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Use Photo Editors to Add Funny Photo Effects to Your Photos

Clicking photos using high quality mobile cameras and posting them on social media is a trend today and everyone loves to do that. Sometimes you like to give special effects to your photos then to surprise your friends and family. You can easily make your photos funny, stylish or give any other type of effects to the photos you want with ease using a software on windows or Mac and using an app on your Android or IOS devices. Let’s see about the way to add funny effects to your photos in this article today.

Part 1. Easiest Way to Add Funny Photo Effects to Photos

Fotophire Editing Toolkit is perfect funny photo effects editor software that can be used on the windows and Mac operating system. This program comes with advanced photo editing features and the great part is with ease of use interface hard as compared to the Photoshop.It can easily apply near about 200 effects on your photos in a very easy way. You can edit photos, change or remove background or remove the unwanted parts from your photos with this program with few clicks only.

Wondershare Fotophire Editing Toolkit
  • Enables you to apply more than 200 effects to your photos to make them better.
  • Crop or cut pictures to the size to meet any of your need.
  • Help you to remove any unwanted objects from your photos.
  • Allow you to use the Creative Blur to refocus your photos in a click.

How to Add Funny Filters to Photos with Fotophire Editing Toolkit

Step 1: First visit the program website and download the setup from there. Install and launch program on your computer. Click the “Photo Editor” icon now.

Funny Photo Effects-Download and Open Fotophire

Step 2:simply drag and drop photos from the system drive or click the “Open” button and choose files from computer. We are using images from “Sample” option here.

Funny Photo Effects-Import the Photos

Step 3: After loading the image into editor look at the right interface of program. Click the first icon on the top which is “Effects”. You will see more than 200 effects after clicking on the effect icon. Now simply click any effect of your choice.

Funny Photo Effects-Find the Effects

Step 4: Once you click the effect it will be applied on your image automatically. Don't forget to save it after applying the filter.

Funny Photo EffectsApply the Effects-

Part 2. How to Add Funny Photo Effects to Photos on Mac

Fotor Photo Editor is a best Mac application for the Mac users to apply some funny and special effects on their photos. This Mac application allows you to remove wrinkles from photos, reshape, remove red eyes and many more enhancements for your photos. This program can easily process your images in batch instead of one by one and you can resize, rename and convert the file formats in batch with the software. It can also add text on your photos so you can easily say something to your friends and family with the text on photos.

Stpe 1:First of all ,go to the Mac app store and search Fotor or click the given link above and install the app on your Mac. After installing launch the photo editor program. Now click on the “Edit” button in the App interface after launching.

Funny Photo Effects-Download and Launch the Fotor Photo Editor

Step 2:Once you are in the “Photo Editor” option ,drag & drop photos in the program or click the big button the right side of interface.

Funny Photo Effects-Import the Photo

Step 3:In the right hand side of the software interface find the option “Effects” and click on it. You will see many effects now. Click on any effect to apply on your photos. Once you click the effects will be applied on your picture.After that, don't forget to save the finished photo.

Funny Photo Effects-Apply the Funny Effects

Part 3. Add Funny Photo Effects on Photos with Mobile Apps

Funny Photo Editor is a very popular funny photo effect editor app which enables you to edit the photos on Android and you can easily add the cool funny effects to the photos. This is a mobile app so you don’t need to use system and you can directly edit the photos on android mobile devices. This funny photo effects app comes with many funny animated stickers for free. You can edit the available photos on your mobile or directly click using the app with live funny effects. With the animated stickers you can also create the funny videos.

Step 1:Go the play store by clicking on the app link above and install it in your Android mobile device. Once installation is completed run the app by tapping on it. Tap on the Funny Editor or any other one how you like to edit your photos. We are using “Funny Editor” here.

Funny Photo Effects-Download the Funny Photo Editor and Launch It

Step 2: Now browse any photo from your system on which you want to add funny effects using this funny photo effects app. From the bottom left side tap on the “Stickers” icon or any other one which you want.

Funny Photo Effects-Browse Any Photo

Step 3:You will see so many different types of funny effects to add in your photos now such as beards, caps, ears etc. So simply tap on any icon of your choice. We are adding cap here for example.

Funny Photo Effects
 -Find Many Different Funny Effects

Step 4:The icon on which you have tapped it will be visible now on your photos. Adjust the icon and set it anywhere on your photos then tap on the “Right Icon” save button from the top right side.

Funny Photo Effects-Apply Funny Photo Effects and Save the Finished Photo

Part 4. Tips and Tricks for Adding Funny Photos Effects to Photos

Tip #1: Adding funny photo effects on using built-in apps:

If you are using windows or Mac computer and looking to add simple funny text effect to your photos ,then you ‘d best choose Microsoft Paint for windows and Preview for the Mac operating system. These both are photo viewer apps as well as support mostly all formats. These both are built-in apps available in the windows and Mac which doesn’t require you to install any other external software for doing this task.

Funny Photo Effects-Choose Microsoft Paint for Windows and Preview for the Mac Operating System.

Tip #2: Adding Effect on Mobile Using Live Fun Filter App:

When you are using a fun filter app to add special funny effects to the photos it is better to use a live photo effect editor app. A live fun filter app directly clicks the photos from the app by applying an effect to photo in the real time. These apps can save your time of editing then clicking photos.

Funny Photo Effects-Use a Live Photo Effect Editor App

Tip #3: Using An Online Effects Editor Web App.:

There are many online tools also available which helps you to edit the photos on your windows or Mac OS system devices. These online tools are web apps which work directly in your system browser so you don’t need to install any software or app to edit the photos on your computer. Some websites are there which requires you to install the adobe flash player to use the photo editor.

Funny Photo Effects-Online Tools to Apply Funny Photo Effects

Tip #4: Choosing a Complete Photo Editing Toolkit:

Whenever you are going to buy or use a photo editor software or fun filter app you must buy a program which comes with all types of editing features just like Wondershare Fotophire Editing Toolkit. If you have a program with all main features then you can easily do your tasks in single software without using different software for every single editing.

Funny Photo Effects-Wondershare Fotophire Editing Toolkit

Tip #5: Get Funny Photo Effects Using Funny Photo Frames:

Frames are those which cover the image from all sides and they can also give funny photo effects to your photos. There are so many funny photo frames also available which gives totally a different funny effect to your photos. So instead of using a funny background you can directly use a frame. Funny frames come with blank background so you can set your image there.

Funny Photo Effects-Get Funny Photo Effects Using Funny Photo Frames


As you can see in this article there are plenty of ways available to apply funny photo effects on your pictures but if you want something serious with complete tool of editing photos then you can blindly try Fotophire Editing Toolkit.

Sep 03,2018 17:14 pm