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Most helpful image filters in 2022

Whether you are a specialist photographer or a photographer by hobby, you will definitely like to use different types of image filters while clicking the photos or editing them. By using the filters for your photos, you can enhance the quality and the looks of your photos. These days, a variety of photography and photo editing apps and software are there which provide different types of pic filters. By using those filters, it is easier for the photographers to make their photos more interesting before taking the prints or posting them online.

Part 1. Most Helpful Image Filters for PC Users

Photo editing has now become a trend. A variety of photo editing software are there which are helpful in transforming your photos. If you are a PC user then here is the list of image editing software that offer great filters to add different types of photography effects to your photos. Adding the filters enhance the features of your photos and add distinct effects which make them different from the regular photos.

1.Fotophire Editing Toolkit


Price: $49.99 - limited time offer

If you are looking for the easy and simple to use software then this is the best one. This image filter offers a variety of simple editing tools which can be used after installation of this software. Unlike the other photo editing software, it doesn’t take too much of time in editing the photos and ensures to maintains the original quality of the photos which you edit. When it comes to adding effects and filters to the photos, unbelievably, this software is offering more than 300 options to try. From the soft and cool effects to the bold and natural filter effects, there are several of them that can be added to the photos.

Photo Filters - Fotophire Editing Toolkit
Wondershare Fotophire Editing Toolkit
  • Enables you to apply more than 200 effects to your photos to make them better.
  • Crop or cut pictures to the size to meet any of your need.
  • Help you to remove any unwanted objects from your photos.
  • Allow you to use the Creative Blur to refocus your photos in a click.

2. Fotor


Price: Free

This is a free online photo editing software that is a revolutionary photo maker. It uses the cloud technology for saving and sharing your photos. Thus, it makes easier for you to edit and share the photos. When it comes to adding photo special effects to photos on this software, you can make use of more than 58 unique filters from classic, lomo, vintage, cool, b&w, funky and many more.

Photo Filters - Fotor



Price: Free

All the tools which you need for high definition image editing can be found here. You are required to explore the wide range of photo editing effects which can transform your photos. It helps you to add graphic design elements to your photos. It offers the top notch color management feature which makes this software ideally to be used for the desktop publishing work.

Photo Filters - GIMP

4. Polarr


Price: Free

It offers 14 basic filter presets with the free and pro versions. Within each preset, there are about 8-10 best filters which you can add to your photos. There are 12 emulation filter presets which are premium filters to make the photos better. Using this software for improving your photos is a great revolution in the world of photography. Users can easily create customized filters and save them for reusing them for editing photos in future.

Photo Filters - Polarr

5. Fotoramio


Price: Free

If you are looking for myriad of filter options then this effect editor is the best. It provides some cool and interesting filter options for you to enhance your photos. To make your photos impressive with the amazing artistic work, you are required to use the Fotoramio art style effects and filters. Many other filters are there which you can choose and adjust its saturation to beautify your photos.

Photo Filters -  Fotoramio

6. ON1 Photo


Price: $59.99

More than 100 of stackable filter options are available on this software for PC to make your photos attractive. Create your style with HDR look with presets and filters. You can enhance the details of your images with noise reduction and portrait enhancing tools. Fine brush tools and adjustable gradients are there which are helpful in enhancing your photos. Effects in this software work similar to the Adobe products and allow the live adjustments and previews.

Photo Filters - ON1 Photo

7. DxO Optics Pro 10


Price: $ 99.99

Convert your RAW images into the JPG files with this powerful image editing software. This high quality software is being used by the professional photographers for smooth editing of your photos. Close precision control points are there which are helpful in editing photos. You can adjust its color, exposure, contrast, saturation, vibrancy and other features of your photos. Smart lighting exposure correction feature of this software is also amazing.

Photo Filters -  DxO Optics Pro 10

8. FocusMagic


Price: $65

This photo editing software uses deconvolution technology which can easily repair the photos that are out of focus. It easily allows you to undo blur effect to your photos. If you need to repair the old pictures then this software is the best. It is basically the photo correction tool which offers various types of photography filters to make your photos clear.

Photo Filters - FocusMagic

9. LunaPic


Price: Free

Add sketch and art effect to your images by choosing the best filters. This software for PC provides more than 200 filters to enhance the appearance of your images. Some of the filters offered by this software for image editing include Sepiatone, Black and White, Neon, Vintage, Monochrome, Water, Emboss, Thermal filters and Median. You can even add animation to the photos with different types of effects.

Photo Filters -LunaPic

10. Portrait Pro Studio Max


Price: $119.95

It is the fully automatic photo editing software for PC. It offers high quality of image enhancement and enables the users to use the preset filters for optimizing the looks of the photos. It is a professional photo editing software which is helpful in giving the professional look to your images. This type of photo editing software has lots of editing tools including the varieties of filters.

Photo Filters - Portrait Pro Studio Max

Part 2. Most Helpful Image Filters for Mobile Users

Photo editing has become handy with the use of mobile phone. There are a number of photo editing apps which you can download on your Smartphone for adding filters to your photos. This helps in enhancing your photos and makes them more interesting for your social media profiles, online uploads and sharing with your friends and family members. Beyond some traditional image editing apps that offer editing, cropping and adjustment features, here is a list of some image editing apps which help you add filters to your photos.

1. Instagram


It is one of the best photo filter apps available for iOS and Android users. It is a photography and image sharing app. This app offers more than 30 filters to enhance your photos. You can find artistic filters to natural filters and image effects on this app to make your selfie better. The intensity of the filters can be easily adjusted and other editing aspects are also available on this app.

Photo Filters - Instagram

2. Pixlr Express


This app allows tons of editing features which help in adding unique touch to your photos. From basic to simple editing tools and advanced editing tools are available on this app. Thus, it is easier for the users to edit the photos on this app. It offers more than 600 free filter effects to make your photos different. Some of the filters include vintage, retro, sharp, blur, tilt shift and pixelate. Many more filters are there which you can add in your photos to make them interesting.

Photo Filters - Pixlr Express



Now shoot and edit your images with the help of VSCO app. This app enables the users to make their photos beautiful with various types of presets. Keep your editing clean and subtle with VSCO. Various filter options are available on this app which transform your photos and make them look attractive. Filters on this app are organized in a different category, so you have to choose the desired category from which you want to choose the filter for your photos.

Photo Filters - VSCO

4. Retrica


Recreate your photos with this app. It enables the users to add different types of filters. This app automatically uses the camera of your phone to click the pictures and at the same time it provides different types of filters to add in your photos. Thus, you are able to see before clicking pictures that how your photo will look in a particular filter. This makes it easier for you to click the photos with the best filter. More than 80 real time vintage filters including pistachio, mint, and avocado are available on this app.

Photo Filters - Retrica

5. Snapseed


Add dozens of attractive effects with the help of this great image editing app. It provides an attractive user interface for image editing that enables even a non-professional photographer to edit the photos. Include special effects to your photos with effects like Black and white, Blur, sepia, brightness, sharpness, and saturation. With the instantly added visual effects, you will be able to gain popularity while sharing your edited photos in the real time.

Photo Filters -  Snapseed

6. Afterlight


It is an all in one packed photo editing app for transforming your photos. It can re-design and re-focus your photos with basic and advanced editing tools. Powerful editing features like selective hue and saturation give different looks to your photos. It also enables you to add precise details and tones to your photos in a controlled manner. More than 50 adjustable filter options are there. Its unique feature is that it allows the users to create your own filters. Designed fusion filters can be reused whenever you want.

Photo Filters - Afterlight

7. Filterstorm neue


Everything that you need for powerful editing of photos is available on this app. Masking tool to the advanced editing tools like pre-made filters are there. You can choose the interesting filter effect for your photos and edit them easily. This app has the ability to modify, red, green and blue curves at the same time thus making it easier for the users to transform the images. Amatorka, bleach bypass, posterize, sepia, vignette and vintage are some of the filter effects that you can find on this app.

Photo Filters - Filterstorm neue

8. Aviary


Aviary is a powerful editing app for retouching your photos. This app gives a unique transformation to your images with its advanced inbuilt editing tools. Most interesting editing feature of this app is its filters. Wide range of filters and effects options are available which bring the interesting transformations on your photos. By choosing the most suitable filter for your photos from this app, you will be able to maintain your social image impressive.

Photo Filters - Aviary

9. Canva


Spice up your photos with canva and make it ready for uploading on different types of social media websites. There are simple photo effects which can make your photos different and unique. Several best photo filters are available which can be used for beautification of your photos. From the artistic to the retro filters, you can add anyone to your photos for getting the different looks to your photos.

Photo Filters - Canva

10. Adobe Photoshop Express


Photoshop Express is an interesting photo editing app offered by Adobe. It provides one stop fix for the mobile photographers who want to edit their photos. Within the app, you can do importing, editing and sharing of images. Apart from the wide range of adjustments, several types of filters are there which are helpful in transforming your images. It makes your images artistic with different types of filters.

Photo Filters - Adobe Photoshop Express


Though there are many photo editors which offer various types of features and editing tools for transforming your photos but Fotophire is different. This photo editing tool allows the users to edit the photos easily without the need of any professional knowledge. Fotophire Editing Toolkit is getting popular among the users because it offers a variety of editing tools. There are several filters which make your photos interesting. You don’t have to make different types of efforts or use additional tools for adding effects to your images, cut and maximize your photos. It offers more than 200 filters in different categories to enable you to transform your photos easily.

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