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Photofunia Review and Its Best Alternatives

Whether editing a photo to set as a profile picture or a cover for your catalogue, there are numerous photo editing softwares out there. As you know, Photofunia is one such program and a popular way to edit and beautify your photos. But, it is not the only one rendering Photofunia effects to your photos. You can always look around for more options. Moreover, we have a galore of options right here to ease out your ordeal. In this article we are introducing some popular alternatives to Photofunia and achieve Photofunia like effects in your photos.

Part 1. What is Photofunia and How to Use It

Photofunia is one of the popular online photo editing apps that allows you add glamorous effects to your photos. Image editing and applying Photofunia effects is fun with this application. You can edit images and create animated funny results using your imagination. Even text effects with Photofunia are fun to use and glam up your photos. you can also get the OS specific versions of Photofunia to enjoy photo editing.


  • It is available for multiple mobile platforms including IOS, Android, BlackBerry 10 etc.
  • Plenty of photo effects to choose from.
  • You can edit photos online and share with others.


  • Without a stable internet you can’t use this program.
  • Not all devices are supported by Photofunia.
  • Have detection problems in bright and dark photos.

How to Apply Photofunia Effects to Your Photos

Step 1: Visit the official Photofunia website and then select any desired effect from the list. There are a wide range of options to choose from – Magazines, Christmas, Halloween, Cards, Posters, Photography etc.

Photofunia Effects - Visit Photofunia website and select desired effect

Step 2: Pick a photo from your computer, by tapping the "Choose Photo" button then tap "Upload from PC". You can drag and drop your photo as well in place of "Upload from PC". You can also click a picture using the webcam, choose from recently edited pictures here.

Photofunia Effects - Pick the Photo

Step 3: Now, wait for a while to let the photo uploaded to Photofunia. The screen will show 100% when the photo gets uploaded. Then you can select the area and tap the "Crop" button to start the process. You will be redirected to the previous page and see that the photo name is displayed there.

Photofunia Effects  - Pick the Photo to Photofunia and Crop It

Step 4: Click the "Go" button and then hit the "Download" button. Your edited image will be saved on your computer with Photofunia effect.

Photofunia Effects  -Apply the Fotofunia Effect to the Photo and Save It

Part 2. Best Desktop Alternative to Photofunia

If you are looking for the best alternative to Photofunia that can transform your photos like that, then Wondershare Fotophire Editing Toolkit is your right answer. This desktop based software can offer you Photofunia like effects with its broad range of filters. You can crop the photos to enhance their look even if they are clicked under poor lighting conditions. You can also balance the saturation, remove or change background, create a photo montage using this tool. Besides, straightening and altering tones of the photos is also available.

Wondershare Fotophire Editing Toolkit
  • Enables you to apply more than 200 effects to your photos to make them better.
  • Crop or cut pictures to the size to meet any of your need.
  • Help you to remove any unwanted objects from your photos.
  • Allow you to use the Creative Blur to refocus your photos in a click.

5 Key Features of Fotophire Editing Toolkit

  • You can use more than 200 photo effects which is enough to have a professional photo editing experience sans the training.
  • You can adjust the saturation, white balance, temperature, and warmth of any picture and make use of the features like vignette, creative blur, color correction etc.
  • you can work on any image format and see the before-after images in 4 different patterns with its 20 plus blend modes.
  • There are around 100 frames, overlay library, and filters with Fotophire to help you create beautiful photos.
  • Could share the edited photos directly to social media platforms like Facebook.

How to Use Desktop Wondershare Fotophire Editing Toolkit

Step 1 – Install the software on your computer

Go to the official website of Fotophire and install the software on your computer. As soon as the installation process gets over, launch the software to begin editing your photos.

Photofunia Effects - Download and Install  Fotophire Editing Toolkit
Step 2 – Select the editing mode and import the picture

To render Photofunia like effects to your photos, first you need to choose the "Photo Editor" option from the software interface. Then edit your photo tap on "Open"/ "Recent Files". Now, select a photo from your computer. It will be displayed on the editing area of the software interface.

Photofunia Effects - Select the Editing Mode and Import the Picture
Step 3 – Select the Filter tool

Scout through the "Effects" module. Find a desired effect from the available templates. It will be applied to your photo. Adding overlays by using the "Texture" module.

Photofunia Effects - Select the Filter Tool

Step 4 – Resize or change tilt

You can crop the photo by tapping on the "CROP" tab on the top-right corner of the panel. Crop the image to your desired size and then hit the "crop" button again to confirm your selection. It will apply the changes to your selected photo.

Photofunia Effects  - Resize or change tilt

Step 5 – Export, Print, or Share the picture

Once the photo meets your needs you can save it easily. Tap the "Save" icon and all the changes you have made to the photo will reflect on it. You can share it on social media directly from here, by tapping on the "Share" icon.

Photofunia Effects - Export, Print, or Share the picture

Part 3. Most Helpful Mobile Alternative to Photofunia

BeautyPlus is a suitable mobile alternative to Photofunia. You can use this app to click pictures, record videos, edit them with various effects, stickers and lot more. The Photofunia like effects rendered by this app are really cool. This app allows you to save the edited photo on your phone as well as share them on popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Line, Snapchat, and the likes. It can also reshape, slim, remove blemishes, brighten eyes, teeth, enlarge height, smooth and tone the skin and add light to the photo.

How to Use BeautyPlus to Add Effects to Photoes

Step 1:Download ,install the app on your mobile. Launch it afterwards. If you want to click a picture then tap the camera icon at the bottom, or you can also click the "Editor" button adjacent to it (for editing an existing image). We’ll edit a photo from the mobile itself.

Photofunia Effects  - Download ,Install the BeautyPlus

Step 2:Now, tap "Camera" on the top, right after clicking the "Editor" button in the previous screen. Select the desired folder and pick a photo.

Photofunia Effects  - Select the Desired Folder and Pick a Photo

Step 3: After that, click on the "Filter" button and see a number of filters displayed under the image. Select what you love and tap the "Tick" mark.

Photofunia Effects - Apply Filters to Image and Tick Mark

Step 4:You will see 3 hearts briefly on the centre of the screen and when they are gone your editing is done. Now, you got to touch the "Download" icon on the top right corner and it will be saved on your mobile. You share it on social media as well.

Photofunia Effects - Download and Save the Photo

Part 4. Another 10 Helpful Alternatives to Photofunia

After learning about the effective desktop and mobile app alternatives for Photofunia, we are going to introduce some more options for you. Let’s go through them and learn how they are different from what you already have known till now.

Desktop Alternatives

1. Picasa


Originally developed to organize photos, this software from Google has evolved into a photo editing software of late. Available for both Mac and Windows computers, You can not only apply Photofunia effects but also perform basic editing exercises. They include straightening, cropping, retouching blemishes, red-eye removal, and text addition to your photos. There are almost 36 special effects like IR films, HDR-ish, cross process, black and white, sepia, tint, invert colors, etc. The manual mode allows you to manage highlights, light, color temperature, and shadows.

Photofunia Effects  - Picasa

2. Fotor


Fotor has a large collection of photo effects and editing tools to add beauty and unique look and feel. You can even get social media ready photos with this software. With it's social media post option you can get 800X800 size photo for Instagram posts. The software supports drag and drop features while editing images. If you are looking for full features, then you need to buy the Pro version.

Photofunia Effects - Fotor

3. PhotoScape


This software helps you resize, adjust color and brightness, corrects backlight, white balance, adds texts, balloons, draws pictures, removes red-eye and allows you to draw pictures. You can also crop and add filters, use clone stamp, effect brush, paintbrush, etc. The user-interface is bit confusing though the features are good. You get the chance to create animated GIFs, convert RAW images, capture the screen and create photo collages as well. Besides,You can rename files in batch mode and find similar faces from the internet using it’s "Face Search" feature.

Photofunia Effects - PhotoScape

4. PC Image Editor


PC Photo Editor helps you get Photofunia effects on your images with a user-friendly interface.It supports a wide range of image formats. You can even scan physical photos and documents to edit them right away, as it supports scanners.

Photofunia Effects -  PC Image Editor

5. Polarr


By using Polarr,you can apply effects like Photofunia to your photos and change them as you like . Available both in Mac and Windows versions, it is a nice photo editor. You can crop, add brightness, adjust contrast, highlights, shadows, exposure etc. There is an aspect ratio tool to allow you resize images to a specific size. Watermarking facility is also there with this software.

Photofunia Effects -  Polarr

Mobile Alternatives

1. S Photo Editor


S Photo Editor helps you achieve Photofunia effects with your photos without much hassle. You can apply the creative maker, stickers and live filters on your photos and enhance their look. Approximately 150 realistic photo effects are available with this app. Apart from all the interesting photo effects, it also has a facility to lock private videos and photos to prevent others peek through it. The live photo effects create the feel of moving photos on your social media pages.

Photofunia Effects - S Photo Editor

2. Mextures


Mextures is only available for iOS devices. It has 150 textures and 30 photo editing presets to simplify your photo editing exercise. You can create various filters to mimic Photofunia effects with your photos with this app. Adding multiple layers and effects is possible with this app for brilliant images. You can custom design your own filters and use them to edit pictures.

Photofunia Effects  - Mextures


Apple Play Store URL

Google Play URL

This app is pronounced as Visco and available for both Android and iOS mobiles. It has a wide range of filter presets resembling classic film which are most suitable for adding a vintage look to your photos. The filters in VSCO offer subtle Photofunia effects, rather than being overpowering like other apps. The strength of the presets can be adjusted according to your preference. The number of editing tools available with this app helps you fine tune color and exposure of a photo. You can crop, expose, straighten, and sharpen your photos. It has an integrated camera and photo sharing platform. The Android version is doesn’t work as smooth as the iOS one.

Photofunia Effects - VSCO

4. AirBrush

Apple Play Store URL

Google Play Store URL

AirBrush is an admirable app that has an integrated camera too. You can either apply filters prior to clicking a photo or edit it afterwards. The beauty filters in this app render to Photofunia like effects while editing pictures. Be it a selfie or a shot captured by you, it enhances the look to a great extent. Adding natural looking makeup to your photo is also possible with some filters in this app. Available for both Android and iOS devices this app can also let your edited pictures get shared on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter etc.

Photofunia Effects - AirBrush

5. Camera+


Camera+ is an iOS photo editing and camera app having plenty of features to edit your photos effortlessly. You get superior manual controls over the shutter speed, digital zoom, white balance, and ISO on your phone camera to get DSLR like effect. This comes with a number of filters to let you have Photofunia like effects for your photos. you can also select different scene modes for clicking a picture. Apart from that, this app helps you apply focus and expose different parts of a photo with its unique lock feature.

Photofunia Effects - Camera+


We realized among all the photo editing softwares and mobile apps, Fotophire Editing Toolkit seems to be the most helpful alternative to Photofunia. It has an intuitive and user-friendly interface for fast and professional like photo editing. You can remove background and change them as well. Fotophire is a power house of performance in photo editing. You don’t have to be a pro in Photoshop to deliver breathtaking photos, just Fotophire it using Photofunia like effects and you are good to go.

Sep 03,2018 17:35 pm