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Use Online Photo Editor to Change Background of Photo

Every photo editing software application has different features to allow you achieve the most while editing a picture, like a pro. The market is flooded with aplomb photo editing applications, both online and desktop based. If you are looking for online photo editors to change background of your picture, then you must explore these options to pick the best one. Through this article, we bring you top 10 photo editor programs that can change background of photos online and explain you the major differences between online and desktop based programs as well.

Part 1. Top 10 Online Photo Editor to Change Background of Photo

Here is the list of top 10 programs that help you change background of photo online. We have provided the respective URL of the photo editors here. These applications allow you to crop, change background, or add various effects online, without requiring any software download. So, it doesn’t matter whether you have a photo editing software installed on your computer or not, they will help you change the background of your picture with ease.

1. Wondershare PixStudio

Wondershare PixStudio has multiple tools mostly found with any online photo editing tool. With a simple interface you get to access a full-screen to edit your desired pictures. You can use this tool to change background of photos online, with the help of layers and other editing tools found within. Wondershare PixStudio supports a wide range of features and tools like filters, background remover, color fill and crop tool. Pictures can be uploaded from your computer or created from scratch on a blank canvas using PixStudio, which you can save online to Wondershare PixStudio or to your computer. PixStudio empowers anyone to create a beautiful design within a few steps. No professional skills required! By simply dragging and dropping the creative elements and templates, you are capable to release your imagination and convert it to stunning artwork.

2. PhotoScissors

Using PhotoScissors online photo editor, change background of any picture easily. PhotoScissors allows you replace the background of any picture without being a pro in Photoshop. PhotoScissors online is among the simplest tools for replacing the background of a picture without much efforts. No need to be a IT guy or a designer to use this tool, just few clicks can let you do the magic. All you need to do is choose the background and foreground by marking then green and red marker respectively.

Photo Effect Editor Programs and Apps - PhotoScissors

3. ClippingMagic

Clipping Magic has a simple interface with features like smart algorithm, zoom and pan, auto-save, refine edges, dedicated hair tool, color cast removal, color control, crop and resize, shadows, rotate or straighten, bulk clipping, customizable default settings, copy-paste marks for re-drawing while taking sequential clippings, etc. Using the pre-crop feature you can reduce the image size and won’t cross the permissible size of the image. You can turn the background to any solid color or make it transparent. It also has a scalpel for intricate precision cuts and allowing quick operation, whereas the customizable auto-brush-size dynamically fits your need. The result images can be shared with others using the secure URL generated while saving.

Photo Effect Editor Programs and Apps - ClippingMagic

4. Adobe Photoshop Express Editor

Being Adobe’s online photo editor, Adobe Photo Express Editor allows a limited set of basic features of its standard desktop version. The interface offered with this program is very user friendly. Using the ‘Decorate’ and ‘Edit’ features, you can remove red eye, alter the saturation, adjust effects such as burn, hue, balance, and change tint. You can also add bubbles, text, costumes, stickies, frames etc. you have a larger editing or viewing area on the screen, as it comes with full-screen mode. Though, you can add images from a computer, the formats should only be JPG, JPEG, or JPE, whereas you can only save the resulting image in JPG format.

Photo Effect Editor Programs and Apps - Adobe Photoshop Express Editor

5. Picozu

Using the neat interface of Picozu it’s easy to edit pictures as per your desire. It has drag and drop features along with multiple tab support for working with various projects. You can import the images you want to edit through various ways such as Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Facebook, Color Palette, image URL, Picozu cloud, or upload from the computer. It also supports PSD and SVG file formats along with basic image file formats. The basic editing features like cropping an image, adding shapes and texts, color filling, resizing canvas, air brushing etc. are supported with this application. Apart from that you can make use of the advance features such as applying multiple filters, layers, and changing particular brush stroke settings like altering the type of brush, hardness, tolerance, flow etc.

Photo Effect Editor Programs and Apps - Picozu

6. Edit Photos For Free

Edit Photos For Free is a collage maker and photo editor with numerous free fonts, cliparts, backgrounds, PNG images, photo cut-out features, effects, and gradients. You can edit the pictures as desired using this app by adding shadows to images or text, gradients for text or backgrounds, alter opacity, flip or load custom fonts. You can remove background online quickly with few steps using this program. You can manually draw edges or make use of the magic wand tool to while removing the background of your picture. You can zoom and pan in the picture with this application, as well as use the edge feather and blur feature to optimize the final touch. You can change the background and preview with transparent or colourful background with auto-crop, and erase options.

Photo Effect Editor Programs and Apps - Edit Photos For Free

7. piZap

piZap online photo editor can change background of your picture, although, it has a limited photo editing interface. Using this program, you can beautify your picture by adding glittered and regular text, effects, stickers, balance saturation and hues, layer multiple images, crop, add shapes, and paint with a brush. You can use the ‘Cut-Out’ tool and create customized stickers from any picture. You can also cut an image using this feature and merge with another background to create a new picture with a different background. You can either click a picture using your webcam, or upload from your computer to use in piZap. You can download the edited picture to a computer or share on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Photo Effect Editor Programs and Apps - piZap

8. Quick Picture Tools

You can edit pictures online in a jiffy using Quick Picture Tools, where you get to access a limited number of advanced settings for the tool. You basically have around 10 editing tools to edit the pictures. You can select a picture of your choice from the computer and then edit is as you wish. There are options to change the background of your picture with this online tool, but they come with restrictions. If you choose the ‘Rounded Corners’ tool then it will round the edges only, and bring partial change to the background of the image. Quick Picture Tools will allow you to change only the background of the corners, not the entire picture. You can add shadow effect as well as resize the entire picture with this tool.

Photo Effect Editor Programs and Apps - Quick Picture Tools

9. LunaPic

Lunapic is one of the tools that can change background of photos online using a broad range of features. It is not an intuitive tool to edit pictures by adjusting them and drawing over them, enhancing with effects, animations, and borders as well. There are multiple options to add images to LunaPic – from Dropbox, a URL, computer, or Google Drive. You can directly open images with LunaPic from your Chrome or Firefox browser by adding it to the browsers. It supports file formats like ICO, GIF, PNG, JPG, and AVI. You can either save the pictures to your desktop or into Imgur.

Photo Effect Editor Programs and Apps - LunaPic

10. BeFunky

Befunky is a web based photo editor that allows a lot of photo editing options such as tilt, tint, blur, color mixer, exposure, auto enhance, beautify, vignette, etc. along with basic editing options, but to avail the advanced options such as cutout, background, funky focus, and levels, you need to upgrade to the ‘Plus’ version. Along with the said features it also comes with emoticons, labels, a text tool, wide range of frames and textures, as well as various effects including cartoonizer and oil painting. You can import a picture from your computer, a webcam, or multiple websites to BeFunky. You can either share the edited pictures on your computer or share on social media platforms such as Tumblr or Twitter. Along with that you can use the Facebook Cover crop tool to resize images and make them fit the cover picture of Facebook.

Photo Effect Editor Programs and Apps - BeFunky


From the above list of online photo editors to change background, we would recommend piZap as the best choice. This application is easy to use and allows choosing pictures to edit from Facebook, and allows you to save it to your computer or share online as well.

Part 2. Alternative Way to Change Background of Photo

In case you are unsatisfied with the above mentioned solutions to change background of photo online, you can always turn to this amazing photo editing tool Wondershare Fotophire Editing Toolkit. Using this desktop based online photo editor, you can change background of any picture within minutes. The ‘Photo Cutter’ feature of this application adds extra charm to your photos, be it any basic editing exercise or changing the background of a picture.

The Photo Cutter segment of Fotophire can amazingly transform your image by removing and replacing the background of any picture on your Windows computer. As you go along the step-by-step guide, you would understand how to change the background of the picture (your subject), and snip the picture to extract the foreground only. The guide will explain you how to import the image, remove the background of your subject, make a photomontage, adjust the tilt or crop the picture, and then export, print, or share the final output on social media. After editing your photos, you can take advantage of them to make a great slideshow with the help of Fotophire Slideshow Maker, which is an easy-to-use but powerful slideshow maker program.

Wondershare Fotophire Editing Toolkit
  • Enables you to apply 200+ effects to your photos to make them better.
  • Crop or cut pictures to the size to meet any of your need.
  • Help you to remove any unwanted objects from your photos.
  • Allow you to use the Creative Blur to refocus your photos in a click.

Here is the detailed guide to use change background of photo with Wondershare Fotophire Editing Toolkit.

How to Change Background of Photo with Fotophire Photo Cutter

Step 1. Install the software

Browse the official webpage of Wondershare Fotophire Editing Toolkit and install Fotophire. Now, launch the application so that you can initiate the process of changing background of a photo.

Photo Effect Editor Programs and Apps - Install Fotophire

Step 2. Choose the editing mode and import picture

After launching the program, click on the ‘Photo Cutter’ option and tap ‘Open’. It will pick the picture you want to edit (remove background) from your computer. Let’s call the picture your foreground picture/subject. You get the option of choosing recently edited pictures, by clicking the ‘Recent Files’ tab.

Photo Effect Editor Programs and Apps - Select Editing Mode

Step 3. Select the editing tool

Click on the ‘CUT-OUT’ tab on the right panel. Under this tab, click the red color marker after selecting the foreground picture by tapping ‘Paint Areas to Remove’ tool. You can make use of the green marker to mark the areas you want to retain in the final result.

Photo Effect Editor Programs and Apps - Select Cut Out Tool

Step 4. Mark the unwanted portion of the background

The best part about both these tools is, a single brush stroke does all the trick and selects the foreground or background automatically. Draw a line with ‘Paint Areas to Remove’ and highlight the background you wish to erase. In case you have missed a portion in the background to highlight, repeat the brush strokes to do it.

Note: If accidentally you marked the areas of the picture you don’t wish to delete, then use the ‘Mark Areas to Keep’ marker.

Photo Effect Editor Programs and Apps - Mark Unwanted Portion

Step 5. Make a Photo Montage

The best part about both these tools is, a single brush stroke does all the trick and selects the foreground or background automatically. Draw a line with ‘Paint Areas to Remove’ and highlight the background you wish to erase. In case you have missed a portion in the background to highlight, repeat the brush strokes to do it.

Photo Effect Editor Programs and Apps - Make a Photo Montage

Step 6. Crop it or change tilt

Go to the ‘CROP’ tab, and then slide the ‘Angle’ bar. It will tilt the picture to left or right. Click the ‘CROP’ button beneath ‘Angle’ bar and confirm your changes. The ‘Straighten’ tool can automatically straighten the image, if you draw a straight line alongside the image.

Photo Effect Editor Programs and Apps - Crop or Change Tilt

Step 7. Export, Print, or Share the picture

Once you are done with editing the picture save it by clicking the ‘Save’ icon, in PNG, TIFF, or JPG format. You need to save the subject (foreground picture) only in PNG format. This picture can be printed or get shared on social media platforms like Facebook as well.

Photo Effect Editor Programs and Apps - Save Changes

Part 3. Comparison Between Online Photo Editor and Desktop Photo Editor

Features Online Photo Background Changer Desktop Photo Background Changer
piZap Wondershare Fotophire Editing Toolkit
Key Features Focus on photo editing, provides basic editing features in free version. Provides Photo Editor, Photo Cutter and Photo Eraser. Offer multiple features in Photo Editor.
Speed Average Fast
Performance Depends on Internet speed, as it’s an online editor Much better, as the editor is a desktop based application and isn’t influenced by network connectivity.
Reliability It might crash if the internet slows down. Reliable
In-App/Website Fee Free with limited features Free trial for 7 days

Final Verdict:

After going through the list of online editors mentioned in this article, we are glad that there is an alternative way to change background of photos online, i.e. Wondershare Fotophire. This desktop based software has amazing photo editing tools that can breathtakingly transform your pictures like never before. This software is easy to use, quick to work with and has a simple user interface that enhances your photo editing skills. Online editors get affected by factors like network connectivity, speed and stuff, whereas with this desktop editor you are always on the go.

May 07,2021 14:01 pm