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Helpful Solutions to Scale Images

In the field of digital imaging and computer graphics image scaling is known as resizing the image. In the image scaling usually the size of image or resolution of image will be decreased or increase as per need of users. Image scaling can be done by using many ways such as an online website, mobile app, Mac or Windows software etc. In this article we will discuss about how to upscale an image using different ways.

Part 1. Scale Images Easily with Fotophire Maximizer

Wondershare Fotophire Maximizer is the best windows software available today for you to scale image on the windows OS using an easy to use program interface. This is developed for the people who can’t use Photoshop due to the confusing interface. This program can easily enlarge or scale an image with just few clicks even without losing the previous quality of images. You can setup resolution as well to increase DPI or PPI in the images.

Wondershare Fotophire Maximizer
  • Zoom pictures to 1000% without pixelation and blur.
  • Enlarge photos for print projects.
  • High res close-ups on any details from your photos.
  • Correct low-light photos with one click.

How to Scale Image with Fotophire Maximizer

Step 1: Install and Start Fotophire Maximizer

Download the program on your system and install it. After that launch it and add the photograph to the Fotophire Maximizer whose DPI you want to increase. You can simply add it to the program by dragging and dropping it or you can click on open button to add the files.

Note: Make sure you are using windows OS because it is only available for windows.

How to Scale Image - Start Fotophire Maximizer

Step 2: Import Image from Computer

Now simply drag & drop photos from your computer or click “Open” button and browse images from computer.

How to Scale Image - Import Image from Computer

Step 3: Scale Image

After loading the image in interface now it’s a time to scale image. Now, simply head towards the right side of the program interface then under “Maximizer” increase or decrease the slider to scale image. Here you define according to 8 aspects and scale image according to 7 different types of algorithms.

How to Scale Image - Scale Image

Another 3 Desktop Programs for Scaling Images

1. A Sharper Scaling

A Sharper Scaling software is a windows program with the feature of scale photos very quickly. This is a free program so you don’t have to pay anything to download and use it. This program is compatible with windows 10 as well so you can use it without any issue on windows 10. It produces output in the JPG, PNG and JPEG formats. This program supports from 50% to 400% image enlargement scale without any loss in the original quality.

How to Scale Image - A Sharper Scaling


GIMP is a free open source program which also supports enlargement and graphic scale as per user choice. This is a cross platform program as well so you can use it on windows, Mac, Linux and many more other operating system devices. The source of this program is available there on the website which can be used and modified according to your own choice. This program is free and good but little bit hard to use as compared to others.

How to Scale Image - GIMP

3. Paint.NET

Paint.Net is a free program that can run on the windows for graphic scale. You can scale pictures using this program and there are many other features provided to apply on the pictures. This program offers you a very easy to use, innovative interface that can be used to apply special effects, filters and many more other things to enhance the images styles. There is an active community of people is available who are using this program to edit the images. This Community always helps you when you feel you are not on the right track.

How to Scale Image - Paint.NET

Part 2. How to Scale Images with Online Photo Editor

Photo Enlarger is online image enlarger software that can help you to enlarge the photos without any loss in the original quality. This website is very easy to use so you just need to enter the desired width & height on the website then it will produce the output. This website provides you output in 4 different types of style with applied filters.

How to Scale Image with an Online Photo Editor

Step 1. Visit the website in your browser and click the “Browse” button. You can drag & drop photo in the functional area of site as well.

How to Scale Image - Visit Website

Step 2. When you finished adding the photos on the website to enlarge photos simply enter the desired height & width in the fields then click “Enlarge” button.

How to Scale Image - Change the Width and Height of Image

Step 3. In the next screen you will now see different types of output. Click the “Download” button under any of the photos.

How to Scale Image - Download Changed Image

Another 3 Online Photo Editor for Scaling Images

1. Image Enlarger

Image Enlarger website is also a nice image enlarger web application which works in the browser instead of installation any software or app. This website also offers you upscale image online without losing the image quality. Image Enlarger website produce upscale image online in the 2 formats; JPG and PNG.

How to Scale Image - Image Enlarger

2. IMG Online

IMG Online can also upscale image online using the available algorithms on the website. This website supports up to 10 Megapixels photos for image up scaling. This website supports ads so may have to turn off your adblocker to use the proper functionality of the site. IMG Online website can’t scale up image clearly if the .jpg file is previously heavily compressed. IMG Online can scale up image up to 4 times without losing the quality of original input.

How to Scale Image - IMG Online

3. Resize My Picture

Resize My Picture website also allows you to resize a picture online without any cost for free. Resize My Picture website allows you to make the image bigger or small and automatically download after making the image bigger or smaller. This website supports 4 input & output image formats and for the jpg format images this website allows you to change the quality of images as well. By changing the quality you can easily reduce the size of image file to use on the social media sites.

How to Scale Image - Resize My Picture

Part 3. How to Scale Images with Mobile App

Photo & Picture Resizer is a free and fast Android app for increasing or decreasing the image size on the Android mobile devices. This is an easy to use app helps you to adjust the image sizes to post on various social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook etc. It will scale image without losing quality and save the scaled image in your mobile internal memory. You can easily access those saved photos from your mobile gallery app as well.

How to Scale Image with Photo & Ouctyre Resizer

Step 1. Install app from play store and run it on Android by tapping on it. After running the app simply Tap on the “Select Photos” and choose the image to scale. The selected image will be displayed now in the app interface.

How to Scale Image - Select Photos from Camera

Step 2. Now select the dimension according to percentage or Height & Width. Tap on custom and enter your own value if you don’t want to use available preset.

How to Scale Image - Change Width and Height of Image

Step 3. When you tap on the size or enter the values the app will start scale up image automatically. Once the process is finished you can see the new size and output image in the Gallery app.

How to Scale Image - Save Image

Another 3 Apps to Scale Image without Losing Quality

1. Reduce Photo Size

Reduce Photo Size app is also a photo resizing app for the android mobiles. This app works on Android 3.0 and later versions. This app is able to reduce the photo size as well as increasing the photo size to post on the Facebook, Share via Email etc. It is available in play store without any cost and you can use it in more than 20 languages but you have to face the issues of ads.

How to Scale Image - Reduve Photo Size

2. Photo Editor

Photo Editor App is powerful photo enlargement and editing app for Android 4.0 and later version users available without any cost. This app allows you to edit the photos in the quality as you are editing on your computer. It supports near about 7 different colors, fine tuning of colors, add text on photos, crop, and resize, red eye removal, white balance, perspective, and backlight correction etc for free of cost. This app gives you output in PNG, Gif, WebP and PDF formats.

How to Scale Image - Photo Editor

3. PhotoDirector Photo Editor App

PhotoDirector Photo Editor App is a product of cyberlink officially which is the most popular company in the case of editing photos on computer and Mac operating system devices. It offers in app purchases to remove the limitations from the app. In the free version you can quickly colorize your photos, white balance of photos etc. for free without any charges. For the basic editing of photos free version is also enough to use.

How to Scale Image - PhotoDirector


If your require scale picture in high quality with more than 400% enlargement of photos then you may go the Fotophire Maximizer program. Perfect resize photo options are available there in this program which can help you to maximize the photo size up to 1000% than the original size of image without losing the original quality. If your workflow always starts with viewing the smallest part of image then you can easily do that using the Fotophire Maximizer.

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