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How to Create Graph Online for Free

Before the dominance of free online graph creators, there existed the desktop graph creators. Desktop graph makers are software that is computer-based only after being downloaded from the internet or installed from another storage device. Online graph makers are programs run on the internet on a certain website where users can log in to create their presentations and graphs easily.

In the current time, most operations have been taken online. Creation of graphs online free used for business or education purposes can be done online unlike the use of old desktop graph creators which is only computer-based. Following the demand for promotion of businesses, business owners have opted to go online to reach their market. Developers have shifted to developing free online graphing tools to generate graphs and presentations for various specific fields. This makes it easier for every time accessibility, sharing, editing and online storage.

Part 1. Reasons Why Online Graph Makers are Popular

Creating captivating presentations online, therefore, needs best online free graphing tools for ease of access and sharing easily. Creating bar graphs online free is the best choice due to its ease of access from anywhere with an internet connection.

Secondly, it offers free graph creation online and premium features are affordable to purchase of which are not available in the desktop graph makers. The free online graphing tool allows you to secure and share your graphs to respective parties without fear of losing data unauthorized persons. Best for you, there are many free online plotters that help you create graphs that are best suited for you.

Part 2. Advantages of Using Visme Graph Maker

Visme being the best free online graphing program, it possesses distinct features that differentiate it from other graphing tools and the desktop graph maker. Apart from graph making, Visme helps generate surveys, presentations, reports and infographics for various purposes.

  • Visme is a free tool to use which only requires you to sign up to generate amazing content. However, there are more features available for premium users that are affordable to everyone ranging from big enterprises to students.
  • Contains multiple already made templates or can create from scratch customizable to your desire for quick content generation.
  • Visme offers you to share graphs online in the form of links, post on social media or embed to a website. Alternatively, users can also download graphs for offline use if they need to.
  • It helps you secure your information from any unauthorized parties.
  • Ability to present live data through Google sheets, therefore, connecting with your team when need be or presenting live visuals.
  • Helps save on storage space for your device since all operations are online-based unless when needed to download for offline use.

Main Features of Visme Compared to Desktop Graph Maker

  • It is free to use online graph tool. You only need to sign up to access the graph maker for free. However, it contains premium features that are affordable to purchase for all users.
  • You can use online templates or create your own from scratch. Visme free online graph maker contains over 20 types of graphs and hundreds of templates available for use.
  • When done creating the graphs, you can download for offline use. Alternatively, you can share your graphs in the form of a link, post on social media, drop it into your documents or embed to a website or blog where it’s accessible.
Visme Graph Maker
  • Create animated charts & graphs in minutes
  • Use a template or create from scratch
  • Over 20 types of graphs and hundreds of templates
  • integration with live data

Part 3. How to Make Graph with Visme Online Graph Maker Free

Visme free online graph maker grants you quick input and analysis of your data. Drawing graphs online free using Visme has options from over 20 graph types and multiple templates to make your graphs appealing yet delivering the intended information to the users. Here is the guide to graph online free and customize graphs. Having an account is essential to access your work from any device at any time and from anywhere given there is an internet connection.

Step 1.

To be able to create a graph online free using Visme, you need an account to save your graphs and presentations for now and future reference. It’s just simple, click on “log in” to open your already created account or “Get started” to create your account. All you need is your username, email and a password to secure your account.

 Create Graph Online for Free - step1

Step 2.

To start off, click the “Create” button on the dashboard top left corner and proceed to select the file type you need to create either from a template or from scratch.

 Create Graph Online for Free - step2

Step 3.

After creating a project, click the “DATA” tab on the left panel navigation bar. Select “charts” option under the Data tab from the multiple charts and graphs available for use. Data tab gives a variety of graphs for users depending on the type of data you have.

 Create Graph Online for Free - step3

Step 4.

On selecting charts, a template will appear in which you input data on the graph data being your default tab to generate your graph online free. As you input data on the table, it is generated by default on the graph. You can also add other data options by clicking the “Sample Data” options below the data table.

 Create Graph Online for Free - step4

Step 5.

Next is to change the settings of the graph according to your preferences for the free online graph. These include the graph background, label colour, animations, title, fonts, grids and values. To access these options and many more click “Settings Tab”. You can also opt to import data from your local storage by clicking the “Import Data” option next to “Data” option to your free online graph.

 Create Graph Online for Free - step5

Step 6.

Finally, you can click on “Insert” to add data and graph on the slide or else save your graph. In case you had opened your graph to edit, click on “Settings” and rename the graph, change the font, colour animate among others. After that, you can then save your graph and share or export it.

 Create Graph Online for Free - step6


Therefore, whether you need to create graphs online free for your enterprise or study purposes, you have got Visme to consider and best recommended. Visme comes with excellent graphics, templates and ease of use even for newbies who have not used it before. It accommodates all users from the corporate world to education for students. It has led as a prerequisite for efficient data communication through education, promotions and excellent data storage. Its efficiency in data creation is a result of client feedback meaning upgrades are based on client needs. Enjoy the content and features of this unique free online graph tool.

Oct 15,2019 17:36 pm