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How to Add Rainbow Effects on Photos with Different Methods

Nowadays, social media has become the most common platform for building relations and communication. Hence, people upload and share their photos to get attention from others. Many software and apps are there which enable the users to access click and edit feature. One filter effect that is on high popularity these days is rainbow effect. By using it, your photos will look more attactive.

Part 1. How to Add Rainbow Effects on Photos with Fotophire Editing Toolkit

Fotophire Editing Toolkit from Wondershare is the best photo editing tool that gives the desirable effects on your photos. Among those effects, rainbow effects are very popular among the users. They love to have the rainbow strips on their photos to get the glittering and glowing effect.For this, you can use Fotophire editing tool which is simple to use for editing photos. With the help of this editing tool, you will be able to edit your photos easily. It is one of the best rainbow effect photo editors.

Wondershare Fotophire Editing Toolkit
  • Enables you to apply more than 200 effects to your photos to make them better.
  • Crop or cut pictures to the size to meet any of your need.
  • Help you to remove any unwanted objects from your photos.
  • Allow you to use the Creative Blur to refocus your photos in a click.

5 Key Features of Fotophire Editing Toolkit

  • Convert the blurred image into contrast image along with adding hundreds of different effects .
  • Remove the background and repair the same with the help of photo cutter.
  • Remove any unwanted objects, marks or anything you do not want in the picture with the help of photo eraser.
  • Enlarge the smallest details without compromising on the quality of the photograph.
  • The blurry picture can be converted into sharp and clear object.

How to Add Rainbow Effects on Photos with Fotophire Editing Toolkit

Step 1: Get started with Fotophire by installing the software. Now open the software, where you will see Photo editor, Photo cutter and Photo eraser options. To add rainbow effects, you have to select “Photo Editor”.

Rainbow Effect -Download and Open Fotophire

Step 2: Next step is to import the photos in which you want to add rainbow effects. Click on open button and chose the photo to edit.

Rainbow Effect -Import the Photos

Step 3: once you open the picture, you will see several effects listed at the right side of the screen. From there select the Lomo category and then Rainbow.After applying the Rainbow filter, remember to Save the photo finally!

Rainbow Effect -Select the Lomo Category and then Apply the Rainbow Effect

Part 2. Add Rainbow Effects to Photos with Photoshop

In the world of photo editing, Photoshop is a premier tool. It is the software which is integrated with a variety of photo editing tools to give the distinct level of transformation to your photos. This photo editing software is commonly used by the individuals as well as professional photographers for enhancing the quality of the photographs and adding different types of filter effects including rainbow effects.

Stpe 1:Create a new document of the desired size. You can even import an image and open it to begin the editing process. Press D to set the default background and foreground colors. After this, you are required to create a new layer to your photo by pressing "Ctrl + Shift + Alt + N". Select Rectangular marquee tool to make the selection.

Rainbow Effect - Create a new document of the desired size

Step 2:Click on "gradient tool" on the toolbar to open the gradient editor toolbox. Below the preset gradient representations, there is a panel on which you can add gradient colors. You can add the colors of your choice in the gradient editor window. For getting the rainbow effect, you can add all the seven colors of the rainbow in the gradient editor and click on "ok".

Rainbow Effect -Click on Gradient Tool on the Toolbar to Open the Gradient Editor Toolbox

Step 3: Gradient selection should be done with the right selection tool. Now, click and drag the selection while pressing the shift button. It will create the gradients of the colors which you have selected. After this, deselect the layer by pressing "Ctrl + D".

Rainbow Effect -Create the Gradients of the Colors

Step 4: Don’t forget to create the duplicate layer of the gradient by pressing "Ctrl + J". This makes sure that in case if anything goes wrong, you still have the desired gradients to make the changes. Visibility of the original gradient layer has to be turned off.

Rainbow Effect -Create the Duplicate Layer of the Gradient

Step 5:Use the eraser tool with the soft brush to erase the edges of the rainbow gradient created on the selected area. This helps in giving the realistic look of rainbow to your photos. Layer mask can be used for hiding the unwanted objects from the photo which you are editing.

Rainbow Effect -Erase the Edges of the Rainbow Gradient Created on the Selected Area

Step 6:Blur effect can be added if you want to create the slight effect of rainbow. Deselect the layer and enter the pixel. In case, you want to get the enhanced colors of rainbow on your photo, you can skip blurring.

Rainbow Effect -Click on the Adjustment Icon

Step 7: Now you can add the curvature to the rainbow which actually gives it a curve. You can press Ctrl + T or select free transformation tool. From the list of transformation options, choose warp. On the appeared dialog box click on Arc and enter the bend value. It will bend the rainbow in the desired angle.

Rainbow Effect -Add the Blur Effect

Step 8:Adjust the blending capacity. You can double click the layer to enter in the advanced blending option. After making the adjustments, click on OK to finish the work of adding rainbow effect to your photo.

Rainbow Effect - Adjust the Blending Capacity
Rainbow Effect - Get the finished Photo

Part 3. Apply Rainbow Effects to Photos with Mac Computer

Various photo editing software are available for Mac users also. This helps them to add mesmerizing rainbow effect to your photos easily. One of the software is MacPhun which is popularly now known as Skylum. This software is offering more than 30 filters to add different types of efforts to your photos. If you are using Mac then it is worthy to download this software. This software for Mac allows the users to use filter as the extension or the software.

Step 1:Double click an image from Photos option then select Edit from the popped up menu options. Now, click on extension. This will list up all the extensions which are available on your Mac.

Rainbow Effect -Launch the MacPhun and Import the Photo

Step 2: Select filters for photos. This will bring the filters to the user interface.

Rainbow Effect -Select Filters for Photos

Step 3:From the list of filters, choose "artistic" styles of filters then click on color "rainbow". Finally, Don't forgive to save the finished Photo!

Rainbow Effect -Apply Rainbow Effect and Save the Finished Photo

Part 4. How to Add Rainbow Effects to Photos with Mobile Apps

Smartphone technology has made it easier for the users to bring the world close to them within a click. There are several types of photo editing apps which are designed for Android users. You can easily get the best type of software on your Smartphone to add rainbow effect to your photos. One of the most trending Smartphone apps for creating rainbow effect is Instagram. Download the app now to get started with clicking photos, adding rainbow effect and uploading them.

Step 1:Download the app on your Smartphone and sign up with your phone number.

Rainbow Effect -Download the Instagram

Step 2:Click on the "camera icon" on the home page of the Instagram page. At the bottom of the screen, you will find some photography or video options. From there, choose "Normal". It will open up the camera to click your photo.

Rainbow Effect -Click on the Camera Icon

Step 3:Now select the "smiley "icon which will open various types of filters for your photos. Select "rainbow" filter to get the rainbow effect on your photo. You can even adjust the location of the rainbow on your photo. When you are done with this, tap the button to click the photo.

Rainbow Effect -Apply the Rainbow Filter to Your Photo


Fotophire Editing Toolkit is the most helpful solutions in adding the rainbow effect to your photos. It allows you to import and edit your photos with rainbow like effects within few steps. You can add your photos, edit them easily and share them in the real time. Rainbow effect of fotophire gives the amazing touch to your photos and looks seamless in the digital or on paper prints. This software even allows the users to adjust the intensity of the rainbow on your photos. This is the time saving and effortless option to add rainbow effect to your photos.

Sep 03,2018 17:18 pm