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How to Edit Photos on PC without Downloading Any Software

It is really challenging to manage memory space in the mobile phones whatever it might be Android or IOS devices. The coolest online platforms enable to make use of the services without any formal downloads. A similar scenario holds good even in the photo editing activities. Instead of downloading photo editing software in your mobile phones you can utilize the online options to carry out the desired tasks. In this article let me elaborate on how to edit photos on PC without any download.

Part 1. How to Edit Photos on PC without Downloading any Software

It is fun to edit photos in an online mode. The process is quite simple and you will feel very comfortable. No need to install and suffer with lack of memory space instead work smartly with the online photo editing environment. There are many online photo editing websites available with user friendly platform. It is enough if you follow the steps discussed below to edit the images successfully without downloading the software in your electronic device.

How to edit your photos on PC easily using Wondershare PixStudio online

Step 1: Visit the official home page of the PixStudio and click on “Start Design Now”.

Step 2: Choose the target design you would like to have. After you’ve uploaded the image, try to click “Remove Now” to remove the background.

Step 3: Click to “Background”  on the left and you can change the background color or massive exquisite background at your will. What's more, you also can add effect on your image to make your photo much more pretty.

Step 4: You can download the photo for free and get the resulting image.

Part 2. A Recommended Desktop Solution to Easily Edit Photos on PC

You can now easily edit your images on PC using an effective tool named as Wondershare Fotophire Editing Toolkit. It is the compatible software and provides you with various controls to work on the pictures creatively. This tool is highly recommended desktop solution which gives a lot of excitement and end up with unique results effortlessly.

Wondershare Fotophire Editing Toolkit
  • Enables you to apply more than 200 effects to your photos to make them better.
  • Crop or cut pictures to the size to meet any of your need.
  • Help you to remove any unwanted objects from your photos.
  • Allow you to use the Creative Blur to refocus your photos in a click.

5 Key Features:

  • Easily convert the images into a professional format.
  • Increase the clarity in the picture by working on every detail.
  • Trial version is available for learning purpose and later you can make the purchase after obtaining a better understanding.
  • The "Adjustment" control displays 8 effective options to work on the image.
  • Make use of the "Blur" control in order to focus a particular area in your picture.

How to Edit Photos with Fotophire Editing Toolkit on PC

Let us elaborate our discussion in learning the strategy of editing the images on a user friendly environment.

Stpe 1:Install the trial version at its official website and trigger the icon to begin out editing journey.

How to Edit Photos on PC-Download and Launch the Fotor Photo Editor

Step 2: Tap the "Photo Editor" option and choose the file which needs to be edited.

How to Edit Photos on PC-Import the Photo

Step 3: After successfully loading the image then click the "Adjustment" tab to work on various options such as brightness, hue, saturation, clarity etc. Move your cursor on those options to vary the default values. Adjust it according to your desire.

How to Edit Photos on PC-Make Adjustments to the Photo

Step 4: In the same tab click on the "Vignetting". You can view an expanded list then adjust the options such as "Amount", "Midpoint" and "Feather". You can witness considerable changes in your image.

How to Edit Photos on PC-Apply the Vigetting Effects

Step 5: Make use of the "Zoom in" and "Zoom out" option beneath the image area to alter size of the picture. Add frames to complete your editing process. Choose your desired frame layout by tapping the "Frame" control and select as per your desire. Finally you can save the image in your local drive by clicking the ‘Save’ icon at the top center of the editing window.

How to Edit Photos on PC-Add Frame to the Photo

Part 3. Another 10 Helpful Online Photo Editing Website for PC

Edit your images in an online mode without downloading any software. Identifying a reliable website to work on the images seems to be a challenging task. Here you can find a list of online photo editing websites with excellent features which feeds your creativity without any compromises. Surf through the below list of online photo editing websites.

1. Sumopaint


It is a best image editing tool in the online mode. It is also known as funkiest online editor. You can make use of this platform to edit as well as draw images on your own. It serves as a better feed for your creative and innovative ideas.

  • Offline option helps you to work on the images without internet connectivity.
  • There are more than 300 brushes to assist you in the drawing and editing process.
  • Increase the depth and detail of the images by making use of ‘Bump’ mapping filter.
  • To enjoy all the features in this editing tool you have to pay for it.
  • Difficulty in spotting out the desired controls.
  • Need guidance for the newbie to work on this online platform.
How to Edit Photos on PC - Sumopaint

2. Fotor


The features available in this editing website are really cool and you can conveniently work without much difficulty. Highly compatible environment and make use of HTML 5 to provide better performance.

  • Save the edited images in the cloud so that you can work anywhere and access the files effortlessly.
  • Remarkable performance with faster response.
  • Create high quality images by saving your edited files in the HD PDF formats for future use.
  • Some of the borders and texture options can be used only after the purchase.
  • Filters can be applied only to certain percentage level. Not possible to utilize the controls fully.
  • Limited feature in adding text to the images.
How to Edit Photos on PC - Fotor

3. LunaPic Editor


Edit your images in an online mode comfortably using this online editor. You can also edit videos in this platform by making use of the controls effectively. Upload the images effortlessly on the image area and start your creative works without any interruptions.

  • You can include animation effects on your picture.
  • Make use of the drawing tools to design your own images.
  • Upload the images to be edited from any platform such as websites, local drive, Drop box, Facebook, Instagram etc.
  • The options are very less when compared to other online photo editors.
  • Needs improvement in the quality of the editing process.
  • Few collections of filters.
How to Edit Photos on PC - LunaPic Editor

4. Pixlr Editor


Precise and high quality online photo editor. The ‘Help’ option assist the newbie to work on this platform conveniently.

  • Organized display of the controls.
  • The icons are very clear and there is no confusion in reaching out for the desired options to edit.
  • Switch over the editing platform to different languages as per your comforts.
  • You need a flash player to load this editing tool in your browser.
  • Need some guidance to use the free tools and Freebies.
  • You have to upgrade this online tool every now and then to work effectively.
How to Edit Photos on PC - Pixlr Editor

5. IPiccy


MyPaint is free cross platform photo editor software that can help you to edit the photos on the Mac, windows and UNIX operating system devices. This program was developed in 2004 and still the developers are providing the cool editing features without any cost. This program comes with a very easy to understand interface where you can easily understand every feature of the program. There are so many different types of brushes also available to edit the photos.

  • Create mind blowing collage with the edited images.
  • You can make use of this online tool as a graphic designer.
  • Updates the changes in the images quickly.
  • Updates the changes in the images quickly.
  • Color collections are not sufficient.
  • This online tool is not a best fit for the professionals.
How to Edit Photos on PC - IPiccy

6. Befunky


It is an awesome tool for the beginners. This online photo editor comprises of ample collections of tutorials to guide the newbie in this platform and make use of this photo editor optimally to obtain best results forever.

  • Convert your images into an art by making use of the artistic tools .
  • The Enhance DLX effects provides extra flair to the image.
  • Font pairing is possible in this online tool.
  • Collage maker feature comes under the paid version.
  • The Eraser tool is not included in the free package.
  • The free version of this online tool does not meet the expectations of the professionals.
How to Edit Photos on PC - Befunky

7. PhotoPea


PhotoPea is an advanced online image editor comprising of unique features. You can edit the pictures professionally without any regrets. The controls are displayed in a structured format for ease identification.

  • This online photo editor supports all types of image formats.
  • Quick guide available to assist you during the editing process.
  • Ease navigation between the controls.
  • Availability of basic filters.
  • Difficult to carry out batch editing process.
  • There is no Asset management feature.
How to Edit Photos on PC - PhotoPea

8. PiZap


A perfect online photo editor where the edited images can be easily shared in the social media just by tapping few controls in this online platform. Apart from photo editing you can work on creative ideas like designing Meme, Emoji etc.

  • Easy to understand the controls without any guidance or assistance.
  • Slice the pictures using cut out tools .
  • Add texts and unique stickers on the pictures to have real fun.
  • Exclusively this online app is applicable for youngsters and kids.
  • It can be used only to have fun and cannot be used in a business point of view.
  • Editing work gets interrupted by unnecessary advertisements.
How to Edit Photos on PC - PiZap

9. Fun Photo Box


Fun Photo Box comprises of wide range of features to work on the pictures. Create photofunia effect on your images using the effective tool collections from this online app. It is a simple app but still serves you with good compilation of editing controls.

  • Filters are available with High Resolution.
  • Easily add text to your images.
  • Triggers your creativity due to the presence of surplus collections of controls.
  • You will encounter issues while uploading the image in the editing area.
  • The response is very slow. It takes some time to update the edited changes in the picture.
  • Compatibility issues with the image formats.
How to Edit Photos on PC - Fun Photo Box

10. Polarr


Polarr app allows the user to select appropriate OS before carrying out the editing process. This online photo editor comprises of unique utilities to support the user for ease editing operation.

  • Add clouds to your image and change the temperature in your picture.
  • Retouch your selfie images .
  • Ease to focus on the color detail.
  • Make a purchase to enjoy the complete package.
  • Quite expensive to get access to all platforms associated with this photo editor.
  • There are only 14 basic filters are available in the free version.
How to Edit Photos on PC - Polarr


Thus, the online photo editors provide sufficient features and controls to work in the images effectively. The pictures can be edited in a unique manner on PC using Wondershare Fotophire Editing Toolkit. It is a highly recommended tool to obtain impressive outcomes.

Apr 30,2021 11:47 am