Photo Editor on Different System and Device

Windows Photo Gallery Alternative

Windows Photo Gallery is an image viewer and image editing app available inbuilt in the windows operating system. This app supports basic image editing and there are no special filters, effects or any other photo enhancement tool is available. Due to these issues people look for the other alternatives of this app. In this article we are going to share other alternatives of the app which allows you to edit the photos with ease and do advanced level photo editing.

Part 1. What is Windows Photo Gallery

Windows photo gallery app is a part of the windows essentials. This app is also known as the windows live photo gallery app and you can some basic editing to your photos with this app. Windows photo gallery app allows you to open the jpg, PNG and many more other format images and edit them without any further installation of third party software. Using this inbuilt app you can import photos, videos, sharing the photos and many more things.

Key Features:

  • Windows photo gallery enables you to view mostly all popular format files.
  • This app enables you to crop, resize and do some basic adjustment on the photos.
  • It supports batch processing of photos as well.
  • You can also make collage using this app in the easy way.
  • Adjustment of brightness, saturation and some other functions also offered in this app.

How to Use Windows Photo Gallery

Step 1: First of all click on the “Start” icon at the bottom left side in windows 7 and click on the “All Programs > Windows Live > Windows Live Photo Gallery” option. Type your windows id and password then click on next button to start using it. Now the program will start scanning all your photos and videos from your computer hard drive. You can also open a single image in the windows photo gallery by browsing the single picture from your computer. Browse any picture now. Click on the resize option to set the image size.

Windows Photo Gallery - Run the Photo Cutter

Step 2: Now click on the drop down icon and choose custom then enter the desired width & height in the boxes. Click ok and save the image.

Windows Photo Gallery - Open the Image to the Program

Step 3: To do the adjustments in your image click on the Auto Adjust button if you are unsure about the adjustments.

Windows Photo Gallery - Find the Text Option

Step 4: In the “Edit” tab click on the Color tab to adjust the color settings of your photos. Just like that you can do all basic changes to your photos using the windows photo gallery.

Windows Photo Gallery - Apply the Text and Other Adjustment to the Photo

Part 2. A Recommended Windows Photo Gallery Alternative

Fotophire Editing Toolkit is a very powerful yet easy photo editor program for windows and Mac users. This program is the best alternative to the windows photo gallery. This program is very impressive because of the easy to use interface and high quality images output. You can find all your photo editing solutions in this program and properly enhance your photos. This program is very cost effects and you can get it for 1 year in one-time payment. It supports mostly all versions of the Mac and windows.

Wondershare Fotophire Editing Toolkit
  • Enables you to apply more than 200 effects to your photos to make them better.
  • Crop or cut pictures to the size to meet any of your need.
  • Help you to remove any unwanted objects from your photos.
  • Allow you to use the Creative Blur to refocus your photos in a click.

5 Key Features:

  • The photo editor option allows you to do adjustments, crop and apply frames and effects to your photos.
  • It supports removing unwanted things from the background without interrupting the originality of your picture.
  • You can remove the complete background of pictures and add your own customized background.
  • There are more than 20 premade background offered in the app.
  • Cloning tool is available there in the app which enables you to clone any part such as person or things of picture.

Guide to Use Fotophire Editing Toolkit

Step 1: First download the setup from the Fotophire website and install it by following the instructions on screen. Run the program and click on “Photo Editor” button after running it.

Windows Photo Gallery - Run the Photo Editor

Step 2: After running the program drag & drop picture you want to edit. Here we will apply text on a picture. So let’s start.

Windows Photo Gallery - Apply the Text Effect

Step 3: Now you are ready to apply effect on the picture. Click the “T” button at the top right side and move the cursor on the image to start adding text. Make sure to move the cursor on image in the part where you want to add text. After moving leave the cursor and then you will see a text box. Type anything in this text now.

Windows Photo Gallery - Find the Text Option

Step 4: After writing the text design your text using the font, style and other options available at the right side option pane. Finally save the image on your computer.

Windows Photo Gallery - Apply the Text and Other Adjustment to the Photo

5 Other Windows Photo Gallery Alternative

1. Microsoft Office Picture Manager

Price: Inbuilt with Microsoft Office


Microsoft Office Picture Manger program is a part of Microsoft office. This program comes by default with the Microsoft office for doing small changes to the photos. This is also a nice alternative to the windows photo gallery and supports all basic editing. This app offers you to edit, view, share your pictures with friends and family. This picture manger program helps you in copy and paste, crop and many more other basic things related to the photos.

  • Adjust the picture contrast and brightness right away without any installation of other software.
  • Corp and adjust the size of picture.
  • Rotate, flip and remove red-eye from the photos.
  • It supports very limited photo editing.
  • You must have installed the Microsoft office to use this editor.
  • No option to change the background or background content.
Windows Photo Gallery - Microsoft Office Picture Manager

2. Paint.NET

Price: Free


Paint.Net is advanced level software for editing the pictures. This program is available for free of charge but only compatible with the windows operating system devices. The interface of this program is same as the Microsoft paint of the windows. This program allows people to edit the pictures, undo the changes, apply special effects and offers many other powerful photo editing tools for free of charge. The output quality of the software is also best as compared to the official paint software.

  • Free software so you don’t need to spend anything.
  • Offers you user friendly interface with the proper help tutorials.
  • Compatible with the externals plugins as well.
  • Still the program is not powerful and you can’t replace it with the Photoshop.
  • No Mac version is available.
  • There is lack of photo organization features.
Windows Photo Gallery - Paint.NET

3. FastStone Image Viewer

Price: 34.95$


FastStone Image Viewer is a very stable and fast photo editor which comes with inbuilt editor and converter. Basically this is photo viewer software but it also offers you many options for editing the photos as well but all are the basic only not much advanced. This program remove red-eye, resize the pictures, crop the photos and some other adjustment.

  • The program offers you to more than 150 effects for applying on your photos.
  • There is lossless jpg transition effects also offered in the app.
  • It supports wide range of image formats for opening and editing the photos.
  • Simple software without the Mac version.
  • Supports the basic image enhancement only.
  • Very costly in price according to the available features in the software.
Windows Photo Gallery - FastStone Image Viewer

4. IrfanView

Price: Free


IrfanView program is free and open source photo viewer & editor software. This program allows you to convert, manage, view or edit the photos with ease. IrfanView offers you all the basic to advanced level photo editing features. The main features enable you to scan, print, optimize, create slideshow etc. IrfanView supports editing the images in batch as well so you can easily edit photos together. The program also allows you to convert the images format in other formats.

  • Supports windows 32 and 64 bit versions.
  • It never changes registry information without permission of user.
  • Capturing the screen with ease.
  • Still unable to give competition to the Photoshop.
  • Only windows version is there.
  • You can’t use it for free for the commercial purpose.
Windows Photo Gallery - IrfanView

5. XnView

Price: Free


XnView is powerful image manipulation software that supports image editing with ease. This program allows you to read the images and doing basic changes as per your requirement. The program also allows users to convert the images format so you can convert the format in batch or one by one. XnView is able to read all popular format images with ease.

  • You can view photos in the thumbnail, filmstrip, full screen and slideshow views.
  • Rotate and crop pictures without losing the original image quality.
  • Apply built in effects and filters on the photos.
  • The program installer is very confusing and user gets confused while installing the software.
  • Virus issue after installation of the software.
  • The interface is not much easy and you face issue in finding the editing options.
Windows Photo Gallery - XnView


If you want to use any of the windows photo gallery alternative software above then you can use them blindly without worrying about the editing options. If you need to do the basic editing on your images then these all program are fine but for the advanced level editing and easy interface you must go for the Fotophire Editing Toolkit only. This is the program which is available in a very easy interface and powerful photo editing options.

Sep 17,2018 17:50 pm