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How to Enlarge Photo for Printing on Computer

While watching images on the Android mobile it is totally fine and you won’t face any issue of image quality but when you try to print the images then you may face issue of small size. There is so much difference between the mobile photos and the printing photos. Printing photos are usually there in the bigger size than the original image. There are two options available for you to enlarge and print photos. First you can use a software which increase the image size with the original quality and the another option is that you can set the image scaling in your printer before printing. We will have a look at the software to enlarge photos for printing in this article today.

Part 1. Easiest Way to Enlarge Photos for Printing on PC

Wondershare FotoPhire Maximizer is most popular software and the best alternative to the Photoshop today if you are looking to solve how to enlarge a picture for printing. Fotophire Maximizer is very easy to use software which can help you to zoom photos in the perfect quality. This program is the best one for image enlargement because you can enlarge photos by 1000% using this image editor or maximize program.

Wondershare Fotophire Maximizer
  • Zoom pictures to 1000% without pixelation and blur.
  • Enlarge photos for print projects.
  • High res close-ups on any details from your photos.
  • Correct low-light photos with one click.
Key Features of Fotophire Maximizer
  • Fully featured program helps you to enlarge photos by 1000% on the windows computer.
  • It supports color correction of your images.
  • There are 8 types of zooming settings available to enlarge photos such as width & height, percentage and many more.
  • Preview photos in the real time while enlargement.
  • Enlarge the photos without any lose in the original quality of photos.

Easiest Way to Enlarge Photos for Printing on PC

Step 1:

Press the download button on the official website then install it on the system after installation and click on the photo maximize tool option.

Enlarge Photo for Printing on Computer - Install and Start Fotophire Maximizer

Step 2:

After running this tool you will see a browse window. Click the “Open” button from here the browse photo from the computer.

Enlarge Photo for Printing on Computer - Import Image from Computer

Step 3:

Now you can double click on the image to enlarge or at the right side move the slider in the right side to increase the image size under the “maximizer” label. This is about how to enlarge an image to print using the best easy way.

Enlarge Photo for Printing on Computer - Enlarge Image and Save Changes

Part 2. Enlarge Photo for Printing on Mac

Preview is an inbuilt PDF and image viewer app available on the Mac operating system devices. Preview runs on the OS X 10.10 Yosemite or later iOS versions. Preview helps you to view the PDF and images on your system without any other software. Preview app is good for the photo and PDS security as well because it can lock the PDF and images to restrict their misuse. You can edit PDF and images as well using this app but the encrypted files can’t be edited further. Preview supports photo enlargements as well so you can enlarge size of the image to get enlarge photo print on Mac. In the below guide we will see how to enlarge a picture for printing on Mac OS.

Enlarge Photo for Printing on Mac

Step 1:

To enlarge photo print first go in the application folder of your Mac and open Preview from there. Now click the “File” from top left side and choose “Open” button.

Enlarge Photo for Printing on Computer - Open Image with Preview

Step 2:

Once your image is there is there in the preview app interface choose “Tools” from the upper menu and the click “Adjust Size” option.

Enlarge Photo for Printing on Computer - Adjust Image Size

Step 3:

Now a popup will open in front of you. In the height and width area, enter the bigger value than previous to enlarge photo print. After entering values click on the “Ok” button to enlarge photo. This is the best and easy way about how to enlarge an image to print on the Mac operating system.

Enlarge Photo for Printing on Computer - Save Changes


If you looking to enlarge and print photos on the large size papers then you don’t need to worry about the output quality of images. If you have low quality camera then also don’t take any tension about the output quality as we have shown you the above tool can easily enlarge the photos on Mac and windows. For the Mac OS you don’t need any separate tool but for the windows the only best tool is Fotophire Maximizer. There are many other tools available in the market to enlarge and print photos but Fotophire Maximizer totally preserve all the original quality of photos in your larger prints.

May 30,2018 14:59 pm