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20 Most Helpful Selfie Background Changer Software & Apps in 2022


This is totally true that today people like to click selfies and they do everything to click beautiful selfies. People who are unable to click the beautiful selfies they edit their photos using the photo editor apps and other ways. This is also true that mostly people edit their photos before posting to social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram etc. People take care a lot about the images background and this is important as well. In this article we are going to share some best selfie background changer apps and software for different devices.

Part 1. Most Helpful Selfie Background Changer Software in 2022

1. Wondershare Fotophire Editing Toolkit

Price: $49.99


Wondershare Fotophire Editing Toolkit is windows software which can easily change the selfie background on the windows operating systems. This program helps you to edit the photos, sharpen, brightness and anything else what you want to do with the images. Fotophire Editing Toolkit comes with the photo editor, photo cutter and photo eraser tools. These tool are enough to beautify your photos to post on the social media sites.

Wondershare Fotophire Editing Toolkit
  • Enables you to apply more than 200 effects to your photos to make them better.
  • Crop or cut pictures to the size to meet any of your need.
  • Help you to remove any unwanted objects from your photos.
  • Allow you to use the Creative Blur to refocus your photos in a click.
  • Fotophire Toolkit allows you to make stunning photos by applying more than 200 effects.
  • This is a complete editing toolkit and the great part is that everything is there with an easy to use interface.
  • Free trial helps you to understand the program features quickly.
  • Trial version is limited to 15 days only.
  • This is only available for the windows OS.
  • You need the software installed on computer for editing.
Most Helpful Selfie Background Changer - Fotophire Editing Toolkit

2. Fotor

Price: 39.99$ per year


Fotor is a simple basic photo editor program to enhance your selfies. This software helps you to edit your selfie quickly without any issue. This program is available free of cost but for the additional features you have to buy paid version of the program. It can quickly retouch your photos but you can’t do much editing and get the quality output with this software. This program supports photo reshaping, red eye remover, removing Winkle, Lip Tint etc.

  • There are mostly all basic editing tools available there in this program.
  • Cross platform program available for multiple devices.
  • Many new features in the new updated version.
  • Too many ads in the free trial version.
  • Program is costly according to the features.
  • Not easy to use for the new people.
Most Helpful Selfie Background Changer - Fotor


Price: Free


GIMP is an open source free photo editor program available for windows, Mac and some other platforms without any cost. This program is open source so technical people can easily edit the source and use it according to their needs. GIMP is fully compatible with the mostly all Photoshop files and in the newer version of the GIMP people can get the new interface with many changes.

  • Free and open source program without any cost anyone can download and use it.
  • Interface is little easy to use.
  • Supports mostly all Photoshop files.
  • Text tool is not much good.
  • There is no layer adjustment available.
  • Sometime hangs the system while editing photos.
Most Helpful Selfie Background Changer - GIMP

4. Krita

Price: Free


Krita is an easy to use free professional photo editor program which is developed for the windows, Mac and UNIX operating systems. This program is free so you get a donate button on the official site to supports the developers. Krita can easily cover all basic editing options such as remove blemishes, concept art, texture painters, illustrations and comics convers. This free software is optimized for Linux, Mac OS and windows operating systems.

  • The program interface is customizable.
  • Free software and you can also get the updated versions for free again.
  • There are dozens of tools available for photo editing.
  • The working of computer is very slow than compared even if you are using fast computer systems.
  • It is not easy to manage layers.
  • The output quality of the program is not much good one.
Most Helpful Selfie Background Changer - Krita

5. Pixelmator

Price: $59.99


Pixelmator is paid selfie background changer software for the Mac computers and laptops. This editor software is mostly developed for everyone and due to the easy to use interface of the program you can easily understand the features. This app helps you to give gorgeous look to your photos. This is easy to understand that can be used by everyone even you are the first time user or you are using the program from a long time.

  • Light weighted and easy to run on any machine with high or low hardware configuration.
  • Active and user friendly interface.
  • Additional extra plugins to enhanced functionality.
  • Only designed for windows users.
  • Limited control over the editing tasks.
  • Limited brush options.
Most Helpful Selfie Background Changer - Pixelmator

6. MyPaint

Price: Free


MyPaint is free cross platform photo editor software that can help you to edit the photos on the Mac, windows and UNIX operating system devices. This program was developed in 2004 and still the developers are providing the cool editing features without any cost. This program comes with a very easy to understand interface where you can easily understand every feature of the program. There are so many different types of brushes also available to edit the photos.

  • Free software with an easy to use interface.
  • Comes with so many different brushes.
  • Retouch the photos on multiple platform devices.
  • Sometimes unable to process images.
  • Supports very less input and output formats.
  • PSD format is not supported.
Most Helpful Selfie Background Changer - MyPaint

7. Photoscape

Price: $39.99


PhotoScape is a powerful photo editor program that can be also used by the professionals. This software is available there for windows users only and you can use this program to edit the photos, change the background of your photos or remove the unwanted things from them without affecting photos. PhotoScape program is there for free but a paid version is also available which comes with more features.

  • Premium features of photo editing available without any cost.
  • There are more than 1000 effects and filters to apply on photos.
  • Remove images background and update them with the new one.
  • Most options are locked in the trial version of PhotoScape Pro.
  • Can’t edit photos in batch if you are using trial.
  • It is not possible to test all features in trial so people get confused whether to buy it or not.
Most Helpful Selfie Background Changer - Photoscape

8. Sketch

Price: $99


Sketch selfie background changer is a cool photo editing app for Mac and windows OS. This app is very easy to use as compared to the Photoshop. This tool is easy to use but the great part is that it usually comes with all features which are available there in the Photoshop. As per few users this program is very useful because of the easy to use interface that can be understandable by everyone who have some knowledge about the photo editing.

  • Available for both Mac and windows.
  • YouTube videos help people to learn about using programs.
  • Same tools are available just like Photoshop.
  • This program is very costly.
  • Supports very less image formats.
  • Not much popular among professionals.
Most Helpful Selfie Background Changer - Sketch

9. Affinity Photo

Price: $59.99


Affinity Photo is another professional photo editing software for the windows and Mac. This program is fully developed for professionals with mostly all same features as the Photoshop. This program comes with mostly all popular tools such as brushes, effects etc to use on your photos. This program gives your faster performance while editing photos. You can also merge the multiple photos together and make a beautiful college using those photos with the program.

  • Merge from raw photos.
  • Supports cutting, cropping or removing unwanted things from your photos.
  • You can also export and import PSD files.
  • The price of program is not cheap.
  • Sometimes you can only do basic editing of photos due to the lack of tools.
  • 3D editing is not supported by the software.
Most Helpful Selfie Background Changer - Affinity Photo

10. CorelDRAW Graphics Suite

Price: Free


CorelDraw Graphics Suite program is a fully featured professional photo editing software which can easily work as a selfie background changer program as well. CorelDraw is mostly used to make the logo for websites and businesses. This software comes with variety of photo editing ways so you can edit the photos by painting on screen by hand or by using your mouse and keyboards. LiveSketch feature of the app helps you to directly draw the photos by using your hand.

  • You can customize all the controls of the software.
  • The hardware support of the software is very excellent.
  • Totally designed for professionals.
  • There is only windows version available.
  • Program is not easy to use for new people.
  • Price of the program is very costly and you can only buy it from resellers.
Most Helpful Selfie Background Changer - CorelDRAW Graphics Suite

Part 2. Most Helpful Selfie Background Changer Apps in 2022

Top 5 iOS Selfie Background Changer Apps

1. Aviary


Price: 0.99$

Aviary is a very cool iOS app for the iOS users. This iOS selfie background changer app comes with near about 100 free filters to apply on images but you can’t use it for free. There are some features available in the app which enables you to lighten your face tone from dark. This app is totally a magical way to edit your photos and you don’t need to do much efforts to use or you don’t need to have tech skills to use this app.

  • Directly enhance your selfies directly on your iOS devices.
  • Supports both iPad and iPhone devices.
  • Many free and paid filter to apply on images free of cost.
  • Not any option to work on layers.
  • Selecting the specific part of an image is not supported.
  • Less features.
Most Helpful Selfie Background Changer - Aviary

2. YouCamPerfect


Price: 17.99$

YouCamPerfect is a regularly growing Selfie Background Changer app available for the iPhone and iPad. This app is fully compatible with both devices and you can directly click the Selfies using the app with the preset filters. For the previously available photos it allows you to slim the face, edit the tired eyes or remove blemishes with few taps. You can do many more other things using this app.

  • Supports auto editing that can help you to automatically retouch photos with one click.
  • With photos it also supports clicking videos.
  • While clicking photos it can detect multiple faces.
  • The price of app is higher as compared to the other mobile apps.
  • Unable to load photos sometimes.
  • Only Facebook and Gmail supported to share photos online.
Most Helpful Selfie Background Changer - YouCamPerfect

3. MomentCam Cartoons & Stickers


Price: 0.99$

MomentCam Cartoons & Stickers app is an iOS app which is compatible with iPhone and iPad. This app is the winner of Facebook app of the year in the 2015. MomentCam app usually provides you feature about editing images with the funny stickers. You can apply funny background and foreground to the images clicked on your iPhone. There are more than 300 million users downloaded this app on the iOS devices.

  • It supports turning simple photos to the awesome funny photos.
  • Text bubbles help you to apply funny text on the photos.
  • Face expressions can also be changed.
  • It only works on the photos. Apply effects on videos is not possible.
  • Too many ads are shown by the developers.
  • You can’t get option to close the ads.
Most Helpful Selfie Background Changer - MomentCam Cartoon & Stickers

4. Facetune


Price: 3.99$

Facetune is a free photo editing app which also supports editing of selefies with cool effects and filters. Facetune is developed to maintain the face tone in your photos and you can retouch photos with the editing tools. Facetune app provides you an easy to use powerful photo editing tool to edit photos and gives you perfect quality output to impress your social media friends and family.

  • Refine your smiles in the photos.
  • Quickly apply the effects to smoothen your skin.
  • Give your eyes a beautiful look.
  • App size is very big.
  • Available for the iOS 9 or later versions only.
  • You may face issue of ads in the free version.
Most Helpful Selfie Background Changer - Facetune

5. Retrica - Discover Yourself


Price: Free

Retrica - Discover Yourself as the name of this app says about the features. This app can easily edit the photos on your iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad. This app is very nice for the Instagram lovers who always like to post the photos on Instagram and can’t live without posting the photos on other social sites as well. There are more than 100 real time filters available in the app which helps people to click photos and apply filters in real time.

  • Different types of perfect filters for every different occasion.
  • Supports real time selfie clicking with the applied filters.
  • Free to use without any charge.
  • You need to go for pro version to get the pro filters.
  • App interface is not easy to use.
  • There are no face filters in the Retrica.

Top 5 Android Selfie Background Changer Apps

Most Helpful Selfie Background Changer - Retrica

1. Candy Camera - selfie, beauty camera, photo editor


Price: Free

Candy Camera selfie background changer is a must have Android app for the all Android users who love to clicked selfies of every moment. This Selfie background changer requires you to have 4.0.3 or upper version of Android OS. In advance this app enables you to click real time photos using the inbuilt filters and effects of the inbuilt camera of app. In the candy camera app you can also find so many options to click the real time snapshots.

  • This app has so many beauty functions for the Selfies.
  • Comes with so many popular filters such as RainyDay, Everyday etc.
  • Stitch up selfies using college mode.
  • There is video capturing facility is not provided in the app.
  • You need to buy paid version to use some premium features as they are locked in free version.
  • Resolution issue so sometimes it gives null * null resolution error.
Most Helpful Selfie Background Changer - Candy Camera

2. B612 - Beauty & Filter Camera


Price: Free

B612 is an ultimate Selfie app for the Android users and this app is marketed as the “Ultimate Selfie Editor” due to the fantastic available features in it. B612 offers you free filters and effects to use on your images. You can use near about 1500 stickers on your images using this app for free. You need to have at least 4.3 or up version of Android to use it. The developers of the app usually update the app very frequently with the new effects and filters.

  • Tilt Shift Effect of the app enables you to give Shallow depth image look to your photos.
  • It supports autofocus technology to adjust the photos and detect face automatically while clicking Selfies.
  • College allows you to choose from dozens of filters.
  • The output resolution of photos is not good.
  • The interface is not easy to use.
  • No tutorials to understand the working of app.
Most Helpful Selfie Background Changer - B612

3. Cymera Selfie Editor - Photo Collage, Camera


Price: 3.99$

Cymera app is a very popular Selfie Background Changer app for the Android users which works on mostly all Android devices because it varies according to devices. Cymera offers you more than 200 natural hairs and different kinds of face makeups. You can easily correct skin tone, white balance using this app. This is not the end; you can get many more features when you purchase the premium version of app.

  • It comes with various 7 different types of exciting camera lenses.
  • Supports real time photo clicking.
  • The app is available in the more than 10 languages.
  • The app is still hard to use for the newbie users.
  • People can’t find the right options easily.
  • You can adjust color saturation or adjust shadow.
Most Helpful Selfie Background Changer - Cymera Selfie Editor

4. BestMe Selfie Camera


Price: 2.99$

BestMe Selfie Camera app comes with so many unique filters as compared to others such as Maggie, Debby and World. This app has capability of recognizing people faces to click the perfect Selfies. This Selfie Background Changer app enables you apply awesome blur effects, vignette options to the photos without any cost. There is option provided to share the edit or changed background Selfies to share instantly on social media sites.

  • You can apply more than 125 real time filters to your photos.
  • It allows you to apply more than 100 filters to the photos instantly.
  • Wide range of sharing options available to share photos on social media sites.
  • The app offers you text in grey color with a small font size which sometimes hard to read.
  • No option provided to adjust the image quality.
  • The app crashes so many times at the time of clicking Selfies.
Most Helpful Selfie Background Changer - BestMe Selfie Camera

5. Beauty Makeup Snappy Collage Photo Editor – Lidow


Price: 6.99$

Beauty Makeup Snappy Collage Photo Editor app is also known as Lidow. This app is a free app to edit the photos but to get more advanced features you have buy premium version which is little costly. It comes with dark type of backgrounds interface to use with your images with the shortcuts. There are so many stylish layers available in the app to design your Selfies with the amazing effects and filters even you can change the aspect ratio of your photos.

  • It offers you a color splash function to give dramatic effect to your photos.
  • This app also offers you an easy way to make college from the photos collection.
  • Hundreds of free filters and effects in the trial version.
  • It reduces the image quality of original images.
  • You can’t save images in the HD formats.
  • This app only supports .JPG and .PNG formats so you can’t choose the output format for your pictures.
Most Helpful Selfie Background Changer - Beauty Makeup Snappy Collage Photo Editor


Well these are the best available options over internet to edit your photos on the mobile devices and systems quickly. These Selfie Background Changes apps and software are good as per the functions and you can try anyone as per your choice. If you like to use the best one then you can blindly go for Fotophire Editing Toolkit. Due to the easy to use interface and high quality output you never need to worry about the output results of the program.

Jul 06,2022 10:49 am