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Most Helpful Photo Background Changer Apps in 2022

Anyone who is looking to edit their photos always try to look for the best app which can easily edit photos and comes with easy interface with cool options. Due to the Selfie craze everyone like to post the best Selfies on the social media sites. Of course most of the people edit their photos and change the background or remove something unwanted things from the photos. To remove anything from the photos and editing backgrounds you always need a high quality app for the mobile devices. In this article we are going to discuss about photo background changer app to beautify your photos.

Part 1. Top 6 Photo Background Changer Apps for iPhone

1. Facetune


Price: $3.99

Facetune app is a great alternative to the Photoshop software for desktop. This app is developed for the iOS devices (iPhone and iPad) to edit the photos, change background and apply cool new effects and filters. This app gives you power to edit and retouch the photos with the real artistic to your photos. This app is used by millions of people and some popular newspapers such as Neyyork Times given it a very good ranking and wrote the best captions about it.

  • It provides an easy to use image editing method.
  • Perfect your selfies on iOS devices right away.
  • Remove the dark circles under the eyes.
  • Before using you have to pay for it.
  • Trial version of the app gives lot of ads.
Most Helpful Photo Background Changer Apps - Facetune

2. UNUM - Design Perfection


Price: $6.99

UNUM - Design Perfection is a free iOS app for iPad and iPhone but it also offers in App purchases to get some additional features and remove ads. This is totally a powerful, sleek and beautiful photo editor app for the iPhone which enables you to change the background, give new touchup to the photos. This image background changer app is developed in taking Instagram in mind to provide best photos for the Instagram users.

  • Fine the Instagram users directly in the app and follow them.
  • You can store your all Instagram photos in the app directly.
  • You can easily access multiple Instagram accounts in this app.
  • Paid version is slightly high in price.
  • Repeats the entered hashtags automatically.
Most Helpful Photo Background Changer Apps - UNUM

3. Background Changer-Best Photo Background Editor App


Price: Free

Background changer app is the best photo background changer app for iOS devices. This photo background changer app is fully compatible with the all version of iPhone and iPad. This is easy app for iPhone which can be used as a replacement of Photoshop software. By using this app you don’t need to learn about how to use Photoshop because this app is as simple as you think in case of changing background. To change the photo background simply choose photo from gallery or click the photo then erase the main image using tools and then put the new background on your old image.

  • Easy to use app that can edit the photo background in 3 steps only.
  • You can easily adjust contrast, opacity and brightness of photos.
  • Save the edited pictures and directly share them on social media.
  • Free app but too many ads.
  • Supports only image background changing you can’t do other editing.
  • No filters or frames are there to use on the photos.
Most Helpful Photo Background Changer Apps - Background Changer

4. Background Eraser - SuperImpose Photo Editor & Cut Out Image Outline


Price: $1.99

Background Eraser is a paid easy to use image background changer App which comes with the small photo editing tools. This app supports editing background and change the old background to new one. You can easily edit the old background and maintain the transparency of with just few taps only. Image background changer app allows you to simply select the area you want to remove with a tap and then the app automatically that area from your photo.

  • Cut or zoom images as per your need.
  • Auto remove tool helps can easily remove the target area automatically.
  • You can easily crop photos the 15 available presets.
  • The app needs you to do little practice to use it.
  • Replenish tool of the app doesn’t work so many times.
  • No photo editing features.
Most Helpful Photo Background Changer Apps - Background Eraser

5. PicLab


Price: $6.99

PicLab is a popular image background changer app in the app store which can help you to edit the photos and make college as well with those photos. This photo background changer app is designed in taking care about personal users in mind so they don’t face any issue in the editing the images. There are options available to resize, rotate, add or remove text, adding stickers to the photos and many more different types of small tools.

  • Supports both background changing and image editing.
  • Large collection of beautiful stickers and stunning arts.
  • Updated frequently with new content every month.
  • In the trial version it gives watermarks to the processed photos.
  • Sometimes people don’t the app full features even after paying the full money.
  • Too many people faced issue of watermarks while editing photos even they can’t remove the watermarks because it ask you to watch video and video is not loading.
Most Helpful Photo Background Changer Apps - PicLab

6. BeFunky - Photo Editor & Collage Maker


Price: $0.99

BeFunky – Photo Editor & College Maker app a perfect image background changer app which allows you to apply effects on the photos. This app is easy to use but you can’t buy all features of this app in a single payment. You have to buy different packs according to your need. This image background changer app is good for the college students who like to create cool awesome photos. There are so many fantastic photo frames and sticker provided in the app to apply on images.

  • 32 effects in different styles to apply as the background of image.
  • Crop, sharpen or beautify the photos with the photo editor.
  • Share option allows you to share edited photos instantly on social media.
  • Unable to buy all features of app in a single purchase.
  • Not much option to edit the photos.
Most Helpful Photo Background Changer Apps - BeFunky

Part 2: Top 6 Photo Background Changer Apps for Android

1. Photo Background Changer


Price: Free

Photo Background Changer app is a free funny and entertainment app which gives you cool backgrounds without any cost to use with the photos. If you are not happy with the current background or blurriness of your photos then you can use this app and it will give a perfect look to your old photos. It also supports clicking the photos using app you don’t need to click the photos separately and then edit them. You can directly click photos using the app with the preset backgrounds.

  • Built-in photo click with background is supported.
  • Browse photos from Android gallery as well.
  • Supports sharing the photos on whatsapp and many more other social media sites.
  • Never change the background of photos as per user reviews.
  • App mostly freezes while using.
  • Sometimes unable to load photos from gallery.
Most Helpful Photo Background Changer Apps - Photo Background Changer

2. Photo Background Changer


Price: Free

Photo background changer is an easy to use app with a cool interface and multiple backgrounds to apply on photos. This app offers you many tools such as rotate images zoom out, zoom in etc. This is easy to use app so you don’t need to use any advanced photo editor software which comes with hard interface. To change the background of photos you just need to open photos in the app and you will get all the editing options. There you can cut the previous background and change to new one.

  • You can easily edit the photos and add new backgrounds with few taps only.
  • There are various effects to give your photos.
  • Sharing options helps you to share the photos on social media directly.
  • You have to manually choose the area to transparent.
  • After installing app doesn’t respond.
  • Lack of editing features and filters.
Most Helpful Photo Background Changer Apps - Photo Background Changer

3. Blur Photo Background Effect


Price: Free

Blue Photo Background Effect app works on android 2.3 and later versions Android devices. It is installed 100000+ times by different users. This app can give DSLR blur photo effect to your photos even if they have clicked using the mobile camera. To use this Pics background changer app you need to select picture from gallery then the blur photo effect will be added to your background automatically. This app can only give blur photo effect you can’t replace the photo background with new one.

  • Gives your photos a blur background.
  • Supports editing of photos quickly.
  • Remove a person or object from the photos.
  • Only supports blur background.
  • Lack of editing and background changing features.
  • No effects, frames to beautify the photos.
Most Helpful Photo Background Changer Apps - Blur Photo Background Effect

4. Photo Background Blender


Price: Free

Photo Background Blender app is an automatic working app which can blend the photos background by joining 2 photos together. This Pics background changer app work very smoothly and easily blend the photos just by moving the slider. To blend photos and apply a blender effect to your photos you can import 2 photos from gallery together and then simply seek the bar to control the intensity of blend.

  • Supports blend to give a new background to the photos.
  • Funny stickers to use with blended photos.
  • Supports social media sharing for blended photos.
  • Too much annoying ads while using.
  • You can’t fix the positions of images.
  • Stop working when you try to save images.
Most Helpful Photo Background Changer Apps - Photo Background Blender

5. Photo Background Changer


Price: Free

Photo Background Changer application is a kind of application which offers you 49 beautiful and attractive backgrounds to use with your photos. This app supports erasing of old background from the photos and adds the new background of your need. There are so many other options also available which such as add text, text shadow and duplicate the cut out part. You can give sunset, beach, autumn and many more other types of looks to your photos with this photo background changer application.

  • 49 simple background and 90 HD background for photos.
  • Cut out old background.
  • Apply free backgrounds which are available inbuilt there in the app.
  • Too many ads in the app.
  • You can’t get the high quality photos after applying new backgrounds.
  • Not a single user is happy with the app.
Most Helpful Photo Background Changer Apps - Photo Background Changer

6. Simple Background Changer


Price: Free

Simple background changer app is also a nice photo background changer application for your Android device which is running on 4.1 and up Android versions. This app cut the background from old images very simply. This is simple but powerful background changer app where you can cut the previous background and then use the new background for photo from the system gallery. To remove the background you just need to tap on the photo using your finger.

  • Multiple kinds of brushes for images editing.
  • Zoom the images or Zoom in.
  • HD backgrounds available for free.
  • Watermarks issue with the processed images.
  • 0.99$ requires to remove watermarks.
  • Sometimes undo doesn’t work.
Most Helpful Photo Background Changer Apps - Simple Background Changer

Part 3. Recommended Photo Background Changer for PC

People who don’t like to edit the photos on Android and don’t believe on the iPhone or Android Apps they mostly look for the easiest perfect photo editor for the system only. Wondershare Fotophire Editing Toolkit is available for you which is the best alternative to the Adobe Photoshop. This program is totally easy to use as compared to the Photoshop and any other photo editor software for the windows.

Wondershare Fotophire Editing Toolkit
  • Enables you to apply more than 200 effects to your photos to make them better.
  • Crop or cut pictures to the size to meet any of your need.
  • Help you to remove any unwanted objects from your photos.
  • Allow you to use the Creative Blur to refocus your photos in a click.
Key Features of Fotophire Editing Toolkit
  • Edit photos in few clicks and make them perfect with new cool backgrounds.
  • Photo editor provides you more than 200 effects to apply on your photos.
  • Change the background with just 2 clicks.
  • Remove the unwanted things from photos and make them ready to post on social media.
  • Undo option is there to get back the previous looks of your photos.

How to Use Fotophire Editing Toolkit to Change Photo Background

Step 1:

You have to install the program first on your windows desktop. Click the download button and then install it by following instructions on the installation screen. After installation click the “Photo Cutter”.

Most Helpful Photo Background Changer Apps -

Step 2:

Now drag & drop photos to change background or simply click the “Open” button then choose photos from computer.

Most Helpful Photo Background Changer Apps -

Step 3:

At the right side layer of the next screen under the “Cut Out” label select “Paint Area to Remove”. You can also adjust brush size from here.

Most Helpful Photo Background Changer Apps -

Step 4:

To change background we need to remove the old background first so now on the photo which you have added simply draw the lines in the background. Select small part of background and the other part will be automatically selected by the software. Just have a look at the below screenshot we have drawn 2 red lines in the background to remove.

Most Helpful Photo Background Changer Apps -

Step 5:

After removing the background your picture will be there like the below screenshot without any background.

Most Helpful Photo Background Changer Apps -

Step 6:

Now you can add your personal background. Click the “Photomontage” label and choose the preset background or click to the “+” button. From the browse windows now choose your own personal backgrounds from your computer and that background will be applied to the target image automatically. You will get option to adjust the place of background or increase and decrease background or image size later. After setting everything you can save the photo and use it anywhere.

Most Helpful Photo Background Changer Apps -

Part 4. Recommended Photo Bacnground Changer online

The last part, if you were looking for a helpful background changer online. Wondershare PixStudio is allowed you to change the background of the image easily. And also you are enabled to create stunning photos even if you were not a professional graphic designer. 

Key Features of Wondershare PixStudio
  • Enabled to remove background of the image automatically.
  • Massive open-resource photo background for you to choose from.
  • Numbers of elements available for you to use.
  • Design your image by easily dragging and dropping.
  • Allowed to download the resulting photo for free.

How to change the background of a photo easily using PixStudio

Step 1: Go to the official home page of the PixStudio and click on “Start Design Now”.

Step 2: Choose the target design you would like to have. After you’ve uploaded the image, try to click “Remove Now” to remove the background.

Step 3: Click to “Background”  on the left and you can change the background color or massive exquisite background at your will.

Step 4: You can download the photo for free and get the resulting image.


Well, these are some best apps and window software available to change the background of your photos. If you are worried about the quality of photos and always believe on the system software instead of an app then you can blindly go for Fotophire Editing Toolkit. This toolkit is very easy to use and best replacement for the Photoshop as well.

Jul 06,2022 10:45 am