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4 Helpful Ways to Make an Image Bigger

Clicking photos using mobile or digital is liked by everyone today. This is not always important that you get the high quality photos when clicking using your mobile because all depends on the megapixels of your camera. Usually images captured using the high quality camera always clicked in the high quality but sometimes due to the angle or camera quality it is not possible. No matter what type of camera you are using to click photos there are so many different ways available to enhance the photos and making them in crystal clear bigger size. In this article we are going to know about how to make picture bigger without any lose in the original quality.

Part 1. How to Make an Image Bigger on Computer

Method 1. Make an Image Bigger on Windows Computer

For Windows users there is an awesome program available named Wondershare Fotophire Maximizer to enhance the photos size and make picture bigger. Fotophire Maximizer program is very easy to use software which can quickly resize the picture and increase their size with just one click only. You won’t lose the original quality of photos while using Fotophire Maximizer to make picture larger.

Wondershare Fotophire Maximizer
  • Zoom pictures to 1000% without pixelation and blur.
  • Enlarge photos for print projects.
  • High res close-ups on any details from your photos.
  • Correct low-light photos with one click.
Key Features of Fotophire Maximizer
  • Supports enlarging photos and make picture bigger without any lose in the original resolution of photos.
  • You can easily improve the resolution of photos as well.
  • It supports make picture larger up to 1000% to see every small part of photo.
  • If you have blurred photos then you can easily repair them with one click only.
  • Make picture bigger in batch and print them from the program interface directly.

How to Make an Image Bigger with Fotophire Maximizer

There are many people who wonder how to increase DPI of image? Well in this modern world, increasing the DPI of the image is really easy with Fotophire Maximizer.

Step 1: Install and Start Fotophire Maximizer

First thing is install the program on computer and launch it. After launching click the “Fotophire Maximizer” icon on your computer.

Make an Image Bigger - Install and Start Fotophire Maximizer
Step 2: Import Image from Computer

Now click the “Open” button and browse photos from your local hard drive. You can also drag & drop photo to make picture larger.

Make an Image Bigger - Import Image from Computer
Step 3: Make an Image Bigger

Finally now you are on the making bigger picture screen. So head to the right side of interface, under the text “Maximizer” move the slider to right side. You photo will be there in bigger size now. If you want to increase resolution as well then you can enter the resolution value next to the resolution box under the same label.

Make an Image Bigger - Make an Image Bigger with Fotophire Maximizer

Method 2. Make an Image Bigger on Mac Computer

Preview is an inbuilt app available in the Mac operating system. Users get this app with the Mac OS by default when they buy Mac device. This app can do many things related to your images such as basic editing, enlarge image according to different aspects. This app is available inbuilt in Mac OS so you don’t need to install any other software and this is totally free of charge.

Key Features of Preview:
  • Supports basic image editing for free without any additional software installation.
  • Make your picture bigger with easy.
  • You can easily make your picture bigger using as per inch, centimeter or millimeter.
  • Enhance photos to post on the social media.

How to Make an Image Bigger on Mac

Step 1: Launch the preview App on Mac. After launching load the desired picture to make your picture bigger.

Make an Image Bigger - Open Image with Preview

Step 2: Click the “Tools” from menu bar the click on “Adjust Size”.

Make an Image Bigger - Choose Adjust Size Tool

Step 3: Now enter the desired value to making your picture bigger. Always enter bigger value than previous if you want to increase image size. If there is any issue in resolution then simply enter the bigger value in the resolution as well.

Make an Image Bigger - Make an Image Bigger on Mac

Part 2. How to Make an Image Bigger with Web Browser

This totally sound strange but this is really possible that you can make image bigger online using a website. This is possible with an online web app which allows you to upload the photos from your system and enlarge them easily without any software installation. Photo enlarger website offers you make picture bigger online without any cost for free. Even it automatically applies 4 different types of filters to your photos after enlargement and every applied filter image can be downloaded for free. I tried this website to make my picture bigger and it worked totally fine but the only issue is quality is not much good when downloaded the image after make my picture bigger. Let me tell you how to make an image larger with this website so you can also try.

How to Make an Image Bigger with Online Photo Enlarger

Step 1: Browse the photo enlarger website in the browser on the computer. After opening the website click the “Browse” button.

Make an Image Bigger - Visit Online Photo Enlarger

Step 2: You will see a popup just like the below image. Select the image from the computer in this popup and click open to make image bigger online.

Make an Image Bigger - Upload Image from Computer to Website

Step 3: Once you have selected the picture to make picture bigger online simply move the slider in left or right side as per your need. After setting the output size click the “Enlarge” button.

Make an Image Bigger - Click Enlarge Button

Step 4: The image enlargement process will be finished in some time. After finishing you will get 4 different types of images. Choose anyone of your choice and click the “Download” button then image will be saved on your system. On this page you can also crop the photo.

Make an Image Bigger - Download Image

Part 3. How to Make an Image Bigger on Mobile

Photo & Picture Resizer is an Android app for resizing the images on the Android mobile directly. This app needs you to have at least 4.0.3 or later Android version. This app enables you to easily resize the photos on Android itself with any lose in the original quality. The resized images will save automatically in a separate folder on your Android internal storage and then you can easily access those images anytime from the inbuilt gallery app of your Android. This app maintains the image size as well so you will not face issue of size while sharing the photos using email. This is an absolutely free resizer app but you may face issue of ads while using it.

How to Make an Image Bigger on Mobile with Photo & Picture Resizer

Step 1: Install the app and browse the picture to make picture larger. After selecting photo it will be displayed in the resizer app.

Make an Image Bigger - Start App and Add Image

Step 2: Now choose the resolution from the preset menu or you can enter custom resolution value by tapping on the “Custom %” or “Custom” buttons.

Make an Image Bigger - Change Resolution of the Image

Step 3: When you select the output resolution the app automatically start the process. This is an easy process about how to make a picture bigger using an Android app.

Make an Image Bigger - Get a Bigger Image on Android


In this article above we have discussed some best and most helpful ways to solve out the issue how to make a picture bigger. Making an image enlarge is not a big thing you can easily do it using software or built in apps of your operating systems but the thing is quality. This is very well known that when you choose the bigger size for an image it losses the original quality. To get to awesome quality of your enlarged image we would like you to recommend Fotophire Maximizer program because it maintain the actual quality of your image even after enlargement.

May 30,2018 14:57 pm