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Graph Maker - Create Graph Online in Minutes

Whether it’s a presentation you are making for your next class, or scripting a statistic to post on your site tomorrow, you do need some graphs to convey your messages. While it’s possible to craft them with the help of your friend or colleague. However if you need more , you need some extra hours of hours work, and quite possibly a sleepless night to make graphs.

But did you know that you could now make graph like Thanos’ snap? There are some online graph makers that help you crate graphs in minutes Today we will share with one such simple graph maker that will give you easy graph making options to save your lots of time.

Part 1. Simple Graph Maker That Help You Create All Types of Graphs in Minute

With the growing usage of Graph, many tools now showed up that you can make the graphs easily but actually they can’t due to the hard to use interface. Here we are going to tell you about one graph maker which is actually easy to use.

Visme – The Best Graph Maker

15 line graph makers - Visme

Visme is the most powerful and easiest to use graph maker for the enterprises and personal users. As the name implies, this is an awesome tool that turns your RAW data of your system to the beautiful visual graph. Visme offers you better styles and formats for graph, pie charge, line graph and any other kind of graph which makes it different from the other graph maker sites.

Visme comes with several educational, enterprises or many other types of graph templates so you can use it as graph maker for kids, parents and enterprises. If your kids are looking to create graphs then kids can also use this website directly because the interface is very easy to use.

Among 2.7 million of its users, you will find big enterprises like NASA, IBM, USAID, And Sony using Visme to magically create graph without any effort. Visme comes with 20 different types of Graphs and over 500 of readymade template that can be customized in less than a minute. With its easy interface and clear instruction, you can also construct a completely new graph. If you have any RAW data on your hard drive then you can also import it from the system.

Visme Graph Maker
  • Create animated charts & graphs in minutes.
  • Use a template or create from scratch.
  • Over 20 types of graphs and hundreds of templates.
  • Integration with live data.

Part 2. How to create graph wiht Visme

There are only few simple steps you have to go through and your graph will be ready to download for further use.
  • Create an account on Visme [ It’s absolutely free]
  • Start a project by selecting a template
  • And drag-drop the elements as per your need

Step 1

The very first thing you have to do is to visit the official website of Visme and create a free user account.

Click on the “Get Started” button from the top menu-bar and a sign-up page will appear. Give your name, email address, and set a password. Your account will be instantly created and you receive a confirmation message sent to your email-box.

However, Visme understands that the precious times become even precious when you are in hurry. And therefore, it also allows a quick sign-up using your Facebook profile.

Just tap on the Facebook icon and you will have a Visme account created on your name. You can use your Google profile as well to have a quick access without having to go through a sign up process.

15 line graph makers - stpe 1

Step 2

Whether it’s Facebook or email you use to register for Visme, once you have your account created, you can then start enjoying all the exclusive features of Visme.

Log into your account and you will be redirected to the dashboard, and you will see an option labeled as “create project.” Click on this option. Simply click on it and all the elements for making a new graph will be loaded.

15 line graph makers - stpe 2

Step 3

Now you will see different types of document creation options such as document, infograhics, presentations, printables etc. We have selected the “Infographics” here to create a graph.

15 line graph makers - stpe 3

Step 4

Now you will see over 500 templates so select anyone from here and click the “Edit” option. Now hit “Data” tab from the left side and then click on “Chart” icon.

15 line graph makers - stpe 4

Step 5

After selecting the chart option you will see different types of charts in the new opened popup window then click on any chart which you want to make. After select the chart type you will excel file type columns in next to the selected chart. Now enter the desired values and then hit “Insert” option to add chart on your template.

15 line graph makers - stpe 5

Step 6

That’s it now the newly created chart will be available there on your selected template. You can apply other settings such colors, fonts, effects, animations etc using the other options of the Visme website.

15 line graph makers - stpe 6


So there’s no need to panic if you have only a few hours to create a new graph from draft and there’s no need to be a perfect person. If you are a beginner with no previous experience of making graph then you can use the website because Visme offers everything ready for you. Same is true for Visme. It has everything packed and prepared. All you need is a Wi-Fi connection to log into your Visme account and in minute your graph will be ready to use. So for easy, quick, and of course, professional graph, you can use Visme. It offers you a free trial, allowing you make a couple of graphs using free materials which are pretty much to make a decent graph.

Oct 15,2019 17:39 pm