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Top 10 Photo Filters Free to Download to Add Effects on Photos

Using the photo filters has now become a trendy option to enhance the appearance of your photos. Whether you need the photos for the professional or personal use, using the filters makes the difference in your photos. There are many software and apps which are available for different types of operating systems including windows, Mac, IOS and Android to edit the photos. Photo filters are generally available with the photo editing tools so you are required to choose the best photo editing tool for your device.

Part 1. Top 10 Photo Filters Free to Download

In the present time, there are so many types of photo editing software which can be downloaded on your PC. Most of the professional as well as amateur photographers and the photography enthusiasts look up for the best type of photo editing software. This enables them to edit the photos according to their requirements. If you want to add filters and effects then the best quality of downloadable photo editing software is the best. Downloadable software is preferred by the PC users as they don’t have to search every time for the best image editor when they need to add filters to the photos.

1.Fotophire Editing Toolkit



This software can be used on Windows and Mac PC and allow the users to use a variety of tools for editing photos. It provides an easy way to edit and add filters to your photos to make them look artistic, impressive and different from the others. More than 200 of effects are there that can be added to your photos with the help of this software. Intensity of each overlay can be precisely adjusted.

Wondershare Fotophire Editing Toolkit
  • Enables you to apply more than 200 effects to your photos to make them better.
  • Crop or cut pictures to the size to meet any of your need.
  • Help you to remove any unwanted objects from your photos.
  • Allow you to use the Creative Blur to refocus your photos in a click.
  • It offers photo editing, cutting, erasing, maximizing and focusing feature in one package.
  • It’s easy and fun to edit photos.
  • Highly precision editing features are available along with basic editing tools.
  • Not all the standards are imposed by professional editors.
  • Costly for the beginners.
  • Confusing for the users to choose the right photo editing product.
Photo Filter Download - Fotophire Editing Toolkit

2. Photoshop



Photoshop is one of the wonderful products of Adobe. It is the software that helps in editing photos from simple retouching to 3D designing and adding illustrations. To add the filters to your photos, you have to use the right steps and transform your photos. Filters for images, typography and collage can be used with this software. Blur filters, strokes filters, artistic filters and other types of filters can be used in your photos through Photoshop.

  • Professional image editing tools for 3d objects.
  • Realistic image editing brushes with precision control.
  • Brings your imagination to reality with several editing tools.
  • Difficult for the beginners.
  • Needs a PC with high power capacity.
  • Complicated to use.
Photo Filter Download - Photoshop

3. Wondershare PixStudio


Price: Free

This platform provides effects and editing tools for the photos. It allows you to add factionable and stunning effects to your photos for free. You are enabled to design your image by simply dragging and dropping the creative elements and templates, you are capable to release your imagination and convert it to stunning artwork. It is the good alternative for some popular photo editor.

  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Wide range of editing tools are available.
  • Not suitable for professional use.
  • Supports limited number of image effects.
  • Needs a PC with high power capacity.

4. Capture One


Price: $299

This photo editor enables the users to handle the colors in the photos. Its advanced color management makes your photos more interesting and brighter. It is a good RAW image editor. It has the strong tool for sharpening and reducing the distortion of the image. Simple text filters and image filters are available to enhance your photos.

  • Ideally for the creative photo editing.
  • Attractive interface and quick editing features.
  • Deep photo adjustment tools.
  • Quite expensive as compared to the other software.
  • Fewer presets are available.
  • It is less popular .
Photo Filter Download - Capture One

5. PhotoFiltre Studio X


Price: Free

This is a simple to use image editor software that can be downloaded on Windows and Mac. It provides a wide range of filters and effects options so that you can easily familiarize yourself with the world of graphics. Standard adjustment tools are also there which are simple and intuitive to use. Varied forms of brushes are used for editing.It supports huge range of image formats.

  • Allows batch processing of images.
  • Color palette is optimized.
  • Quick buttons for adjusting colors, hue and saturation.
  • Limited number of filters are available.
  • Less interesting interface.
  • It doesn’t add layers.
Photo Filter Download - PhotoFiltre Studio X

6. Photo Filter Factory


Price: Free

This software for PC is available for Windows (all versions). It offers automated multiple layer application to your photos. You can find all the basic features of paint program in this software. Apart from this, there are several hundreds of graphic image filters and artistic filters which can transform your photos. Alien moon, cloudy sky, aged pager, black marble, bamboo and cobble stone are some of the filters available on this software.

  • 1800 graphical filters allow you to beautify four images.
  • Batch processing to edit photos faster.
  • Master over the controls easily.
  • Image effects like blurring, sharpening or distorting cannot be fixed.
  • Unable to open images in the software.
  • Some serious bugs are there.
Photo Filter Download - Photo Filter Factory

7. Lightroom Classic CC


Price: $9.99

It is the desktop app that is supported by Windows and Mac. It helps you to edit and organize the photos with the one tap tool to make your photos better. Add vibrant colors and spruce up the features of your photos with easy to use adjustment tool.

  • Provides faster experience.
  • Collects photos from various locations.
  • Adds a variety of filters to give a professional touch.
  • Complicated to use for the beginners.
  • Tons of features may prevent you to access all.
  • Mobile app is not yet available.
Photo Filter Download - Lightroom Classic CC

8. Photo Pos Pro


Price: Free

This software supports scanners and digital camera formats for RAW editing of the photos. It provides a variety of image enhancer tools to edit your photos easily. It adds special effects, filters, gradients, layers and masking tool to your photos. Extensions and plugins are also available to easily transform your photos.

  • Perfect for beginners and experts.
  • One click and easy to use options.
  • Various plug-in and extensions are available.
  • Steep learning curve.
  • No keyboard shortcut.
  • Needs high specification system.
Photo Filter Download - Photo Pos Pro

9. Photoscape


Price: Free

If you are looking for a simple to use and easily downloadable software then this is the best. It provides a variety of advanced editing features like resizing, color adjustment, background correction, image cropping and effects and filters. The user interface is interactive and allows quick and easy editing.

  • Lots of filters and effects to use.
  • Various types of editing tools.
  • Animated Photos can be edited.
  • You have to download it first.
  • Incompatible with mobile devices.
  • Minor bugs are there.
Photo Filter Download - Photoscape

10. Luminar 2018



ompared with the traditional filters like vintage, black and white, blur, sepia and others, you can find many more types of advanced filters here. It helps you to make your photos beautiful in one tap. AIl based image enhancement tools are there which are helpful in adjusting the color features of your photos. Automatic presets are there along with layers and texture options.

  • Wide array of filters .
  • Ability to access Photoshop and third party filters.
  • Allows batch processing as well as individual image processing.
  • Panorama and HDR merge and smart edge detection features are absent.
  • Working with multiple filters and effects on same window is not available.
  • Metadata management is not present.
Photo Filter Download - Luminar 2018

Part 2. How to Use Fotophire Editing Toolkit to Add Photo Effects

Fotophire Editing Toolkit is one of the best software to add photo effects in your photos. Thus, if you are using this software then you can follow the simple steps to add the desired photo effect to your photos. These steps include:

p>Step 1: Install Fotophire on your computer according to the instructions that appear on the screen. Finish the setup process by accepting the terms of services. Launch the software to start the editing work.

Photo Filter Download-Install and Launch the Fotophire Editing Toolkit

Step 2: Now, click on “Photo editor” and import the image which you want to edit. You can open the image from your computer or drag and drop the image on the program window.

Photo Filter Download- Import the Photo

Step 3: On the right corner, you will find the effects option and there will be a list of effects available. You can choose the best effects for your photos to enhance their looks.

Photo Filter Download-Find the Effects and Apply the Effect


Fotophire Editing Toolkit is the most helpful photo filter as it can be easily downloaded on your PC. It offers one tap photo editing tools to the users to edit the photos in the desired way. This software includes the photo editor, photo cutter, photo maximizer and enhances focusing tools for adding the impressive effects to the photos. Varieties of filters and image effects are there which make your photos different from the normal photos. Many other editing and special effect tools are there which help you to attract attention from others by posting, uploading or sharing your photos.

Apr 29,2021 19:25 pm