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8 Best Selfie Camera App Collection for Android and IOS

In the current scenario, due to the advent of the social networking platform selfie app has become one of the essential needs. This app haunts the mobile devices of the present generation and youngsters. The craze for selfies exists with all age groups. Despite of high resolution front cameras selfie app is necessary to retouch the images for improvement. To obtain graceful images as a selfie you need an excellent selfie app. Just get some awareness about the top selfie apps by reading through this article. This article comprises of details related to the best selfie camera app for Android as well as iOS devices. The best selfie apps were focussed from the vast collections in order to ease your research.

Part 1. 4 Most Useful Selfie Camera App Collection for Android

To enhance your self portrait images there is a need for additional apps. The best selfie camera app which suits the Android platform has been discussed below to bring exposure about the existence of these amazing tools.

1. BeautyPlus

Price: Free

BeautyPlus selfie app supports both Android as well as iOS. It is the best app to work on your skin tones in the selfies. This app is exclusively designed to make effective changes in your selfie images. There is availability of filters to create a perfect selfie. Design a natural image quickly by installing this tool in your Android devices.

Key Features

  • Whitens your teeth to embellish your smile.
  • This app removes the dark circles around your eyes in order to brighten the image.
  • Improves the complexion of the skin by removing the acne and enlarges your eyes to obtain better outcomes.
Best Selfie Camera App - BeautyPlus

2. YouCam Perfect

Price: Free

Create a flawless selfie using YouCam perfect app. You can have lots of fun with the built in sticker templates to bring a lively images. Design a perfect smile using this app in an effective manner. Moreover, edit your picture innovatively and remove unnecessary objects on the image just by few clicks.

Key Features

  • Turn out your selfies in the form of collage.
  • Add frame to your images for optimized results.
  • Make use of the Face Reshaper option to end up with perfect face shapes.
Best Selfie Camera App - YouCam Perfect

3. B612

Price: Free

B612 is a selfie app which is exclusively designed to work on facial enhancement. There are more than 1500 stickers built in which can be used on the face images just for fun and excitement. Make use of the filter options to bring changes in the skin tone. Brighten your overall facial outlook using this amazing app.

Key Features

  • Reach out to your desired stickers by adding it in your favourite lists.
  • Availability of analog filters to improve your clicks.
  • The changes made in the images get updated quickly without any delay.
Best Selfie Camera App - B612

4. Retrica

Price: Free

Retrica suits well for the Android devices. It can also be used on the Google cloud messaging platform. It enables you to personalize the images quickly as per your desires without any compromises. Share the edited images on your social networking walls just by few clicks. It is a selfie app with lots of technical support to satisfy the needs of the skilful lensmen.

Key Features

  • Unique filters are implemented .
  • It goes well even with the video files.
  • Create collage and develop different view of your image in order to fit perfectly within your favourite frames.
Best Selfie Camera App - Retrica

Part 2. 4 Most Useful Selfie Camera App Collection for IOS

Now, let us have a look at the selfie camera app collection for IOS platform. The compatibility of the apps varies and you have to be careful while downloading. Check whether the app fits flawlessly in your device before making a download clicks. Create a high resolution selfie images in your iOS device by installing the right app.

1. ProCamera

Price: $5.99

An exclusive selfie app for iPhone. This app seems to be one of the favourite apps for the iPhone users. It has lots of mind blowing features to bring a flawless image. The dual lens support increases the clarity of the image. You can also adjust the light intensity by operating the low light mode option to generate dazzling pictures.

Key Features

  • 80 filters have been implemented to obtain a unique results.
  • Click the Meta data viewer option to view the technical details about the image.
  • Enjoy HDR feature in this app and you will not find such a precise effect from any other app worldwide.
Best Selfie Camera App - ProCamera

2. Selfie Editor-face tune photo

Price: Free

This selfie app suits well for both iPhone and iPad. This app comprises of good number of beautifying tools to work on the clicked images. You can take a selfie and immediately make necessary changes in your face image without any issues. Create a radiant face using this professional app. This app is also known as face tune app.

Key Features

  • Optimum resizing feature just by a single tap.
  • Get rid of the wrinkles in your face images using a retouch option.
  • Work on the eyes in your image to bring about vibrant looks.
Best Selfie Camera App - Selfie Editor-face tune photo

3. Perfect 365

Price: Free

The basic version of Perfect 365 seems to be available for free download but if you want to utilize the extended features then you have to pay for it. This app offers the users with exclusive collections of makeup tools to enhance your image optimally. Wide ranges of colour compilations are implemented to make the picture livelier.

Key Features

  • 200 pre set styles have been listed out and it can be identified by the user easily.
  • Pro colour Palette design is available to create colourful images .
  • The cutting edge face detection feature assist the user to make use of perfect make up tools in order to obtain the desired results without compromising on any factors.
Best Selfie Camera App - Perfect 365

4. Prisma Photo Editor

Price: Free

Prisma is a cool photo editing app. Convert your selfies in the form of paintings. You can run this app on iPhone, iPad etc without any interruptions. Moreover, it is a unique selfie app where the photo editing is done in an artistic manner. Enrol in the Prisma community to know more about the app and its working environment.

Key Features

  • 300 styles have been implemented to bring about unique artistic looks .
  • Try out new filters daily since the app gets updated with the newly released filter in regular basis.
  • Photo enhancement tool gives a new look to your selfies.
Best Selfie Camera App - Prisma Photo Editor

Part 3. Another Useful Desktop Photo Editor Solution to Perfect Selfie Photos

If you are looking for a desktop solution to work with your selfie images then Wondershare Fotophire Editing Toolkit is the right option. Though there may be many products in the online digital market but still this product Wondershare Fotophire Editing Toolkit is the unique tool which exhibits creative and innovative environment to design stunning selfies.

Wondershare Fotophire Editing Toolkit
  • Enables you to apply more than 200 effects to your photos to make them better.
  • Crop or cut pictures to the size to meet any of your need.
  • Help you to remove any unwanted objects from your photos.
  • Allow you to use the Creative Blur to refocus your photos in a click.

5 Key Features:

  • Professional tools in the Wondershare Fotophire Editing Toolkit platform assist in creating an impressive and magnificent selfie images.
  • This app supports many image formats such as JPEG, PNG, and BMP etc.
  • Work on your skin tones by varying the tone curve feature.
  • Choose your desired aspect ratio by making use of the cut and crop option.
  • Bring an artistic view by including appropriate filter effects on your selfie image.

Surf through the below tactics done on your selfie images using the innovative tool Wondershare Fotophire Editing Toolkit.

Step 1: Visit the official website of Wondershare and download the trial version of Fotophire Editing Toolkit to learn about its unique features. Install the tool and click the shortcut in your desktop. Now, let us travel in this iconic tool for editing the selfie image.

Best Selfie Camera App - Download the Fotophire Editing Toolkit

Step 2: Tap the "Open" button and load the selfie image to begin the editing activity.

Best Selfie Camera App - Open the Image to the Program

Step 3: Change the skin tone using the filter effects. Let us try out some of the filters and find out whether it meets the expectations. Click the "Effects" tab and select "Blue wash" filter from the "Popular" section.

Best Selfie Camera App - Choose the Blue Wash Filter

Step 4: Here we go with another filter selection. "Holiday" filter from the same "Popular" selection.

Best Selfie Camera App - Choose the Holiday Filter

Step 5: Finally, let me go with the "fashion" filter from "Photography" section. Wow! The selfie images are really stunning. Awesome creativity exists in filter. You can infer amazing changes in the edited selfie picture.

Best Selfie Camera App - Choose the Fashion Filter

Step 6: Now, click the "Adjustments" tab on the top right of the screen and select "Tone curve" from the expanded list to work on the RGB pattern. Beautify your selfie a little more using this option.

Best Selfie Camera App - Make Adjustments for the Photo

Step 7: Carry out the focussed toning activity by choosing the "Color Balance" option from the similar page.

Best Selfie Camera App - Carry out the Color Balance Option

Step 8: Finally let us give an ending touch to the selfie by adding a "Travel" frame and "Brokeh" texture for better image.

Best Selfie Camera App - Add Frame and Texture for the Photo

Step 9: Save the changes by tapping the "Save" button at the centre top of the screen. In case if you want to have a view between processed selfie image and original image, then make use of the "Before and after split window" option beneath the screen of this photo editor.

Best Selfie Camera App - Save All the Changes for the Finished Photo


Post a spectacular selfie images on your social networking wall by retouching your images using an effective photo editor app. Wondershare Fotophire Editing Toolkit is an outstanding app with dominating tools to work on the selfie images. It is a best selfie camera app. Invoke your creativity skills using this impressive app. Get immediate access to the Wondershare Fotophire Editing Toolkit at its official website and take off your excited photo editing journey with this amazing platform.

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