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Most Helpful Photo Filter Apps in 2022

Do you feel hateful when you click any photo and you don’t get in the quality what you were looking due to some unwanted objects or camera angle? Sometimes you don’t like the orientation, contrast or brightness or the photo you clicked. In that case there is one stop solution that you can make those photos catchy by using a photo editor app on your Android or IOS mobile devices. There are many apps and software available which can help you in editing your photos with the special filters and effects. In this article we will tell you about the filter apps which enable you to edit the photos and apply the filters on the photos to make them catchy.

Part 1. 10 Most Helpful Photo Filter Apps for IPhone

1. Instagram:

Instagram is mostly known as a social media app which allows you to post the photos and share with the Instagram community. Another part of Instagram is that it also supports editing of photos using effects and filters. Using Instagram you can easily discover accounts from the users of all over world and share your memories with them. It also offers you to combine multiple photos together and make a nice clip of all your photos.

Photo Filter Apps - Instagram

2. EyeEm a – Photo Filter Camera:

EyeEm a – Photo Filter Camera is an IOS app for the IOS devices which is compatible with the iPad and iPhone. This photo filter app comes with so many cool effects and filters and also allows you to adjust exposure, temperature, vignette, fade and sharpen of the photos. This photo filter app provides you option to sell your personally created photos using the marketplace of the website as well to help you in making real money from the platform.

Photo Filter Apps - EyeEm a – Photo Filter Camera

3. Adobe Photoshop Express:

Adobe Photoshop Express is best filter app for the IOS users as it is developed by the Photoshop officially for doing small changes and changing the styles of your photos using filters. Official Photoshop software is not much user friendly because that one is purely a technical program but adobe Photoshop express has made it easy for editing photos. It allows you to adjust the photo saturation, spots, white balance etc with just one touch.

Photo Filter Apps - Adobe Photoshop Express

4. Ghost Lens AR Fun Video Editor:

Ghost Lens AR Fun Video Editor app is a best filter app for the IOS mobiles and good option for those users who like to give ghost effects to their photos. This app supports both video and photo editing so you don’t have to install two separate app for doing editing of videos and photos. Using this app you can easily make 60 minute long videos which usually not available in other apps. You can trim, cut the clips with easy using this app and add ghost stickers to your photos as well. In the newer version of the app you can find more than 100 new stickers.

Photo Filter Apps - Ghost Lens AR Fun Video Editor

5. Rookie Cam:

Rookie Cam is such a nice filter camera app with the option to click the photos using the app camera icon directly and edit them right away. This filter camera app offers you live filter camera with 156 customized filters for free. You can make college with this app and combine 9 photos together in a single frame. There are more than 100 designing frames, 300 badges and stickers available to use with your photos for making perfect Instagram photos.

Photo Filter Apps - Rookie Cam

6. PhotoToaster:

PhotoToaster is a totally free one of the best photo filter apps for the iPhone and iPad users. This app doesn’t offer you any app purchases so you can enjoy everything without any cost and restrictions. When you do any editing using this effects app you can save those settings as your own preset to use with your other photos as well. In the app you can get over 45 borders, 20 texture overlays, 26 live sliders control and more than 60 one click effects for free of cost.

Photo Filter Apps - PhotoToaster

7. VSCO Cam:

VSCO Cam is a fully professional photo editor app to use on iOS devices. This app is also available for the Android users in the Android play store. You can get this app without any cost from the iPhone app store or Android play store according to your device. Just like the Instagram VSCO is a great community of people as well where you can click, edit and share your photos with other people. To get some premium features and more options you have to spend 19.99$ monthly for subscribing the more features of the app.

Photo Filter Apps - VSCO Cam

8. Photo lab filters for pictures:

If you are just looking for the filters app for your iOS mobile device then you can use this app easily because there are more than 800 filters available. This photo filter app is able to detect your face from the photos automatically without much effort. These all features and options are available in the free version of this app but still if you want more then you can go for the premium version of the app which costs you 9.99$ per year.

Photo Filter Apps - Photo lab filters for pictures

9. FotoRus:

FotoRus is photo editor software which also allows you to filters and effects on the photos. This iPhone photo effects app also compatible with the iPad devices. This iPhone photo effects app covers secret album, stickers, effects, filters, editing of photos and many more things to retouch the photos as you need. Pro version of the app comes with so many premium features which costs you 5.99$ to unlock all the features.

Photo Filter Apps - FotoRus

10. Facetune 2 :

Facetune 2 is a paid photo editor app which is totally a professional iPhone camera filters app. This iPhone camera filters app enables you to retouch the photos by whitening your teeth in the photos, removing pimples & blemishes, slim the body & faces and many more retouch can be applied on your photos with this app. it also enables you to edit the color of your eyes or change the eye color. So, simply in just few taps you can enhance your photos with the app.

Photo Filter Apps - Facetune 2

Part 2. 10 Most Helpful Photo Filter Apps for Android

1. Photo Lab Picture Editor:

Photo Lab Picture Editor is a photo editor app for Android mobiles and tablets. This app has over 800 effects available in it to apply on the photos with ease. There you can easily find photo filters, animated effects and many more types of image enhancement tools in this app for free of charge. This is available in the play store free of cost but people reported the app show too many ads. With this app you make your images looking professional with just few taps.

Photo Filter Apps - Photo Lab Picture Editor

2. Ephoto 360 - Photo Effects:

Ephoto 360 - Photo Effects is another best camera filter app with more than 10 impressive image enhancement tools. This app enables you to edit the photos by writing text on them, giving special effects, stickers on the photos and many more things. In this app some unique features are there which enables you to use birthday frames on photos, love photo frames and greetings which are frequently updated by the developers. This app offers you more than 2000 photo effects for free of charge.

Photo Filter Apps – Ephoto 360 - Photo Effects

3. 1000+photo effects:

1000+photo effects as the name of this app say this app offers you more than 1000 photo effects to choose from. This is one of the best filter apps for pictures for the Android devices. You can easily make college by mixing multiple photos together with this app. You can get beautiful filters, frames, overlays and so many other photo editing options in this app and all these all available for free. Once you have edited the photos this app allows you to share the edited photos on the social media sites.

Photo Filter Apps - 1000+photo effects

4. Pic Effects:

Pic Effects is a very effective and one of the most popular filter apps for pictures in the android play store. This is a free app with so many photo editing options and effects. It gives you variety of photo effects such as Grunge, vintage to give a perfect look to your photos. This app comes with built camera option to click the photos and edit them right away in the mobile device directly. There are various other features available which allow you to rotate, crop, flip and give color to your photos with few taps only.

Photo Filter Apps - Pic Effects

5. Photo Effects Pro:

Photo Effect Pro app is used by millions of Android mobile devices users to edit the photos with special effects and filters. Photo effects pro app is slightly easy to use for every user as it don’t have hard interface. It offers you more than 40 free filter to use with photos and mostly all popular filters are covered in the app. You can also paint on your photos using just your finger or you can give a funny effect to the photos by using funny stickers of the app as well.

Photo Filter Apps - Photo Effects Pro

6. LightX Photo Editor & Photo Effects:

LightX Photo Editor & Photo Effects is a best photo effects app which allows you to add frames to your photos, make Photo College, change background, create caricatures and cartoons, blurring your photos, changing the colors of your hairs and many more things with your photos. There are multiple types of photo editing tools available such as levels, background, hairs with so many options in every tool to enhance your photos quickly on Android.

Photo Filter Apps - LightX Photo Editor & Photo Effects

7. Photo Effects - Photo Editor:

If you are looking for an effects app with all editing tools then this app is there for you. Photo Effects – Photo Editor allows you to beautify your photos with ease and very powerful picture editing tools. This effect editor app allows you to apply more than 100 photo effects on your photos. It helps you to edit the photos in just one tap with the auto enhance feature. You can instantly view, delete or edit the photos from the app directly.

Photo Filter Apps - Photo Effects - Photo Editor

8. Kalos Filter - photo effects:

Kalor Filter – Photo effects app is also a good option for you if you feeling boring with the plain photos without any effect. This app can easily combine multiple filters effects in a single photo and offer you colorful gradient patterns in the new version of the app. Kalos filter app offers you more than 20 filters, 100 colorful patterns and one tap photo enhancement.

Photo Filter Apps - Kalos Filter - photo effects

9. S Photo Editor - Collage Maker, Photo Collage:

S Photo Editor - Collage Maker, Photo Collage app is a free photo editor app but with so many limitations in the free version. This app offers you paid option as well which requires you to buy the full version to unlock all the cool features. You can make your photos looking nice using college; edit the photos with magic effect, 150+ photo effects, funny stickers and many more options of the app.

Photo Filter Apps - S Photo Editor - Collage Maker, Photo Collage

10. PicsArt Photo Studio: Collage Maker & Pic Editor:

PicsArt Photo Studio: Collage Maker & Pic Editor app is a free effects app and installed by more than 500 million times by people around the world. This app enables you to edit the photos and give so many types of effects to your photos. This app is able to make college, edit photos and the great part is that everything is free there but if you are still not happy then you can go for the pro version of this app. Premium version of the app is available with name PicsArt Gold which offers you thousands of masks, collage, fonts, frames and premium stickers.

Photo Filter Apps - PicsArt Photo Studio: Collage Maker & Pic Editor

Part 3. A Better Desktop Photo Filter Program

Fotophire Editing Toolkit is a part of Wondershare family officially providing you all the options of editing images on your windows computer right away. With the super easy to understand and use interface this program has is loved of millions of desktop users. Fotophire Editing Toolkit comes with all basic to advanced level features for editing the photos.

Wondershare Fotophire Editing Toolkit
  • Enables you to apply more than 200 effects to your photos to make them better.
  • Crop or cut pictures to the size to meet any of your need.
  • Help you to remove any unwanted objects from your photos.
  • Allow you to use the Creative Blur to refocus your photos in a click.

Key Features:

  • More than 200 effects for you to choose .
  • There are 20 backgrounds also available to use as the background of your photos.
  • It supports advanced level of editing with easy interface.
  • You can quickly set your background by removing and replacing with the new one.
  • Adjust the saturation, white balance and temperature to enhance the photos.

How to add photo effects with Fotophire Editing Toolkit

p>Step 1: To add effects, first download and install it on your computer then run the software. Click the first icon “Photo Editor” on the welcome screen of software.

Photo Filter Apps-Run the Photo Editor

Step 2: Now simply drag & drop photos on which you want to add effects.

Photo Filter Apps-Drag and Drop the Photo

Step 3: After loading the photo in the photo editor click the first option which is “Effects” from the top right side of the software screen. Here you will see over 200 effects. Now click on any effect and it will be applied on your photo.

Photo Filter Apps-Find the Effects

Step 4:Below is the sample picture after applying happiness effect on the photo. You can now save the photo and share with your friends.

Photo Filter Apps-Apply the Effect to Photo and Save It


In the above parts we have discuss about mobile apps for Android and IOS devices and an alternative to those apps for the windows computers. If you like to edit photo directly on mobile then you can use any of the above apps. There we have discussed all the popular apps which provide you proper functionality for editing the photos but you may face issue of output quality. If you want get the photos in high quality then you can use desktop software which is the perfect one and gives you output in the high quality. This is professional software and the great part is that you won’t face any issue in understanding the software interface.

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