


No needs to be confused by the name. It’s not only for children to create graph, but it can be used to create complex line graph as well. It has versatile fonts and sizes to color up your graph for a brighter look. And therefore the name is KidsZone for they love bright colors. This website mainly offers graphs for the education purpose for the students. There are several graphs available for students which are free for the students. It allows you to create pie, line, area, Bar and XY graphs.

15 line graph makers - NCES KidsZone

4. Meta chart


Choose a theme from the customization tab and enter your figures and labels’ name. Meta Chart will display your Line graph that can be downloaded SVG, PNG, and PDF format.

However, it usually allows to add up to 15 values to X and Y axis. So keep it in mind when using MetaChart for your Line Graph.

15 line graph makers - Meta chart

5. Online Chart Tool


Unlike Visme, it doesn’t allow you to make every single type of Line Graph. You will be able to construct only Line, Spline, and Steep graphs.

The tool has several different fonts and widgets ready to import. You can choose to create your graph and for your labels.

15 line graph makers - Online Chart Tool

6. ChartGo


You simply drag and drop your figures and select a graph style. ChartGo will have it ready with 3D effects, curved line, and thick shadows. Chartgo website is totally fee of cost to use and it offers you near about all types of settings what you need to apply on the charts such as gradient color, title, x title, y title, sub title etc. You can easily create the simple graphs using this website without spending anything.

15 line graph makers - ChartGo

7. Canva


Canva is another online line graph maker site where you can simply create beautiful and awesome looking graphs for your business or personal purpose. The website is free to try but there is a pro version offered to remove all the limits. Though the library has limited widgets for freemium version, the ones available will allow you create a professional line graph for your project. Besides graph making this website also offers you edit photos online.

15 line graph makers - Canva

8. Plotly Chart Studio


This line graph maker is a very powerful and easy to use website. Using the straight line graph maker website it becomes very easy to make graphs. This website also offers you some other features such as Dash and Plotly OEM. This is an open source website so there you don’t need to spend anything for making graphs. It offers you graph templates for the manufacturing, Pharma & bio, energy & transportation and several other industries. You can import your data from Excel file to PlotLy dashboard and select lines, labels, and colors to visualize your line graph.

15 line graph makers - Plotly Chart Studio

9. Vizzlo


Vizzlo is also a very popular line graph maker which offers you several different types of graph making options. This is mainly used for creating presentations over internet without software installation. It also allows creating up to 100 types of different graphs. Simply access the dashboard, customize axis, enter figures, and import the Line Graph in JPED or PDF format.

15 line graph makers - Vizzlo

10. Displayr


Customize the background, fonts, axis, labels, and data points. Displayrs will prepare your graph in a professional manner. Have a couple of different templates for quick visualization of data. You simply choose one and edit to construct your line graph. The website offers you a free version to test the features for a limited time with some limitations and then if you are satisfied, you can buy premium version.

15 line graph makers - Displayr

11. Venngage


The name of its graph maker is known as Beam. It has features to create pie chart, bar charts, and line graph as well. To start, you create an account and select a template. Beam has several widgets, font styles, and colors. Choose them as per your needs and your graph will have a visual look. Venngage offers you over 100 templates from over 20 categories and you can select anyone as per your need. Using this economics graph maker online website you can also create economics graphs by selecting the right template.

15 line graph makers - Venngage

12. PlotVar


PlotVar provides a quick solution for creating graph. Simply enter the figure and labels name, and download the graph. You cannot choose or customize color, font style, or charts, so skip to next one if you need customizable solution. The website offers you to create line, pie and bar and even you can create the live graph with this website.

15 line graph makers - PlotVar

13. ImgFlip


This website is mainly popular for the functions related to the images but it also offers you a chart maker feature. Too easy, but it’s really true. There’s no need to log in or sign up. You just enter ImgFlip, select a graph type, and adjust titles, background colors, and axis. The graph will be ready to download in real quick. However, it has very limited features and doesn’t offer any template like Visme does. So you have to satisfy with a basic graph.

15 line graph makers - ImgFlip

14. InfoGraph


Infogram is a premium tool with limitless features and customizing options while making charts for your business or personal purpose. It offers you to create slides, dashboards, single map, single charts, reports and Facebook posts. The website offers you solution from over 7 categories. Simply choose a graph type, select a template, and customize it to your tastes. InforGram will save your time and create your graph in few minutes.

15 line graph makers - InfoGraph

15. Draw

Draw is a very simple and powerful line graph maker website where users can quickly create several types of graphs online just by inserting the data. The website is fully easy to use and supports drag & drop interface so you can directly drag & drop the icons or other things in the functional area. This website looks like an online software while working on making graphs.

15 line graph makers - Draw

Part 3. How to Make Line Graph with Visme

Creating Line Graph with Visme is absolutely easy. And it can be done in just minutes if you have your data organized.

Step 1

Just log into Visme and create a new project. If you are not a registered user of Visme, then you first have to sign up for it.

Simply choose a user name and password, and hit the sign up button. Your account will be created and you gain access to create a project.

15 line graph makers - step 1 Step 2

Visme is an all-in-one solution for creating visualized contents. For Line Graph, however, you have to choose “infographic” from the option and a template from the library.

15 line graph makers - step 2 Step 3

Now, the built-in editor will run with menu bar at the left hand side. Hove your mouse and look for “Data” tab. Click on it and you will have option to choose pie chart, donunt, bar graph, and line graph as well.

Choose Line Graph from the provided option and from “setting” tab you have to enter data to create the final graph.

15 line graph makers - step 3


Creating graph used to be difficult and time consuming task. But thanks to the advancement of technology, it now made it easy as pie to construct different graphs. You now simply add your data figures and graphs get automatically constructed. Thanks to Visme, in particular, for allowing you to customize your graph while enabling you to construct with few simple clicks.

Oct 15,2019 17:40 pm