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What are the Most Important Aspects for A Real Photo Background Changer

Today, on the Instagram and other social media sites everyone like to upload the perfect selfies and an impressive collection of photos to attract their friends and family. This is sometimes not possible click the perfect Selfies due to the location or any other issue. Obviously for this issue you need to choose a real photo editor app that can actually work as a real photo background changer app or software as well. Before buying or trying any real photo background changer you need to know What's the most important aspects for a real photo background changer software or app. In this article we are going to have a look at these aspects.

Part 1. What Do People Care About a Photo Background Changer

There are thousands of apps and software available for editing the images background on iOS, Android, windows or Mac devices. If you are looking for a perfect photo changer app or software or going to buy then you must need to read the most important things and they must be there in the background changer. Let’s learn about the top features of real photo background changer software.

1. Usability

This is the No. 1 and very important feature of the background changer which you have in your software. There are many software and apps available in the market which can’t be used just because of the hard interface where people face issues in finding the right option at the right time. Photoshop is the world’s most popular photo editor software but many people don’t like to use it and the only reason is that Photoshop is for professionals and not easy to use.

2. Difference between Original and Processed Image Quality

Every image editor software can easily process the edited images but the main issue is that the output quality of the processed images. This is not always possible to get the high quality images after editing or changing background due to the software algorithms. Image editing programs gives different outputs as per user needs but the best software will give you the HD quality image as output without any additional refining software.

3. Crop Images

Cropping is usually known as the removing unwanted area from the photos but sometimes it is done to crop a part from a bigger image to adjust in new image as a background or foreground. Real photo editor software will always crop the photos in the high resolution than the previous one. Image editor software will discard the unwanted part of an image and gives you totally a new image with new size and resolution which can be used as a photo background or anywhere else. So, Cropping is also a most important feature of a photo editor program.

4. Personalized New Backgrounds

It is really possible to change the images background using a photo editor software but sometimes you need to check whether you can use your own background with images or not. Some software and app allows you to apply preset background which is available in the app and you can’t use your own backgrounds. In that case before choosing real photo background changer software you need know about this feature of the software.

5. Save the Applied Settings

You can edit the photos in your own way using photo editor software by adjusting size, contrast, skin tone etc. Sometimes you want to apply the same effects to all of your photos in that case you need to do same changes again and again with your photos. The only point you need to take care here that choose the software which allows you to save your applied effects and filters to apply later on the other images. If your software support this feature then it will take one second and one click only to apply those effects to other images as well.

Conclusion: These are few major things you need to keep in mind while choosing a perfect photo editor program. We have chosen these aspects after reading thousands of user reviews about the photo editor programs. This is really possible to get the high quality software if you by keeping these small things in your mind.

Part 2. Use a Real Photo Background Changer to Change Your Photo Background

Wondershare Fotophire Editing Toolkit

After reading all the main features of real photo background changer software we have presented software that comes with these all features and produce the high quality results as an image editor. This program is Wondershare Fotophire Editing Toolkit which is a fully featured program for windows with the options to edit backgrounds, add new background, save applied effects etc. There are mostly all great features provided in this program and the great part is that these all features are there in a very non-tech easy to use interface.
Wondershare Fotophire Editing Toolkit
  • Enables you to apply more than 200 effects to your photos to make them better.
  • Crop or cut pictures to the size to meet any of your need.
  • Help you to remove any unwanted objects from your photos.
  • Allow you to use the Creative Blur to refocus your photos in a click.
Key Features of Fotophire Editing Toolkit
  • Remove unwanted objects or whole background from image and replace with new cool backgrounds. You can easily apply the own background with just one click from your system right away.
  • Perfect your photos with more than 200 effects and large number of frames or overlays. The photos output will be always produced in high quality.
  • Vignette and Blue option is there to concentrate on any part of image to repair the blurred photos as per your need.
  • There are near about 100 classic inbuilt frames available to apply on photos.
  • You can preview the photos in 4 different styles: Horizontal, Split, Side by Side or vertical view.

How to Use This Background Changer to Change Photo Background

Step 1:

This is a desktop program for windows so make sure you are using windows. Open the website of software and click the “Download” button. After downloading Setup file install the program on computer by following on screen instructions.

Real Photo Background Changer - Start Fotophire Editing Toolkit

Step 2:

Now you have to add images to change the background. You can drag & drop photos here in the next screen or simply click the “Open” button to browse photos manually from your computer.

Note: You can also add pictures in batch to change background.

Real Photo Background Changer - Import Image from Computer to Program Window

Step 3:

After adding the photos look at the right side of interface. Here under “Cut Out” see “Paint Areas to Remove”, Choose “Brush Size”, “Quality” and Edge Blur.

Real Photo Background Changer - Paint Areas to Remove

Step 4:

Now draw lines on the background of your image to remove the old background. When you draw lines on the image, program automatically the remaining background part of photos and start removing the background.

Real Photo Background Changer - Start Removing Background from Image

Step 5:

When the image background is totally removed you will see the processed image like the below screenshot.

Real Photo Background Changer - Display Transparent Background

Step 6:

Now again in the right side of program click the label “Photomontage” and choose the background the presets. If you are not satisfied the preset background then simply click the “+” button and choose your own background from computer. After adding background to photo press the “CTRL + S” button or click the “Save” button on the top of interface.

Real Photo Background Changer - Save Changes

Part 3. Another 5 Helpful Alternatives to Fotophire Editing Toolkit

1. Photoshop CC


Price: $149

Photoshop CC is a development is Adobe officially to edit the photos on windows and Mac machines. Adobe Photoshop CC is a fully featured image editor program that can help you to create what you think in your mind. This program is good but the only issue is that it is not much easy to use and developed for the professionals only. Using the Adobe Photoshop you can easily work on layers which are simply not available in other programs.

Real Photo Background Changer - Photoshop CC

2. Pixelmator


Price: $29.99

Pixelmator is a very beautiful real photo background changer app for the Mac available as an alternative to the Fotophire Editing Toolkit. This program is very fast, powerful and easy to use software for Mac and it gives you very good performance while editing images on Mac. This program also a layer based software so you can easily create layers from the photos, pictures from selection etc. You can easily change the opacity of layers or add layer masks to the photos.

Real Photo Background Changer - Pixelmator

3. Acorn


Price: $29.99

Acorn is a very powerful and new image editor program available for Mac officially. This is good alternative to the Fotophire toolkit but the only issue is that it is not available for windows. It enables you to edit photos and you can also take screenshots right away using software on Mac and edit them same time. This program also follows the industry standards and allows you to edit the images based on layers. If you are facing lack of text on your images then this is also possible to apply cool and lovely text on the photos with this program.

Real Photo Background Changer - Acorn



Price: Free

GIMP is a fully featured multi-platform operating system program to edit the images. This is totally free of cost and you can use it on windows, Mac, Android and iOS devices without paying a single penny. It supports images retouching by everyone. You can use this image editor program just like a paint program or like a professional photo editor program. There is batch image processing supported by the software to process the multiple images together with one click.

Real Photo Background Changer - GIMP

5. PhotoBulk


Price: $9.99

PhotoBulk is a photo editor app which saves your lot of time in editing the photos due to the easy interface and batch processing of images together in bulk. It enables you to add watermarks, add text, remove background and replace background of photos on the Mac right away. This program also supports resizing the images as per users need to post social media or any other purpose. The drag & drop interface of the Mac software can easily add the images for editing.

Real Photo Background Changer - PhotoBulk


We have discussed about the top most real photo background changer software for Mac and windows in this article. These all program are good to use but according to the must have features of an image editor software Fotophire Editing toolkit is the best one. This is easy to use, support batch image editing, allows you to add your personalized photos in background, retouch images from scratch and supports mostly all image formats. As per our recommendation you can try this program once to test the easy to use features of the software.

May 31,2018 9:37 am