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Most Helpful Blur Photo Editor Software and Websites in 2022

If you’re looking for a quick editing fix, then the blur photo editors that we will be introducing today might interest you. These blur photo editors will allow you to enhance the quality of your images by bringing the forefront of the article’s focus back on the subject - and not the background or any other unnecessary tidbits. There are tons of blur photo editors out there, but we made sure to choose only the ones that will be able to meet your needs. Give it a scroll and see which one is right for you.

Part 1. Most Helpful Photo Editor with Blur Tool for Computer

First, let’s talk about the Most Helpful Photo Editor with Blur Tool for the Computer! We’ll be introducing a couple of different tools to help you out in this case. Complete with everything you need to know about the product, as well as why you might or might not want to use said product.

1. Wondershare Fotophire Focus


The first one we’ll be introducing is the Wondershare Fotophire. You can learn more about it from here. However, it is definitely the Most Helpful Blur Photo Editor in 2022. It will allow you to specify the parts of the image that you want to blur - whether it be the background or the focal point! There are a total of 6 basic ways that one can blur their photos, it can be a focal blur, a bokeh blur, a focal zoom, a motion blur, an orton blur, and a vignette blur. The Wondershare Fotophire offers all these types of blurs, and more! With this kind of precision, you would assume that the tool would be difficult to work with, but the interface is actually heavily intuitive - with a drag and drop feature that makes it simple for you to edit your photos.

Wondershare Fotophire Focus
  • It enables you to fix blurry photos with a single click.
  • Help you to re-focus photos with the Creative Blur feature at your will.
  • This program allows you to apply more than 200 effects to your photos easily.
  • It offers you a 1-click sharpen tool to help you make your photos better.
  • Intuitive Interface - Drag & Drop Feature
  • One-time payment - Unlimited Use
  • Ability to precisely blur images in a variety of different ways
  • Premium-Priced
  • Watermarked images during free-trial
Helpful Blur Photo Editor - Wondershare Fotophire Focus

2. Adobe Photoshop


When it comes to photo editing, then you’ve no doubt heard of Adobe Photoshop. It’s been referred to as the pioneer of mainstream photo editing programs. It’s a professional-grade product that is used by trained graphic editors. It’s definitely not one to scoff at, especially if you’re looking for a quality blur photo editor. You can download and learn more about the product here.

  • Professional-grade - Sophisticated product that is trusted by many
  • Various of photo editing features
  • Classes are available to learn how to use the product
  • EXPENSIVE - Monthly or Yearly memberships
  • Difficult to use - Made for trained professionals
  • Heavy program that is incompatible with low-level computers
Helpful Blur Photo Editor - Adobe Photoshop

3. Microsoft Office


Although the Microsoft Office is better known for its text editing program, it does feature a couple of blur photo editing features that you might be interested in. It makes it at number 3 in our Most Helpful Blur Photo Editor in 2022 list because it’s a program that everyone is likely to already have. The methods of editing are limited, but it is accessible nonetheless. You can learn more about the product itself on their official website.

  • Accessible blur editing features (if you have Microsoft Office)
  • Ability to insert blur edited images into text documents
  • Different types of blur focal points available
  • Expensive one-time payment
  • Expensive monthly or yearly memberships
  • Definitely not a graphics editing software
Helpful Blur Photo Editor - Microsoft Office

4. Microsoft Photos App (Windows 10)


If you have a Windows 10 laptop or computer, then perhaps you have already been introduced to the Microsoft Photos App. This is a software that comes with the OS and is packed with a couple of different blur photo editing features that you can use. You can download the app - or learn more about it, at the Microsoft Store.

  • Easily accessible (if you have a computer running Windows 10)
  • Simple and easy-to-use
  • Clarity or vignette editing
  • Available only as a Microsoft App on the Windows 10
  • Limited photo editing features
  • No precision blur editing feature
Helpful Blur Photo Editor - Microsoft Photos App

5. Focus Magic


When it comes to programs that are specifically known for its blur photo editing capabilities, then Focus Magic has to be the most popular. It will allow you to both enhance and deblur your photographs with precision. You’re allowed a free trial where you can test out the product for yourself (without watermarks) here, but the one-time payment is expensive - at $65.

  • Graphic editor that is specifically made for blur photo editing
  • One-time lifetime payment
  • Allows for precision blur photo editing
  • Expensive one-time payment
  • Doesn’t allow for other editing features
  • Watermarked photos after a set number of edits (10)
Helpful Blur Photo Editor - Focus Magic

6. SmartDeblur


SmartDeblur is another blur photo editor that was made specifically for blur photo editing. It is a free product, one that isn’t as detailed as the previous. However, it does still offer at least 3 of the 6 different types of blur editing. It’s a small software that everyone can use to enhance or blur their photographs. It can be downloaded here.

  • Free software made specifically for blur photo editing
  • Offers 3 different type of blur editing
  • Simple and easy-to-use
  • Pro version offers expensive one-time payment
  • Limited blur photo editing features
  • Inability for to commit to any other editing features
Helpful Blur Photo Editor - SmartDeblur

7. Unshake


Unshake is another free graphics editor that specializes in blur photo editing. It’s an oldie product, one that is based in Java. You have the ability to blur and enhance with precision with sliders and drag features. The largest drawback of this free software has to be the speed, it takes forever to properly process images even at low-to-medium quality. It can be download for free here.

  • Graphic Editor that is specifically made for Blur Photo Editing
  • Availability of precision blur editing
  • Free Software
  • Limited editing features
  • Java is required to run this program
  • Slow process speed - Old program
Helpful Blur Photo Editor - Unshake

8. Blurity


Blurity joins our Most Helpful Blur Photo Editor in 2022 list by being another graphic editor that was made specifically for blur photo editing. It’s quite an expensive software - despite its one function use - costing around 99-249 US dollars. In all, it’s an easy-to-use program that can process heavy images, you can learn more about it here.

  • Graphics Editor that was specifically made for blur photo editing
  • Precision Editing - square photo editing tool and sliders
  • Process heavy files with ease
  • Expensive one-time payment - $99 or $249
  • Limited editing capabilities
  • Heavy file
Helpful Blur Photo Editor - Blurity

9. Robust Motion Deblur


Robust Motion Deblur is a good small-time program. It allows processing for images that are around 800x800 pixels. It will also allow you to adjust the overall look of the image after the fact, which is good if you’re looking for a certain feel. It should be said that not much is known about the paid version of the product as of yet. However, it is available for trial on the official website.

  • Graphics Editor made specifically for blur photo editing
  • Allows for precision editing
  • Unlimited Free Trial
  • Low-quality image processing only
  • Expensive one-time payment
  • Limited editing features
Helpful Blur Photo Editor - Robust Motion Deblur

10. DeblurMyImage


The last program in our Most Helpful Blur Photo Editor in 2022 list is called DeblurMyImage. There is a trial version that you can use to test out its features that can be downloaded here. Overall, it’s a fairly limited graphics editor, but it doesn’t try to be anything more than what it already is. It costs around 19$ for the full one-time payment.

  • Graphics editor made specifically for blur photo editing
  • Demo trial - Cheap one-time payment
  • Precision Graphics editing
  • Paid product
  • Limited editing capabilities
  • Small resolution processing only
Helpful Blur Photo Editor - DeblurMyImage

Part 2. Most Helpful Photo Editor with Blur Tool Online

Now, if you’re not a fan of downloading foreign software into your computer, then you might feel safer to blur photo edit your images online. There are tons of free websites with different levels of blur and enhancing capabilities. Give our Most Helpful Photo with Blur Tool Online list a scroll and see which one will work for you!

1. Canva


A free graphics editing tool that allows for quick blur photo editing. The interface is highly intuitive, with a drag and drop feature that is easy to learn. The program as a whole offers a bounty of editing capabilities and is used by both professionals and non-professionals. Canva can be accessed through here.

Helpful Blur Photo Editor - Canva

2. BeFunky


BeFunky is definitely one of the most popular graphics online editors out there. It offers a variety of editing capabilities and an interface that is easy-to-use. These features just so happen to include the ability to blur and enhance images. This blur photo editor can be accessed here.

Helpful Blur Photo Editor - BeFunky

3. Facepixelizer


The facepixelizer offers a very specific set of capabilities. It’s mostly used to conceal the identity of the people that might have accidentally been featured in your images. This online tool is accessible here. It offers a drag and drop interface that allows for easy precision-blur photo editing.

Helpful Blur Photo Editor - Facepixelizer

4. LunaPic


LunaPic is a free blur photo editor that will allow you to blur and enhance your images in a couple of different ways. It’s not as intuitive or easy-to-use as the programs that we mentioned previously. However, it is definitely still one of the most helpful photo editors online. The LunaPic editor can be accessed through here.

Helpful Blur Photo Editor - LunaPic

5. Fotor


Fotor is a quality online graphics editor that offers a variety of different blur photo editing features. It’s not as precision-based as other blur photo editors, but it does allow you to change the focus of the photo in a way that will allow the blurring of the background. You can also adjust the focus point with sliders and a couple of shaped tools. The photo editor can be accessed here. However, if you want access to all of its features, you’re going to have to pay $3.33 per month - as a part of their monthly premium membership.

Helpful Blur Photo Editor - Fotor

6. PicMonkey


PicMonkey is another free photo editing program. It can be accessed through here, or downloaded as a mobile app. Much like the other online blur photo editing tools on this list, the PicMonkey is on the limited-side when it comes to precision-based blur photo editing. However, it does still feature a functioning focus blur or focus enhancer tool.

Helpful Blur Photo Editor - PicMonkey

7. Pixlr Editor Online


Although Adobe Photoshop is definitely a more heavily-featured product, there is no denying the similarities between it and the Pixlr Editor. This online editor uses a lot of similar effects as well, including but not limited to: the Tilt-shift, the Gaussian Blur, and the Box Blur. It allows for the editing of multiple layers or individual layers, which is not something that just any online editor can claim to do. It’s a free photo editing tool that can be accessed through here.

Helpful Blur Photo Editor - Pixlr Editor Online

8. FotoJet


The FotoJet Pro features a variety of different image blur and enhancing tools. Unfortunately, the same doesn’t apply for the free trial. As such, if you want to be able to use the blur photo editing features, you will have to pay the $4.99 annual membership free. This particular photo editing tool can be accessed through here.

Helpful Blur Photo Editor - FotoJet

9. iPiccy


The process of blur photo editing images using the iPiccy online editor is a bit strange. However, it’s not necessarily impossible. In basic terms, a blur layer needs to be applied over the image before you can begin isolating the spots that you want in focus (with an Erase tool.) It’s not bad for a free online tool, and it will allow you to edit your images in a variety of other different ways as well. The tool is accessible through here.

Helpful Blur Photo Editor - iPiccy

10. Photoraster


The Photoraster sizes up well in comparison to its competitors - even though it ended up as our number 10. It offers a lot of premium features, like the ability to Gaussian blur, Radial blur, and Box blur. However, one if its major drawbacks is its interface. Although it is very thorough, the concepts are a little hard to grasp for people who might just be starting out. The tool is accessible for free here, but an account is required to make use of it.

Helpful Blur Photo Editor - Photoraster

Part 3. Desktop Photo Editor Vs. Online Photo Editor

As you have probably read, there are tons of different ways that you can blur or enhance your images. The options discussed here included Desktop Photo Editors and Online Photo Editors. As a comparison between the two, let’s look at a couple of features that the two methods could have varied.

1. Stability

There is no doubt, that when it comes to stability, that your best bet are desktop photo editors. These can be used both online and offline, in portable packages that will sit on your computer desktop until there is need for its use.

2. Output Image Quality

Most online photo editors cut back on the quality - it’s not something that their servers will necessarily be able to handle at large volumes. On the other hand, with most desktop photo editors, you can be certain that the output quality is as high or low as you prefer - you have full control.

3. Ease of Use

Desktop photo editors vary a lot when it comes to interface. You can choose between a product like the Wondershare Fotophire - with its intuitive drag and drop interface, or something more complicated like the Adobe Photoshop. Online editors vary in technical difficulties as well.

4. Process

Desktop blur photo editors offer a variety of different blur/enhancer features. These can be precision-based and layer-based (where a blur layer is applied on top of the image.) As for online blur photo editors, it usually offers only one type of blur editing tool or another.

5. Multi-Tasking

If you’re looking for a one-stop solution, then an online blur photo editor would be best for you. It’s perfect for single photo processing - if only because a lot of the online tools mentioned above were free. However, if you’re looking to blur images in bulk, then it would be much more time-efficient to invest on a desktop photo editor.

6. Additional Features

When it comes to features, desktop photo editors are a lot more heavy-handed. With these, you can be a lot more certain when it comes to the precision of blur editing. The same cannot be said for most online photo editors.


Whether or not you’re looking to do a small project and want a quick fix, or searching for a long-term graphics editor that will last you for years, the Wondershare Fotophire is definitely the way to go. The quality is assured after a small one-time payment and it offers an easy-to-learn drag and drop interface that you will grow to love. It definitely earned its title as the Most Helpful Blur Photo Editor in 2022.

Jul 06,2022 11:04 am