Photo Editor on Different System and Device

The Top 11 Best Photo Editor for IPhone in 2022

Due to the social media sites photo editing apps are regularly getting popularity in the online world. No one likes to upload bad looking pictures on the social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram etc. There are thousands of photo editor apps available in the Google play store and iOS app store with the different functionalities and features. Here in this article we will discover 11 best most popular and best photo editor apps for iphone which actually work and give you high quality output after editing the photos.

Part 1. Top 11 Best Photo Editor for IPhone




Snapseed app is a product of Google for editing the photos. This app is developed for the iOS and Android both users but as per few reviews iOS version of the app is far better than the Android version. There are so many basic photo editing tools available in the app which can be used for the photo editing without any charge.

  • Premade filters and effects for your photos that can easily turn ordinary photos to the beautiful photos.
  • It supports cropping, sharpening, color and exposure of photos with ease.
  • Removing the unwanted objects from pictures is also possible with the Snapseed.
  • Android version of the app can’t produce high quality images as compared to the iOS.
  • You can’t do advanced level editing.
  • Some users complained about the crashing of app on the iOS devices at the first.
Best Photo Editor for Iphone- Snapseed



Price: 19.99$

VSCO is another way of editing the photos on the Android and iOS mobiles. VSCO is actually a community of people where you can post your photos and share them with the other users. This app is a perfect way for editing the photos and sharing directly on the VSCO platform with friends directly. This app works just like the Instagram but for the premium features and premade stickers you have to buy premium version of app.

  • It enables you to give perfect vintage look to your photos.
  • You can adjust strength of all presets of the app.
  • If you are not satisfied with the available presets of the app then you can get more by spending few dollars.
  • You can only get basic photo editing presets in the app.
  • The price of more presets is very expensive.
  • When you try to open multiple images together the app get freezes.
Best Photo Editor for Iphone- VSCO

3. Superimpose X


Price: 4.9$

Superimpose X is a next generation powerful photo editor app available in the app with a very minimal cost. You can get this app for free without any charge from app store but to get access of all the features you need to buy pro version of the app. Superimpose X supports batch editing of the pictures so you can easily import multiple photos and edit them together in the app.

  • This app supports refining the hair color which is usually not available in the photo editor apps.
  • You can edit each layer in the app using the wide range of available tools in the app.
  • There is endless opportunity available in the app to beautify the pictures.
  • You can’t get high quality output after editing the images using the app.
  • There are so many bugs in the app reported by users.
  • The app supports very less image formats.
Best Photo Editor for Iphone- Superimpose X

4. Lens Distortions


Price: 4.99$

Lens Distortions is another iOS app for the iPhone lovers that allow people to edit the photos on iOS devices very easily. This app is one of the best high quality photo editor apps that allow you to add lens flares, rain, fog or snow on your photos and give different type of effects to your pictures. You can also use several effects and combine them to use on a single image.

  • Supports combining multiple effects and apply on a single image.
  • Easy to use slider to adjust opacity, contrast, color and brightness of the photos.
  • Give sunlight, moonlight and different nature effects to your ordinary pictures.
  • Unable to use this app on the iPad.
  • You can’t work using layers.
  • Supports only JPG format for output.
Best Photo Editor for Iphone- Lens Distortions

5. Mextures


Price: 0.99$

Mextures is available in the iOS app store for free of charge for editing your pictures but for the advanced features and removing ads you need to buy the app. There is wide range of several types of effects available in the app to give your photos a perfect look. There are so many standard editing tools provided in the app that can fine tune your photos with ease without much effort.

  • You can adjust all the available effects of the app to beautify the images.
  • It offers you vintage film, grunge, grain and grit effects.
  • You can save the applied effects to apply them directly on the other photos.
  • The app get freeze after applying the formula together on multiple photos.
  • There is not auto backup formula feature.
  • Still the app needs so many improvements.
Best Photo Editor for Iphone- Mextures

6. Adobe Lightroom CC


Price: 4.99$

Adobe Lightgroom CC app is a product of adobe officially which provides Photoshop for editing the images. This is really nice and produces high quality output. Lightgroom CC is the best photo editor for iPhone now which provides you all the basic editing features what you need to edit images on mobile devices. This iOS photo editor app is a very powerful but still simple solution to fulfill your photo editing needs.

  • With the photo editing it also enables you to capture and edit photos directly.
  • Capture photos with the special effects of app.
  • You can easily edit large photos and albums in batch within the app.
  • Syncing photos to the cloud doesn’t work.
  • Still so many features are not there such as working with layers.
  • It gets freezes so many times while editing the photos in batch.
Best Photo Editor for Iphone- Adobe Lightroom CC

7. Instagram


Price: Free

Mostly every picture lover who like to click photos and upload on the internet know about the Instagram app. Instagram is usually known as a social media app where you can post picture and small size videos. With the social sharing feature this app can also be used as a photo editor as there are so many filters and effects provided in the app which helps you in beautifying the photos before uploading them on your Instagram account.

  • Follow the people and your friends to see what they share over internet.
  • Messages your photos to your friends and family in the private chat.
  • Click the photos in the app directly and edit them before uploading with the special filters.
  • So many bugs in the app.
  • You can only do very basic changes to the photos.
  • Very less photo editing features so you have to use other apps.
Best Photo Editor for Iphone- Instagram

8. TouchRetouch


Price: 1.99$

TouchRetouch, as the name of this app says about it. This app is specially designed for retouching the simple images and gives a perfect look. TouchRetouch app magically removes the unwanted content or things from your photos such as telephones wires, power lines etc. This is an easy to use app with not much hard interface as compared to the other so you won’t face any issue in using the app ever you are not a professional user.

  • Remove all the unwanted things.
  • Select any part of the picture and work on it to beautify.
  • Adjust the blemishes and pimples of your skin with ease.
  • The app is very useful but you can only use it on the iPhone.
  • Trial version of the app is full of ads.
  • Sometimes images get blurred while removing the unwanted objects.
Best Photo Editor for Iphone- TouchRetouch

9. Enlight


Price: 3.99$

Enlight is another powerful best photo editor for iPhone today. This app is used by millions of people for editing the images. This app is very user friendly and enables you to make amazing looking photos on the iPhone right away. There are several image enhance tools available in the app such as image perfections, social media heaven, crop tools, innovative workflow, photo mixer, photo tools etc.

  • Selective control on the color, tone and details.
  • You can easily reproduce the vintage film and classic camera film.
  • Allows you to convert your ordinary photos in the artistic masterpiece.
  • Interface is slightly hard for the new users.
  • As compared to the other professional apps there are fewer features.
  • Sometimes you will face issue in saving the images and loss all your work done.
Best Photo Editor for Iphone- Enlight

10. Afterlight 2


Price: 2.99$

Afterlight 2 is the most powerful photo editor iOS app available in the app store to edit your photos and make them look beautiful. The developers update the app with new content every month for more options for their users. There is not any monthly subscription fee in the app so you can buy the app with one-time payment for one year. The new version of the app is redesigned with the easy to use interface as compared to the previous versions.

  • There are advanced tools available such as selective saturation/hue, clarity, curves, tone and many more to get the best output photos.
  • There is new group of real film light leaks, dusty file overlays in the newer version. You can also expand and rotate them.
  • All the available filters in the app are customizable to get more out of your photos.
  • No changes in the Afterlight 1 and Afterlight 2 versions. Both are same.
  • Price is slightly higher than compared to the other photo editor apps.
  • The size of app is very big and takes lot of space on your mobile.
Best Photo Editor for Iphone-  Afterlight 2

11. Glitché


Price: 64.99$

Glitché is a professional photo editor app with several photo editing options in it. This app is loved by millions of users worldwide in more than 122 countries. This app is an awesome tool that allows you to cut-edge visuals. This app is available in trial version for free of charge and there is no need to sign up any account on the app to use it. You can simply install it on your mobile and start personalizing your photos on the iPhone.

  • No signup required to use the app.
  • You can use real time video and photo filters.
  • Simple, easy to use and beautiful app design.
  • Every time you need to pay extra for more features and the full version is very costly.
  • The quality of original pictures gets downgraded after editing when you save them to your camera roll.
  • To save the picture in the original high quality you need to pay extra 2.99$. That’s really frustrating.
Best Photo Editor for Iphone-  Glitché

Part 2. Recommendation for a Better Desktop Photo Editor

Using a mobile app for the picture editing is really hard sometime because on the small screen you can’t do necessary changes what you need. So, Here Fotophire Editing Toolkit is available which comes with a cool interface which is easy to understand if we compared it to the Photoshop or photo editor desktop software. The Fotophire Editing Toolkit is the best photo editor for iPhone photos now and can easily do all the necessary changes to your photos as per your need.

Wondershare Fotophire Editing Toolkit
  • Enables you to apply more than 200 effects to your photos to make them better.
  • Crop or cut pictures to the size to meet any of your need.
  • Help you to remove any unwanted objects from your photos.
  • Allow you to use the Creative Blur to refocus your photos in a click.

5 Key Features:

  • This is the one stop photo editing solution and offers you photo editor, photo eraser and photo cutter.
  • You can quickly use more than 200 available filters on your photos which are premade available in the program.
  • The program allows you to save your own presets to apply them on new photos quickly.
  • You can try out your own backgrounds by removing the previous background of photos and replacing with your own.
  • Supports wide range of picture formats and covers mostly all image formats for editing the photos.

Step 1: Make sure the installation for the Fotophire Editing Toolkit is finished. Simply run the program and click on the “Photo Editor” at the welcome screen. Now click on the “Browse” button or simply drag & drop picture from your computer in the browsing screen.

Best Photo Editor for Iphone-Install and Launch the Fotophire Editing Toolkit

Step 2:Now click on the “Browse” button or simply drag & drop picture from your computer in the browsing screen.

Best Photo Editor for Iphone- Import the Photo

Step 3: When you click on the frames they will be applied on image in real time and you can check real time output on your picture. You can now use crop, adjustments and many more other tools of the editor. Once you have finished your editing save the image on your computer.

Best Photo Editor for Iphone-Add Frame on the Photo


With the above apps and software discussed in this article you can easily edit your photos but if you are still uncomfortable in using an app then you can blindly use Fotophire Editing Toolkit. This is always good to use a desktop program instead of app because on the bigger screen it is easy to edit any part of picture. The main thing is, you need to choose the desktop software which offers you high quality features, easy to use interface in the minimum budget.

Jul 06,2022 11:02 am