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How Can I Add Some Cool Photo Effects to My Photos

Photos hold the power to speak words resembling your experiences instilled in an image. If you want to use the digital editing software to edit your photos, to make it look more appealing and convincing, that would fix the damage or unwanted things are deleted right away. Want to know more about this part? we are the best photo-editing platform that gives a dynamic editing done with some cool photo effects that will improve the quality of your picture. Follow us to read more about how to add cool photo effects to photos!

Part 1. Easiest Way to Add Cool Photo Effects to Photos

Fotophire Editing Toolkit is super pro software for everyone who indulges photo-editing tricks effortlessly with an amazing and user-friendly interface. This software allows people to execute automated features on their photographs. It boasts its sharpness, alteration, colour and cropping the unwanted kinds of stuff of the photos. Fotophire Editing Toolkit gives an overall professional looking image that can be used for basic as well as advanced photo-editing practices. This is the best image cutter that re-sizes your image according to your requirements.

Wondershare Fotophire Editing Toolkit
  • Enables you to apply more than 200 effects to your photos to make them better.
  • Crop or cut pictures to the size to meet any of your need.
  • Help you to remove any unwanted objects from your photos.
  • Allow you to use the Creative Blur to refocus your photos in a click.

5 Key Features of Fotophire Editing Toolkit

  • Intuitive designs that help you easily edit the photos with drag and drop interface.
  • You can cut and crop along with making changes in its ratio.
  • Through filters and effects, you can turn your photos into the finest piece of art.
  • Changing the texture of your photo covers the double exposure and many more.
  • With the 20+ blend modes, you get the full control to overshined intensity effects.

How to add cool photo effects with Fotophire Editing Toolkit

Fotophire Editing Toolkit gives you the overlaying features that give your images corresponding looks and thus helps in hiding blemishes, scars or unwanted area of pieces of stuff. To add cool photo effects we recommend you to download the software and follow the basic steps of the fun and cool editing photo effects that can be applied to your photograph effortlessly.

Step 1: Download the software on your Windows operating system and then click ‘'Photo Editor" icon. When you open your photos, simply use drag and drop photos from the folder.

Cool Photo Effects-Download and Open Fotophire

Step 2:Once the photo starts loading and gets imported the software editor’s interface, shows Open and then you need to select the photo from computer or from the recent files.

Cool Photo Effects-Import the Photo

Step 3: To add the effects on your photo ,choose the best effects suitable that go quite well at the Effects option. Just look at the right side of interface and choose the first option “Effects”. There are near about 200 free effects available to apply on your photos. Click on anyone to apply.

Cool Photo Effects-Choose the Proper Effect

Step 4:Once you click on the effect, it will be applied on your photos. Below is the photo with new effect.

Cool Photo Effects-Apply the Effect

Part 2. How to Add Cool Photo Effects with Photoshop

Everyone loves to give our photos some cool kinds of effects so as to transform our ordinary shots into stunning artworks. Giving your photo some cool editing effects will never go out of style. Due to which, Adobe Photoshop is one such astounding tool that edits your photos to give you the filtered look in just a few seconds. From hiding your skin tones and blemishes to realistic editing procedures will surely, work wonders if you implement on your photos, effectively.

How to Add Cool Photo Effects to Photos with Photoshop

Adding cool photo effects to photos with Photoshop creates a realistic image with high-quality editing features that enables you with tremendous options to choose amongst the enhancements list. There various effects through which one can get their pictures manipulated and get the image enhanced in an impressive manner.

Stpe 1:With the Cool Halftone Effects creatively cut up an image with the patterns.

Cool Photo Effects- Cool Halftone Effects with Pattens

Step 2:Photo editing and retouching will show common ways to implement while applying the local tone and colour adjustments to your image.

Cool Photo Effects-Photo Editing and Retouching will Show up

Step 3: You can also create your own collage artwork with the help of Generative Textures.

Cool Photo Effects-Create Collage Artwork

Step 4: Through Photo Manipulation transforms once appurtenance in the image as if you can make a human look like an alien through the exceptional effects of Adobe Photoshop.

Cool Photo Effects-Apply the Effects

Part 3.How to Add Cool Photo Effects with Mac Computer

Using Photoshop tricks to get very strong filters and effects on your Mac is precisely a wondrous way of editing your pictures. The Operating System of Mac Computer gives you benefits of getting few more filters when you spend $60 along with some exceptional apps that provide powerful yet attractive photographs. Thus, Mac Computer provides the fun photo filters.

How to Add Cool Photo Effects with Mac Computer

Cool Photo effects with Mac computer can effortlessly be installed with various filtering features. using Mac Computer for photo editing gives you the taste of artwork. Now you can make changes to your original photo any time through Photos to perfect your images and you can explore all of the tools.

Step 1:Update the iCloud Photo software on your Mac with the latest version, get your images organized with exceptional editing skills

Cool Photo Effects-Update the ICloud Photo Software to the Latest Version

Step 2: Get started with the editing of the image in Edit view. Double-click on any photo in the library ,choose any image in the toolbar. When you click on the toolbar to select editing options , choose from the three groups among the editing tools such as Adjust Cut and Crop options. Through editing extensions and quick rotating or improvising your photo the toolbar buttons at the left give, you zoom feature for specifications.

Cool Photo Effects-Open the Image

Step 3: To make photo adjustments click Edit> Choose Image > Copy Adjustments. When you open the image choose apply that will edit option. In addition, choose Image > Paste Adjustments.

Cool Photo Effects-Make Adjustments for Your Photo

Step 4: There are 9 filters in Photos with three classic photography styles including dramatic, vivid and black and white that can also be optimized to enhance one’s skin tones natural.

Cool Photo Effects-Choose a Filter and Apply It.

Part 4. How to Add Cool Photo Effects on Photos with Mobile App

Mobile Applications have indeed become a part of daily lifestyle due to the launching of several applications in a day along with beneficial aspects of the same. When it comes to editing pictures with the help of various applications that you can get it downloaded from Windows app store or Google Play store, tremendous photo editing techniques are used.

Gallery is the stop where we save our images and the in-built feature, which this app holds is that you get the best editing effects that can be used for minimal editing on any Android phone.

How to Add Cool Photo Effects on Photos with Pixel Phone

Adding cool photo effects through your Mobile Applications is one of the on-going tasks these days. However, you will miss you tremendous technical and physical aspects of filtering photos to attain more exposure due to the exceptional mobile application of photo editing. Latest Pixel phones these days have different versions of Android features that come with a wide variety of customizations for you to implement.

Step 1:Edit the picture by rotating, cropping and re-sizing it according to your values and convenience.

Cool Photo Effects-Edit the Picture

Step 2:Adjust the tone of the image by making a color balance through saturation and hue. Brighten the picture by using options such as Contrast. Red, Green, and Blue change the color of the picture.

Cool Photo Effects-Adjust the Tone of the Image

Step 3:Add your photos with various effects that include tint, vintage, light flare, light streak and more.

Cool Photo Effects-Add Your Photos with Various Effects

Step 4:Using different tone to your picture with different effects ‘Done’ and save the picture effortlessly.

Cool Photo Effects-Save the Finished Photo

Note: Android phones have minimal editing features due to which a third party app needs to be installed for major editing prospects.


Though there are several exceptional ideas and tricks to get the cool editing effects done on your photos effortlessly. Several third-party apps can help your image give the pro effect. Due to major technicalities, Adobe Photoshop requires training and indeed, you will not require it when you get Fotophire Editing Toolkit, on any of your devices. With the ease of editing picks within seconds, you get the best image outcome on Android, iPhone, Mac computers or Windows computers. Due to which recommend Fotophire Editing Toolkit as the most helpful solution for professionals as well as newbies.

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