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All Methods to Add Glitch Effects to Your Photos

Applying effects like glitch effect can be a great way to produce stunning photos for your social profiles. There are several tools to add glitch effect to your photos, but you don’t have to control over these tools. If you want a way to add glitch effect to your photos, the following article will introduce the best photo editing tools to add glitch effects to your photo.

Part 1. Easiest Way to Add Glitch Effects to Photo

Everyone loves to take photos and then apply various filters and effects to it. There are many types of effects that you can apply to your photo like Retro, Lomo, Light Leaks, Movie Style, etc. There is another popular effect called Glitch Effect. This effect applies a distorted effect to your photos like it used to happen on analog TV due to the corrupt signal.

To add glitch effects to your photos,we introduce you Wondershare Fotophire Editing Toolkit. It is the best solution to edit and crop up your photos for a professional look. By using it , you can apply stunning effects like glitch effects without needing any professional skills. Besides,it is very simple to use and has a lot of photos editing tools and features.

Wondershare Fotophire Editing Toolkit
  • Enables you to apply more than 200 effects to your photos to make them better.
  • Crop or cut pictures to the size to meet any of your need.
  • Help you to remove any unwanted objects from your photos.
  • Allow you to use the Creative Blur to refocus your photos in a click.

5 Key Features of Wondershare Fotophire Editing Toolkit

1.Three Editing Modules

Integrated with three editing packages for designing stunning photographs:Photo Editor, Photo Cutter, and Photo Eraser.

2.A variety of Effects

A variety of effects apart from glitch effect.You can choose from a total of 200+ effects and then design dazzling photos. All these effects are a part of photo editor package.

3.Remove Unwanted Backgrounds and Objects

In the Photo cutter and photo eraser tools, you can easily remove unwanted background or objects from your photo. It is integrated with automatic color detection technology to cut out objects professionally and easily.

4.Remove Watermarks from Images

Remove the watermarks from the images without affecting the background. This toolkit also allows you to restore old photos to their original state by removing the damages like scratches.

5.Extend Editing Capabilities

Allow you to add other extensions like Fotophire Maximizer or Fotophire Focus that will help you enlarge anything on the photo or remove blurs.

How to Add Glitch Effects to Photos with Wondershare Fotophire Editing Toolkit

If you want to know how to add glitch Effect using the best photo editing toolkit, i.e. Wondershare Fotophire Editing Toolkit, follow the below steps.

Step 1:To use Wondershare Fotophire Editing Toolkit, first you need to visit the official website of the program at . them, download the Wondershare Fotophire Editing Toolkit free version or buy a premium subscription. It is available for both Windows and Mac computers.

Glitch Effect - How to Add Glitch Effect

Step 2:After downloading the installer, launch it to install Fotophire Editing Toolkit on your computer.Then select the “Photo Editor” module.

Glitch Effect - How to Add Glitch Effect

Step 3:Click the “Open” button to select a photo that you want to apply glitch effect on.

Glitch Effect - How to Add Glitch Effect

Step 4:Now, you can apply the glitch effect by click the effects tab and then click Glitch effect.

Glitch Effect - How to Add Glitch Effect

Step 5:When you are done adding glitch effect to the photo, click on “Save” button and then the photo will be saved.

Glitch Effect - How to Add Glitch Effect

Part 2. How to Add Glitch Effects to Photos with Other Helpful Solutions

Though the Fotophire Editing Toolkit is the best tool to add glitch effect to your photos, you can also try other tools to add glitch effects. Below you can find the top 10 photo editing tools to add glitch effect to your photos.

1. Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is one of the biggest and most notable brand in the image editing industry due to its class-leading image editing tools. It is the most powerful photo editing tool available for Windows and Mac computers . You can use the Adobe Photoshop tool to add glitch effect to your photos. It is available in Adobe Photoshop CC and Adobe Photoshop Elements lineup. The CC version is a more advanced image editor and specifically for professional use, whereas the Elements version is more suited for everyday use.

Though, when it comes to editing photos, both Photoshop CC and Photoshop Elements have been integrated with various editing tools, filters, etc to easily edit the photos. But if you can handle the complex operations of Photoshop CC, then it could turn out to be a better alternative than Elements for adding glitch effect on your photos.

Price - $29.99/month


Glitch Effects - Adobe Software

2. Corel PaintShop Pro 2018

Corel PaintShop Pro 2018 is one of the simplest software applications. Like Photoshop, Corel PaintShop Pro 2018 has a large number of editing and designing tools so that you can easily alter the photos on your PC. There are almost 86 types of creative filters, friendly interface for applying vintage effects, fade correction, lens corrections as well as some other tools. It also has some additional features that you won’t even find in Photoshop like screenshot tool, geo-tagging, dual monitor as well as text presets.

Price - Starting at $79.99


Glitch Effects - Corel PaintShop Pro 2018


GIMP is one of the most popular open source software for editing pictures that is compatible with Windows, Mac as well as Linux OS. It has an abundant photo editing tools like paint & draw, color tools for adjusting the balance, contrast, hue, etc. All the tools have been categorized into submenus, with décor, distort, enhance, and combine as well as other options. You can also add more tools to the GIMP by downloading the required plug-ins from the repository.

Price - Free

URL - https://www.gimpdownloads/

Glitch Effects - GIMP

4. Macphun Luminar 2018

Originally available only for Mac, the Macphun Luminar 2018 is one of the newest image editors of windows. It is an all in one photo editor that is bundled with a variety of photo editing features like color toning, dehaze, masking, layers, object removal or adding other various effects and filters like glitch effect. It has more than 40 types of filters including vignette, radiance, clarity, and others. Luminar 2018 also has preset for outdoor, travel, dramatic, etc and you can apply any of these to give an astonishing feel to your photo. It also has some RAW processing filters for applying filters to RAW images.

Price - $69


Glitch Effects - Macphun Luminar 2018

5. Capture One Pro 10

Unlike the tools mentioned above, the Capture One Pro 10 is an image editing tool for professional use. This tool has best RAW processing engine for people who needs to process lots of RAW images. You can also capture the snapshots in the Capture One Pro 2018. There are a lot of presets existing in it that you can apply to the images. You have the option to select from a built-in style package or create your own editing style packs. It is the perfect tool for processing images for professionals, but it is very expensive at a price of $299 and it requires at least 8GB RAM and 10GB hard disk to be installed on your computer.

Price - $299


Glitch Effects - Capture One Pro 10

6. Serif Affinity Photo 5

Even though it’s been out for a year, Serif Affinity Photo has succeeded in capturing a spot in the best image editors for adding glitch effect. Moreover, it's cheap price make it a perfect choice for average people.

Affinity Photo 5 is a wonderful image editor for windows as well as Mac computers which offers over 57 types of customizable filters and effects. You can also preview photos in full resolution in real time. By combining various filters and effects, it is not a difficult job to design stunning photos with cool and striking effects. For people who are looking for a tool for processing RAW images, then Affinity Photo 5 has a built-in tool for that. There are a lot of retouching tools, 120 brushes as well as a macro editing tool.

Price - $50


Glitch Effects - Serif Affinity Photo 5

7. Cyberlink Photo Director 11 Ultra

Cyberlink Photo Director 11 Ultra is one of the best image editing tools for everyday use. It is split into six modules. Among the modules, there is an adjustment module that allows you to tone, crop, saturate, desaturate, or allow other effects on the photo. The Cyberlink Photo Director 11 Ultra is also equipped with content aware object selection tools to blend multiple images.

Price - $169.94


Glitch Effects Online - Cyberlink Photo Director 11 Ultra

8. Magix Photo Designer 7

Magix Photo Designer 7 is another tool for editing images and adding various types of effects like glitch effect. It is one of the simplest and most user-friendly tools to edit images, though it lacks most of the advanced features like Photoshop might have. You can distort various images using the tools exist in Magix Photo Designer 7 and create funny images. The paid version named Xara Photo & Graphic Designer has even more features.

Price- Free/$59.99


Glitch Effects - Magix Photo Designer 7

9. Zoner Photo Studio X

Zoner Photo Studio X is a great and powerful tool for editing images. It has a lot of photo editing tools like non destructive smooth brushing, polarizing filter, adjustment layers, table pressure support, radial filter, smart sharpen etc. Using this tool, you can easily add glitch effect to your image, or edit images in batch in develop module.

Price $49/year


Glitch Effects - Zoner Photo Studio X

10. PhotoScape

PhotoScape is a free and easy to use photo editing software to edit photos. Being a free tool, PhotoScape doesn’t have the abundance of editing tools and features, but it has the basic functionality to edit the images. You can also apply glitch effect to your photos using the PhotoScape. You can also create animated GIFs or slideshows of your photos using PhotoScape. As a free tool, it can’t be used as a replacement for some other tools. So to apply advanced editions, you would need a tool like Photoshop.



Glitch Effects - PhotoScape


There are a lot of effects that you can apply to your photos to make them look cool and astounding for social media. Glitch effect is one of them and many users have wanted to know how to apply glitch effect to your photos. In this article, we have given you the top tools to apply glitch effect to your photos. But, after a careful consideration for their prices, features as well as ease of use, we have found that Wondershare Fotophire Editing Toolkit is the best tool for this task. We have also mentioned how you can apply glitch effect to your photos using the Wondershare Fotophire Editing Toolkit for your ease.

Nov 14,2019 17:45 pm