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What Is The Best Graphing Software 2022?

A chart is usually used to generalize the graphical representation of data. Specifically, the chart is in the form of a diagram, graph, and table. Therefore, a graph may refer to a chart that specifically plots data in two dimensions (along X and Y-axis).

The use of charts and graphs is of great help to understand data which could have been hard to understand in a table or in a sentence. The graph is used for large data to understand their relationship, trend, and proportion.

Therefore, making an effective graph with large data is not possible without the use of graph drawing software.

Part 1. How to Choose the Right Graphic Software

Taking a visit on the internet to check the number of graphing software clearly shows they are unlimited in number. They are all capable of delivering what you are actually looking for but others are not of good faith. They can be a danger to your data by infecting malware, export graphs in low resolution, are in short of important advanced settings, and so forth. All these issues are critical and require a sane mind and setting up some parameters to stick by for you to be able to pick effective online graphing software.

Below are six factors to consider for you to be able to land the best graph drawing software:

  • Features. Get to know all the features the graphing software offers like templates, flexibility, customization, to name but a few and if most of its features are of help on the charting needs of small business.
  • Operation. What platform the graph making software operate; online or offline. Web-based graphing software encourages collaboration among team members working on the same project. And it’s easy to access images and share the project as well online.
  • Interface. This should be intuitive and easy to use because of the small institutions like small businesses have no graphic designer staff and might be expensive to the business if they hire one.
  • Pricing. The pricing of the online graphing software needs to be affordable enough to deliver a good return on investment. Actually, in this article, we showing you software which has a free version and you can freely try it out with no obligation.
  • Customer support. This is very important because it determines how prompt your inquiries and/or queries sorted out. Check out the options available for customer support if including mail, fax, telephone, etc.

Part 2. Best Online Graphing Software Maker

Considering concerns raised earlier, there is professional graphing software which has set the bar high in 2022 than any other available graph drawing software – Visme. Its interface is intuitive and user-friendly making it feasible for each user to attain his/her goals. Visme is fully web-based and encourages teamwork as it makes it pretty easy to interact with the team and can collaborate together on a project. This professional statistical graphics software offers a free version which gives you a chance to taste what it has for you before pay for it and go premium for more amazing features.

Visme Graph Maker
  • Create animated charts & graphs in minutes
  • Use a template or create from scratch
  • Over 20 types of graphs and hundreds of templates
  • integration with live data

Part 3. How to Make Graph with Visme Graphing Software

With its user-friendly interface and straightforward user manual, it is pretty easy to make a graph with Visme graphics generator software. Check out the procedure below:

Step 1

The first step is setting you up ready to start using this graphing software by creating Visme user account. Creating Visme account is easy and free. Go to Visme official website. Click “Get Started” and follow instructions on the screen to finish creating Visme account. However, if you already have Visme account, skip this process by logging in.

How to make a graph with Visme  - step 1

Step 2

Once you are logged in on your Visme account, you’ll be able to see the last project you have been working on by default. The right function tool to make a graph is to click “Create”. A new window will open showing several task options. Graphs are located on infographics task option. Proceed by selecting the featured infographic which suits the type of graph you intend to make. Select blank template if you want to create from scratch.

How to make a graph with Visme  - step 2

Step 3

Another window will open irrespective of the template you selected. This is the point to select chart icon and go and check the graph you intend to make using Visme graphing software. Click “Data” and select the chart icon.

How to make a graph with Visme  - step 3

Step 4

Several graph icons will be displayed on the pop-up window. Scroll over the graph icons seeing how it is displayed. Upon selecting the graph, you intend to create you now add data from appropriate source including from Google Spreadsheet and from Excel.

How to make a graph with Visme  - step 4

Step 5

Apply several settings and edits to your graph to customize it. This graph paper maker software allows you to add more data sets directly from the window or from external data sets. Before you finish making your graph go to advance settings and include the graph title, style, and even animation.

How to make a graph with Visme  - step 5


When you are using graphs for data visualization, it can be effective and get the best from it if you clearly define what you are planning to achieve because different graphs visualize information different. For example, the line graph and area graph are dependent on time and clearly shows how a variable change over time; trend. Bar graph functions the same as the aforementioned graphs but it is of great help with multiple variables at a go. Scatter graph shows a relationship between two variables which are independent of time.

Once you are clear about the kind of chart you want, it is simple to use graphing software like Visme to make them.

Jul 05,2022 18:00 pm