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All Solutions to Delete Background in Photoshop

Ever had a good picture of yourself that you absolutely adore and you study it for a minute, only to realize that the background ruins the whole shot? Or just want to make a sticker but you don’t know how to remove the background of a photo? Here’s a good news for you – you can actually remove it! One of the most useful tools to do so is Photoshop. Today, we’ll be talking about all solutions and steps on how to delete background in Photoshop. Some steps may not be applicable depending on the version of the program you are using. In this tutorial, we will be using Photoshop CS6.

Part 1. 3 Helpful Methods to Delete Background in Photoshop


1st Step: Launch Photoshop and open your image by clicking File > Open, then locate your image.

Delete Background in Photoshop - Start Photoshop

We will be working with this image:

Delete Background in Photoshop - Image Sample

The aim is to completely remove the purple background and leave the colorful ball.

2nd Step: Make sure the layer where your image is located isn’t locked so you can add another layer below it.

Delete Background in Photoshop - Remove Lock

To remove the lock icon, double click the layer and a window will appear. Just click “Ok”. Add a new layer below it by pressing Ctrl + Shift + N. Drag the new layer and place it below your image. It should look like this:

Delete Background in Photoshop - Create New Layer

To start, here are 3 main solutions for deleting background using Photoshop:

Method 1 - Eraser Tool:

The Eraser tool allows you to erase parts of your image manually. Albeit not too accurate, it’s the easiest option there is.

1st Step: On the left side of the screen, you can find the tools menu. Simply click the Eraser icon, and using your mouse, manually erase all the background that you wish to remove from the photo. You need to have steady hands and good control of the mouse so you won’t erase the image you want to leave.

Note: Make sure that you select the layer where your object is by clicking on its corresponding layer in the Layers section as shown above.

Delete Background in Photoshop - Click Eraser Toolbar
Delete Background in Photoshop - Start Deleting Photo Background

2nd Step: Save your image by clicking File > Save As or pressing Ctrl + Shift + S. Choose PNG as the format.

Delete Background in Photoshop - Save Changes

Method 2 - Background Eraser Tool:

The Background Eraser Tool works just like the Eraser, except that it only erases parts of your image with the same color. It detects images or the obstruction of a solid image; therefore, it won’t remove it, only the solid spaces that it recognizes as the background will be removed.

1st Step: Right click the Eraser tool. A drop-down will appear. Simply click Background Eraser tool.

Delete Background in Photoshop - Select Background Eraser Tool

You can adjust its limits, tolerance, and brush settings to get a good control during the process. These adjustments are located on the upper part of the screen and works better on images with solid backgrounds. You can tweak these adjustments so you’ll have a better result.

Delete Background in Photoshop - Adjust the Eraser

2nd Step: Start by holding your left mouse button on the background you want to remove then start erasing. Keep in mind that you need to hold the left mouse button to completely erase the same color in your background. Repeat until you completely removed the background.

Delete Background in Photoshop - Start Deleting Background

This is how the final output should look like:

Delete Background in Photoshop - Results

Method 3 - Quick Selection Tool and Magic Wand Tool:

These two tools speak for themselves. They can be used as quick as possible, but they only work best on images with a single color background.

1st Step: Select the Quick Selection tool by clicking on the fourth icon in your left sidebar.

Delete Background in Photoshop - Select Quick Selection Tool or Magic Wand Tool

2nd Step: Click on the sections you want to remove by holding your left mouse button and moving around the image. Make sure you don’t include your main image. Afterward, remove the background by right clicking on the selection and choosing the Select Inverse option. Press Delete or Backspace.

Delete Background in Photoshop - Start Deleting Background
Delete Background in Photoshop - Results

3rd Step: Save the image following the same procedure used in the previous tools. Click File > Save As, then save your image in PNG format.

Delete Background in Photoshop - Save the File as PNG

And now you can put your newly made photo without the background to any photo you like!

Part 2. An Easier Way to Delete Photo Background

Wondershare Fotophire Editing Toolkit is a relatively new photo editor, but it does a good job especially when it comes to deleting background from your image. It comes with the following features:

Download Win Version

You can Get Wondershare Fotophire Editing Toolkit for Mac Here.

  • • A collection of frames, overlays, and presets
  • • Vignette and creative blur features which allow you to focus and blur certain parts of your image
  • • An intuitive drag and drop interface
  • • A selection of more than 20 blend modes
  • • Over 100 frames to choose from

How to Delete Photo Background with Fotophire Editing Toolkit

1st Step: To start, launch your Fotophire software, then choose Photo Cutter from the selection. Click Open to load your image into the software.

Delete Background in Photoshop - Start Fotophire Editing Toolkit

2nd Step: In the right panel, you can see the CUT-OUT section. Click on it, then choose “Paint Areas to Remove”. You can adjust the size of your brush, its quality, and edge blur based on your preferences.

Delete Background in Photoshop - Select Paint Areas to Remove

3rd Step: Start painting around your subject. The software will automatically the area outside of the paint as the background. Simply drag your mouse around your image. Once you release the left mouse button, the tool will then start cutting the background. Repeat the process until you’re able to completely remove the background.

Delete Background in Photoshop - Start Deleting Background

This is how the final output will look like:

Delete Background in Photoshop - Result

4th Step: Save your image by clicking the Save icon located on the top portion of your screen.

Delete Background in Photoshop - Save Changes

Your image will be automatically saved in PNG format. You may now use it for other editing purposes such as add a new background, object, etc.


Photoshop is no doubt one of the best tools when it comes to editing an image such as adding new effects, removing its background, and more. However, when it comes to ease of use and convenience, you can surely count on Fotophire. Its ease of use makes it the ideal choice for beginners, especially those who have knowledge in editing photos. The drag and drop user interface is quite intuitive, and the whole process of deleting a background from your image will only take a few minutes.

May 31,2018 9:49 am