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All Helpful Ways to Enlarge Pictures

Have you tried to enlarge a photo on your iPhone or system? Did you lost the picture quality after enlargement? If yes then don’t worry there are many methods available which helps you to enlarge the photos without losing the quality of photos. This is a very common issue when trying to enlarge the photos usually people get the burred photos or loss in the original quality. Many people asked us to solve out the problem so today we are going to tell you how to enlarge a picture using different ways on different devices. Let’s start learning.

Part 1. No.1 Way to Enlarge a Picture

Wondershare Fotophire Maximizer is a professional photo editor program with multiple features which can be used as a best alternative to the Photoshop. This photo editor program comes with many different options to enhance the photos and the biggest thing is an easy to use interface. This program comes with different tools such as Photo Editor, Photo Maximizer, Photo Focus, Photo eraser and Photo Cutter. In comparison of Photoshop this program is developed to be used by everyone and the price is very competitive.

Wondershare Fotophire Maximizer
  • Zoom pictures to 1000% without pixelation and blur.
  • Enlarge photos for print projects.
  • High res close-ups on any details from your photos.
  • Correct low-light photos with one click.
Key Features of Fotophire Maximizer
  • It supports photo editing and enlargement as well.
  • Photo Maximizer tool of the program enlarge your system photos up to 1000% without losing the quality.
  • It supports adjustment of images background as well.
  • Photo eraser option of the program helps you to erase the things which you don’t like to keep in your photos.
  • If you have few blurred photos on your system and looking to improve their quality then this is possible using Photo Focus.

How to Enlarge a Picture with Fotophire Maximizer

Step 1:

On the windows PC first install Wondershare Fotophire and launch it. Now click the “Photo Maximizer” option from the option windows.

All Ways to Enlarge Pictures - Start Fotophire Maximizer

Step 2:

Now from the “Open” button browse the photos from your computer and let it launched load in the interface.

All Ways to Enlarge Pictures - Import Image from Computer

Step 3:

At the right side layer understand “Maximizer” label click increase or decrease the slider to maximize the photo size. You can easily maximize the photos up to 1000% using this slider. This is how easily maximize the photos using this easy program.

All Ways to Enlarge Pictures - Enlarge Your Picture

Part 2. How to Enlarge Pictures in Photoshop

Photoshop can do whatever you want to do with the images. Image enlargement using Photoshop is a very small task but sometimes it is hard to do because it is not easy to find the right option in the Photoshop. Let’s see how to enlarge an image in Photoshop on the windows computers. Photoshop is a very well-known photo editing software for the windows and Mac OS. This program can easily solve the issue how to enlarge a picture is you are also dealing with this problem. This is purely developed for the professionals photographers to edit the photos for their customers so it is little hard to use for the personal users. The tagline of Photoshop says you can design what you think very quickly using Photoshop. There are hundreds of effects, brushes, paint tools etc available in the Photoshop to enhance the photos styles. This article is themed on the how to enlarge a photo so we will learn about how to enlarge an image in Photoshop only.

How to Enlarge Pictures with Photoshop

Step 1:

Enlarge picture in Photoshop first launch Photoshop on the computer after installation then drag & drop photos in the program interface. From the top left side of interface click the image menu then click on the “Image Size”.

All Ways to Enlarge Pictures - Import Photos from Computer

Step 2:

In the dialogue box click the Check the option Constrain Proportions then in the “Document Size” enter the value larger than before.

All Ways to Enlarge Pictures - Enlarge Photos

Step 3:

Finally press Ok button and then your photo will be enlarged and you can save it now. This is the way to enlarge picture in Photoshop.

All Ways to Enlarge Pictures - Save Changes

Part 3. How to Enlarge a Picture on Mac

Mac is designed by apple and the operating system of Mac is totally different from the windows OS. This operating system comes with many features and doing basic editing to the photos is also provided in the Mac OS. You don’t need to enlarge photo in Photoshop while using Mac OS. In this part we will discuss about how to enlarge photos in Mac.

Preview is a built in application for the Mac users which doesn’t needs you to install any additional software for doing small changes to your images. Previews app of the Mac can be used for the basic editing such as adding text, changing color, enlarge the photo size and applying few effects on your photos. This Mac app is free to use without any installation or cost. Preview can only be used to do the basic editing but if you want additional features then you can try Wondershare FotoPhire.

How to Enlarge a Picture on Mac

Step 1:

First open the application folder and then launch preview. Now click the “File > Open” then choose the photos which you want to enlarge.

All Ways to Enlarge Pictures - Open Image with Preview

Step 2:

After loading the image in preview click the tools > Adjust Size.

All Ways to Enlarge Pictures - Adjust Size

Step 3:

Now in the box change the resolution first and then change the height and width of the images. To enlarge photos make sure to enter the bigger value than before. After enlarging photos size click save the photo and use it anywhere you want.

All Ways to Enlarge Pictures - Save Changes

Part 4. Can I Enlarge Picture Online

Enlarge picture online is really a very nice way to enlarge photos. While using an online enlargement web app you can do all the things in the browser itself without any requirement of addition software or apps on your system. This part will show you how to enlarge picture online using an online enlargement tool.

PhotoEnlarger website is an online enlarger website which enables you to enlarge picture online without losing the original quality of your previous photo. This website offers multiple solutions for image editing such as word clouds, photo resize, Photo College, diagram editor, poster maker and many more. Here you can get the best output quality for your images. This enlarge picture online web application run 4 algorithms to enlarge the photos and provided you different 4 types of images with different quality to download after enlargement.

How to Enlarge Photos with Online Photo Enlarger

Step 1:

Open the above give URL in your browser and click the browse button at the left side of website.

All Ways to Enlarge Pictures - Visit Online Photo Editor

Step 2:

Now choose photos from your system and click open button. In our case we have selected “Call US” photo.

All Ways to Enlarge Pictures - Select Photo to Enlarge

Step 3:

After selecting the photo you will see a slider. Now choose the enlargement according to the width and height or percentage. Another option is that move the slider in the right side. Now click the “Enlarge” button.

All Ways to Enlarge Pictures - Adjust Size

Step 4:

Now you will get 4 types of different enlarged photos to download. Download anyone of your choice and use it anywhere.

All Ways to Enlarge Pictures - Save Changes

Part 5. Can I Enlarge Pictures on Mobile

This is not important to always use the computer to resize the photos or doing other tasks. Today mostly all types of apps available for mobile devices as well to do all types of things. To enlarge photos on mobile you can use an enlargement app which can easily enlarge photos without any use of computer. Let’s see how to enlarge photos on mobile using an app.

Enlarge & Correct Image is an image enlargement app for the Android mobile users. This app is now making it possible to enlarge photos on mobile just like the system. There is some issues with the app that it supports too many ads and the other thing is that you can only do image enlargement. There is not any other option is available.

How to Enlarge Photos on Mobile Using Enlarge & Correct Image

Step 1:

Run the app on Android mobile after installing from play store. The app will load all the photos which are available in your mobile gallery.

All Ways to Enlarge Pictures - Select Image

Step 2:

After selecting photos you will see option to select the size. Tap on the preset size or tap on the Custom Size. Now enter the needed photos size.

All Ways to Enlarge Pictures - Adjust Photo Size

Step 3:

Enlargement app will show you before and after size now on the app bottom right interface. Now from the top right side tap on the “Save” button the your enlarged image will be saved in your mobile gallery.

All Ways to Enlarge Pictures - Save Changes


Image enlargement is very simple and easy but the most important thing is that when you enlarge any image there are chances of losing the original quality of the images. So, whenever you are going to enlarge an image always try to choose the best enlargement software because low quality enlargement programs or web apps can reduce the image quality. As per our recommendation you can go for the first FotoPhire Maximizer software to enlarge the photos. This is very easy and perfect photo enlargement tool for windows which maintains the original quality of image.

May 30,2018 15:00 pm