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Free Bar Graph Maker - Create a Stunning Bar Graph With Visme

A good data analyst knows the importance of data representation. Data representation is one of the most sought skill according to LinkedIn Statistics. Therefore, as a data analyst, you should have knowledge of the most commonly used graphs and when use them. Some of the most common graph used in data analysis are Bar graph, link graph, pie graph, circle graph among others. All these graphs give a clear visual representation regardless of free graph maker that use.

However, it is important to note that the most common of all the aforementioned graphs is the bar graph. A bar graph is a type of graph that represent two variables in the form of bars. They are often used to show the development of two variables over time and it is easy to comprehend.

You can create free graph charts offline or online. Today, there are a lot of online free graph charts that give you a good experience compared to offline graph makers. In this article, we recommend that you use online graph makers such as Visme to create your bar graphs. Moreover, you will learn about the advantages of free online bar graphs and the importance of bar graphs.

Part 1. Benefits of Using Bar Graphs

Bar graphs come in different types. They could be a single bar chart, clustered bar chart or stacked bar charts. All these types of bar charts have a common ground, which is to represent variables over time. Other than that, Bar graphs are useful when you want to:

  • 1. Used to make a comparison of variables at a glance. For example, you can use to show the growth of your social media users from a certain period says from 2016 to 2019.
  • 2. Create a representation of variable with more than 5 categories on axis easily. Also, if you have data sets with long labels horizontal bar graphs will come handy. For instance, when comparing the amount of rainfall in a year.
  • 3. Simply represent data for your audience to understand it. Bar graphs have been used widely even in schools and people are familiar with it. Moreover, are pretty easy to see and interpret its representation.

Part 2. Advantages of Free Online Bar Graph Maker

Creating bar graphs or charts online has a number of advantages compared to offline graph makers they include:

  • Import Data Sets Online: With free online bar graph makers, you will not only be able to import data sets from your local drive but also from cloud storages.
  • Free and Readily Available: Free graphing websites are always easy to access and most are free to use.
  • Easily Share graphs: With an online free graphing website, you will be able to share your projects online or even embed them easily to blogs and websites.
  • Create Appealing Graphics: WBy using online free chart makers, you will be able to play along with different colours, import icons and images that you want.

Part 3. How to Make a Graph with Visme Graphing Softwarer

Having looked at the benefits of using online bar graph makers, let us now see how to make graphs online using Visme graphing software. Visme is a web-based graph maker that allows you to create charts, preview them and export graphs to different platforms.

Below is a detailed guide on how to make a graph on Visme graphing software once you have sorted your data sets well.

Step 1. Log in to Visme

On your browser head to Visme website and sign up. If you had created an account you can go ahead and log in. If you are logging in for the first time, you will be prompted to fill out your profile that is your job role, industry and a reason why you want to use Visme and the proceed to the next step.

Free bar graph maker - step 1

Step 2. Select Create New Project

Once you are now on the website, click on “Create” button on the left to start your project. From there a new screen will appear that allows you to select a type of project that you want to create such as Presentation, Infographics, Documents or Social graphics.

Free bar graph maker - step 2

Click on Say “Presentation” and when you scroll down the page you will see an option to either create from Libraries or templates. Choose a template and proceed and click on the “Edit” button to begin working on that template.

Step 3. Click Choose ‘DATA’

Next, hover to the left panel on the website and click on “DATA” button. By doing so, will enable your different data types representation. Choose the charts icon which is the first icon from the list.

Free bar graph maker - step 3

Step 4. Select the Graph Type

From there, you will then see different graph types listed. You can scroll through and see the types available. You can click on “Bar Graph” type and then input the data so that it can create a bar graph automatically. You can select and horizontal bar graph or vertical graph and you will have a chance to see a default view.

Free bar graph maker - step 4

Step 5. Edit Graph

After that, you can now begin to edit your graph by adding more data. Click on “Import Data” and upload more data sets from your preferred local storage. Visme allows you to add URL link of Google doc sheet or you can import an Excel sheet as well as CSV file. From there, you can modify the data and check for settings options.

Free bar graph maker - step 5

To get more settings, click on “Settings” and you will be to adjust name the projects, background, axis, animate, values and enable stacks if needed.

Free bar graph maker - step 6

After making the adjustments click on “Insert” and a graph will be generated. You can preview it to see if you can make changes. If no changes are needed then it is time to Save the Project and share it if you wish.


At this point, it is crystal clear that making graphs online is not only free but also very easy to create. When you have arranged your data sets well, you can easily import them to online graphing websites such as Visme and generate appealing data graphics.

What is more exciting about Visme is that it supports the creation of data types such as flow charts, tables, maps, radial, progress bar and piece pie just to name a few. You can also customize colours and import data from different sources.

Also, if you want to animate your projects, then Visme has this functionality. Furthermore, it makes graphs more realistic by allowing you to add videos, images and audios. With the graphic icons, you will be able to easily identify them since they are categorized to shapes and subjects such as animals, nature, logos, and business among others.

With that being said, you need to take a look at the Visme graphing maker and try out creating some graphs if you are looking for the best free online graph maker to use. You just need to sign up and start creating meaningful visual representations.

Oct 15,2019 17:36 pm