Photo Editor on Different System and Device

Dslr Picture Editor Tutorials for Average Use and Professional Use

When it comes to selecting the camera for clicking the best picture then many of you will go for DSLR. This is the best option for photography that any professional or non-professional photographer would like to have. However, buying the DSLR camera doesn’t fit all the budgets. So, many people look for the affordable photo editing tool which allows them to click the photos just like the DSLR picture editor.Wondershare Fotophire is one of the best photos editing software with which you can create DSLR like pictures.

Part 1. Dslr Picture Editor Tutorials for Professional Use

Professional photographers and some individuals who have good knowledge about photo editing generally prefer DSLR picture editor. This helps them to get the brighter, clearer and super fine quality of images. One of the most popular DSLR photo editors is Photoshop. This is the advanced photo editing software which is ideally for the professional use. Photoshop contains a variety of editing tools which help in getting the DSLR effects in the images.

How to Use Dslr Picture Editor for the Professional Use?

One of the most interesting features of DSLR camera is that it is capable of focusing high on your subjects while blur the rest. To get the similar effect in Photoshop photo editor, you are required to follow some steps. For this, here are the tutorials for professionals who can use this software to get the desired DSLR pictures.

Step 1: Open the image which you want to edit in this software to get the DSLR effect.

DSLR Picture Editor-Open the File

Step 2: Click on Filter option present on the menu bar of the home page of Photoshop. Now select Blur Gallery option from the drop down menu and select Iris Blue. This tool is helpful in defining the focal point while rest of the image is blurred.

DSLR Picture Editor-Click the Filter Option

Step 3: Now you have to adjust the focal points on the images. When you open the image here, you will find certain points on the image. At the middle, there is a ring which is the target. The image is sharp and clear at this center. Blurriness increases when you move the cursor farther from this centre.

DSLR Picture Editor-Adjust the Focal Points

Step 4: Adjust the blur area, blur transition and blur amount with the options available. This helps in adjusting the blur feature in your photos and makes them impressive.

DSLR Picture Editor-Adjust the Blur Area

Part 2. Dslr Picture Editor Tutorials for Average Use

If you are not a professional or well versed with the professional photography tool then you can use software which is for average use. Affinity photo is another smart photo editing software that allows the users to edit photos to get the DSLR like photos. It means with the help of this software, you will be getting HD photos which you get by clicking the photos with DSLR.

How to Use Dslr Picture Editor for the Average Use?

If you are using the Affinity photo editor then you can get various types of effects which you often get in the DSLR camera. Some of the most interesting features of Affinity Photo image editor include RAW image editing, sub-pixel precision, modes for specific tasks, focus stacking, professional retouching. It provides attractive interface to edit the photos. If you are using this photo editor for getting the photos as if they have been clicked by DSLR then follow the below mentioned steps:

Stpe 1: Install the software on your computer and open its home page. There you will see the option “Develop Persona” Click on it. This allows the photos clicked in Raw or Raw + JPEG modes to open in Develop persona mode.

DSLR Picture Editor-Choose the Develop Persona Option

Step 2: In the develop persona mode, you will get the controls for making various types of adjustments in the photos. Here you can edit the white balance, color tone, crop and heal the image and add overlay. Most of the adjustments are performed here.

DSLR Picture Editor-Make Adjustment for the Photo

Step 3: You may have automatically applied the effects destructively through Develop persona but if you are expecting the non-destructive effect then you have to make the copy of that layer first. After this, you can add various types of effects in your images to make it look like the DSLR images.

DSLR Picture Editor- Apply the Effect

Part 3. Another Better Picture Editor Solution for Both Professional Use and Average Use

Well, after knowing the separate photo editor for getting the DSLR photo effects in your photos, most of the beginner photographers want to have the photo editing software which they can use in the initial phase of learning as well as in advanced phase. Hence, they are required to get the Wondershare Fotophire Editing Toolkit. This is a comprehensive photo editing tool which is helpful in editing photos according to your own choice. Beginners can use it conveniently because of attractive user-interface while the professionals use it for getting the precision details in the photos.

Wondershare Fotophire Editing Toolkit
  • Enables you to apply more than 200 effects to your photos to make them better.
  • Crop or cut pictures to the size to meet any of your need.
  • Help you to remove any unwanted objects from your photos.
  • Allow you to use the Creative Blur to refocus your photos in a click.

5 Key Features:

  • Fotophire editing toolkit contains Photo editor, photo cutter and photo eraser for detailed editing purposes.
  • It offers more than 20 blend modes.
  • This photo editing tool supports various types of file formats including JPEG, PNG, BMP, Jxr.
  • It offers drag and drop interface, customized brush sizes and many others photo editing tools like lasso, clone stamp, edge blur and more.
  • You can zoom enlarge your photos upto 1000 times without distorting the pixels of your image.

Wondershare Fotophire Editing Toolkit for DSLR like Photo Tutorials

If you are using the Wondershare’s Fotophire Editing toolkit to create DSLR effect with Focal blur picture, then you can follow the below steps carefully. It will help the users to correctly use this software for getting the best DSLR like effect on your photos.

Stpe 1: Download ,Install and Launch Fotophire on your computer. Select photo editor. Now open the software and import the image which you want to edit.

DSLR Picture Editor-Download , Launch and Open the File from the Local Computer

Step 2: From the listed menus, choose creative blur under adjustment. Some focal points will appear on the image. Now move the points to the target focus.

DSLR Picture Editor-Choose the Blur

Step 3: Make the correct adjustments according to your needs and then you are done to get DSLR like focal blur effect in your image.

DSLR Picture Editor- Made the Adjustment According to the the Mode


These days, so many types of photo editing tools are available which help you to get the amazing photos. However, not all the photo editors are capable of giving the desired results, Hence, you should use Fotophire editing toolkit for getting the DSLR effect in your photos. This software allows smooth editing features which makes your photos more impressive. It has various types of editing tools which give sharp features to your photos with perfect color adjustments.

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